January 09 2013 03:48PM

Welly. Welly. Welly. If our old friends at Bodog didn't release the odds of winning the Stanley Cup now that the lockout has ended - a mere 145 months after it began. Good news in these parts up here in Edmonton, because it confirms something we already knew - The Oilers are awesome.

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On Dave Nonis' Canucks Tenure, and Whether or not the Brian Burke Firing Could Impact a Luongo Trade

Thomas Drance
January 09 2013 11:28AM

A younger, employed Brian Burke admires his fine handiwork as Canucks General Manager. 

According to TSN's Bob McKenzie, Brian Burke has been fired as General Manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Burke's Leafs teams were pretty much consistently awful, and didn't show any improvement over the course of his tenure (though their prospect pool is somewhat better now than it was when Burke took over), so the move by MLSE to kick him to the curb isn't much of a surprise.

The timing of the firing, on the other hand, most certainly is.

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Frankie Corrado will be Invited to Canucks Training Camp

Thomas Drance
January 09 2013 10:25AM

While I suppose we still don't know for sure whether or not Frank Corrado is one of the names Bob McKenzie listed that are "confirmed" training camp invites or if he just remains a "likely" invite, if Bob McKenzie says Frank Corrado is coming to Canucks training camp, that's good enough for me.

Considering the Canucks are kicking the tires on the likes of Jim Vandermeer and Cam Barker, this shouldn't really come as a surprise.

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Strombabble: The Point Men and the Waiver Hammer

Thomas Drance
January 09 2013 09:23AM

It would be against our nature to let a firecracker Jason Botchford take, like this one from Tuesday evening summing up the Luongo-trade situation, pass us by without comment. Botch is in midseason form with some of his one-liners here - in particular I got a hearty laugh out of his droll play on Bob McKenzie's hilarious "biological clock" formulation from Monday night. What I'm interested in discussing briefly here however, is two fresh bits of information concerning the "point men" within the Canucks and the Maple Leafs organization's who might ultimately drive this potential deal to completion, and the prospect of waiving Luongo.

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KHL Highlights: Kovalchuk Staying?

Steve Dangle
January 08 2013 10:53PM

Speculation is flying that Kovalchuk might stay in the KHL, Ryan O'Reilly is still playing until he signs a new deal with the Avalanche, and KHL President Medvedev is pretty much threatening war against the NHL.

Ignore the KHL now? The fun might just be getting started. Enjoy!

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