Looking at the Canucks' Back-Up Goalie Situation

Blake Murphy
July 02 2013 12:55PM


Eddie Lack is the early favourite for the back-up role.

The Vancouver Canucks traded goaltender Cory Schneider to the New Jersey Devils at the NHL Draft on Sunday. This was a major move for the franchise, solving what had been a dynamic three-year dilemma between the pipes as Schneider battled with Roberto Luongo for the starting position.

With Schneider gone and Luongo hopefully on board with remaining with the team (not that he has many sane ways around it), the Canucks now face the much smaller issue of finding a back-up goaltender for Luongo.

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How long until Bo Horvat makes the show?

Cam Charron
July 02 2013 11:27AM

Photo source: www.londonknights.com

Warning: this post is a "The Trade" discussion-free zone.

This post is about Bo Horvat, the player the Vancouver Canucks selected at 9th overall at Sunday's draft. I think the basics we already know about Horvat. He is a size-y two-way centreman for a very good hockey club. His scoring wasn't as good as some prospects', but his defensive and finishing games are well above average.

In short, he's the sort of exciting prospect the Canucks need that could rejuvenate the cabinet. One really good prospect makes them all look good, and Horvat is the highest-drafted Canuck since Henrik Sedin went 3rd overall in 1999. He will compete for a spot on Team Canada in December as an 18-year-old, a year behind most players on the team, and has been a key player on two OHL championship teams.

But that doesn't matter. How soon can he play in the NHL?

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Cap Crunch Watch: Keith Ballard on Waivers

Thomas Drance
July 01 2013 01:56PM

With the Canucks deciding not to trade Alex Edler on Sunday before the Swedish blue-liners no-trade clause kicked in, it's pretty clear that the inglorious Keith Ballard era in Vancouver is at an end. The Canucks placed the talented, frustrating, over-priced seventh defenceman on waivers today; and not the unconditional variety of waivers, which a player must clear before a team can excercise a "compliance buyout" on that players contract...

It would be a Miracle on Ice level upset if Keith Ballard were claimed by an NHL team on waivers for the full price of his deal. After all anyone who visits capgeek.com/canucks and sees that the club has seven players to sign, and a hair more than four million in cap-space, can figure out that one way or another the math doesn't make sense in Vancouver unless the Canucks can get rid of Ballard's deal. Or is there a way to make the math make sense?

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Delivering the Sauce: Draft Day Reactions

Jeff Angus
July 01 2013 11:20AM

The CanucksArmy crew did a fantastic job of covering what was a crazy Sunday in the NHL. I found out about the Cory Schneider trade while driving back to the city from a little Seattle vacation – reading the instant reaction on Twitter was well worth the expensive data roaming charge.

There have been many opinions on the Luongo/Schneider controversy/situation over the past while. If nothing else, the trade of Schneider to New Jersey signals the end of one of the most unique/bizarre non-trades in recent memory. Schneidongo is dead and gone. Lost in the craziness yesterday – the Devils are getting a fantastic goalie and a true professional. Schneider waited patiently for almost 10 years to get a chance to start in Vancouver, and just when he was promised the role, he found himself splitting time with the best goalie in franchise history before getting shipped out of town in a surprise move...

Schneider very likely pictured winning a Cup with the Canucks (insert joke about organizational ineptitude here). He was groomed as the present – and future – of the team. But here we are, back with Luongo. Hockey is a game of mistakes, and that doesn’t include just the on ice product. Mike Gillis will get criticized for sitting on his hands by not doing something last summer, as the new CBA essentially killed whatever plans he had of trading Luongo and keeping Schneider - but could or should he have seen that coming?

Read on for more thoughts on the trade, as well as other news and notes from the weekend.

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2013 Canucks Draft Recap

Thomas Drance
June 30 2013 09:36PM

Canucks first round draft pick Bo Horvat.
Image via Canucks.com.

The Canucks went into the 2013 NHL Draft needing to shed salary, bolster their bottom-six centre depth, add some heft to their prospect pipeline and address their goaltending log-jam. It was a tall order and the club managed to accomplish three of four, though they did so controversially and not in precisely the way most expected.

Regardless of whether or not Bo Horvat and Hunter Shinkaruk develop into stars, or whether the Canucks found serviceable NHL players in the likes of Cassels, Subban and Cederholm; Sunday, June 30th will be remembered as the day the Canucks waved the white flag on trading Roberto Luongo and moved the younger, more affordable Cory Schneider instead.

As much as the Canucks may claim, as Mike Gillis did after the conclusion of the first round, that "we didn't feel there was a drop-off in either one's play and felt (Luongo and Schneider) were both excellent, superb players," the fact is that Cory Schneider had usurped Luongo's starters mantle over the past two seasons in Vancouver. Gillis admitted that the new collective bargaining agreement tied the clubs hands, while Laurence Gilman admitted that the team was dealing from a position of weakness leverage-wise. Both the Canucks General Manager and his Assistant seemed disappointed that the club didn't manage to get a roster player, in addition to a top-pick, in their haul for Cory Schneider...

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