Dubnyk, Reimer or Schneider? Part III

Thomas Drance
September 08 2011 02:16PM

Patience will be key for Cory Schneider. He's also the cream of the crop.
Image courtesy Brendan Hoare.

Earlier this summer, I asked independent goalie scout and hockey writer Justin Goldman (AKA The Goalie Guild) for his take on who was likely to have the best career among James Reimer, Devan Dubnyk and Cory Schneider. He told me he liked all of them, but that at gunpoint he’d go with Cory Schneider. As a Canucks fan I was happy to hear that, but I was unsatisfied by the 140 character limit answer – I needed to know why. So I e-mailed him, and asked if he’d be interested in discussing the matter further with me. What follows is the elaborate answer I was looking for. In part I of the series, we profiled James Reimer over at LeafsNation. In part II we looked at Devan Dubnyk over at OilersNation. Today, we conclude the series with Cory Schneider.

Of the three goaltenders we're discussing, I'd ask you to rank them in terms of who has the highest ceiling and why?

As of right now, I would definitely go with Cory Schneider first. Then it's pretty close between Dubnyk and Reimer, but I'd put Dubnyk second and Reimer third. For Schneider, his combination of size, positioning and experience is just a bit higher than what I see with Devan Dubnyk and James Reimer. In general, a goalie's combination of size, speed and overall experience plays a major role in how I value their long-term upside.

What does Cory Schneider do well, what does he need to work on?

Cory is one of the most well-rounded young goaltenders in the NHL. Everything about his size, speed, angles, positioning, reactions, his visual attachment to the puck...I could go on and on listing all the elements that he's good at. But what I really like about Schneider is that he’s also mentally tough. He has already proved that he knows how to come off the bench and win hockey games.

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CA Prospect Profiles: Jordan Schroeder

Thomas Drance
September 08 2011 01:09PM

Entering the 2009 NHL Draft, and coming off a lights-out WCHA rookie campaign - Jordan Schroeder was ranked as the fifth best North American skater by Central Scouting. Schroeder's speed and offensive skills were highly regarded, however, concerns about his size (or lack thereof) caused him to plummet down into the latter half of the first round, where Mike Gillis snapped him up with the 22nd overall pick. By the time Schroeder was drafted, 15 other North American skaters had been picked. It looked like the Canucks had a potential steal on their hands.

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Oreskovich, Canucks Finally Agree to Terms

Thomas Drance
September 08 2011 11:06AM

The Canucks have re-signed fourth-line right-winger Victor Oreskovich after an arduous summer of negotiations. Oreskovich was a restricted free-agent without arbitration rights, so he had no leverage and limited options this summer. Here's the press release from canucks.nhl.com announcing the deal.

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Nations Fantasy Draft Primer - On Sale Now!

Kent Wilson
September 07 2011 04:33PM



Ye members of the Nation (who don't employ ad blockers) have probably noticed a new banner on the right that looks curiously like the header pic above.

Allow me to explain.

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Robin Brownlee
September 07 2011 07:50AM

With the NHL still coping with the deaths of players Derek Boogaard, Rick Rypien and Wade Belak, the hockey world is reeling with today's tragic news out of Russia about the crash of Jaroslavl Lokomotiv's team flight shortly after take-off. Here's the story, starting with the original report by the Associated Press, as it has unfolded since the news broke this morning. 

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