Sweeping The Floor

Cam Davie
October 07 2010 04:40PM

Mike Gillis and the Vancouver Canucks spent the summer getting their house in order. Getting more grit and sandpaper, bulking up their 3rd line, and improving and deepening their defense. However in the days leading up to the roster/salary-cap freeze and beyond, the Canucks have made a small flurry of trades.

And I can't help but think... after fixing their house all summer, the Canucks were sweeping the floor and getting it ready for what many Canucks fans hope is a real big party.

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Northwest Division Preview

Cam Davie
October 07 2010 10:30AM

It's a big year for the teams of the NHL's Northwest Division. Two teams are celebrating milestones years, one team is looking for redemption, one is looking to break through with a young group of burgeoning superstars, and one truly in the throes of transition.

For your Vancouver Canucks, it is a critical year. They are picked by many members of the hockey media world as a favourite to win the division, the conference, and possibly even the Stanley Cup. They have their entire top 6 forward until returning. They have bolstered their third line and have revamped their 4th line. They have improved and deepened their defense. They have reinvigorated their superstar goaltender and provided him with a young stud backup.

Is this their year? Or will a division rival take their crown?

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Attack of the Killer "B"s

Stephen Webb
October 06 2010 12:26AM

Lincoln, Nebraska, United States of America.

So, what are we talking about here? Just a quick glance at the title might suggest a return of Brian Burke, and his murderous level of BS to Canuck land. Or perhaps I'm completely of the rails,  having not written anything about the Canucks all summer, switched my interest to a study of the danger of genetically altered bees.

Luckily, it's none of the above. It's the classic "good news/bad news" scenario. The Canucks, at least on paper (God, how many titles would the Canucks have by now if they just started playing this damn game on paper?), are positively teeming with talent. The bad news, it seems almost exclusively to be of the "B" level variety.

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O'Brien Traded for Ryan Parent

Kent Wilson
October 05 2010 10:42AM

Linesmen separate Vancouver Canucks defenseman Shane O'Brien and Chicago Blackhawks left wing Ben Eager (R) as they scuffel during the third period of game 5 of the NHL Western Conference semifinals at the United Center in Chicago on May 9, 2010. The Canucks won 4-1 but trail 3-2 in the best of seven series. UPI/Brian Kersey Photo via Newscom


According to Bob McKenzie tweet, the Canucks may have traded the recent waived Shane O'Brien for Nashville prospect Ryan Parent.

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Liquidation World

Cam Davie
October 05 2010 09:41AM

All fatsos, little pukes, pansies, and overpaid stiffs must go!

The Vancouver Canucks have about 24 hours to cut down their roster to the 23 man squad for opening day. In case you haven't seen already, the Canucks had a lot (I mean, A LOT!) of players trying out for the club.

So let's look at who has been liquidated so far... Ok that's a bit gruesome. Let's see who didn't make the cut and why.

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