September 24 2016 11:45AM


If we are honest, the idea of North America versus Canada had so much appeal that it took a day to get behind the idea of Canada versus Russia. Fortunately, the two nations have a lot of history on the ice that allows both sides to build up a good lather. Add to that the built-in Sidney Crosby—Alex Ovechkin rivalry, the fact Mike Babcock will want to announce his presence with authority to Russian coach Oleg Znarok (seriously, that is his name) and assistant Harijs Vitolins (really). It's tuques versus ushankas for the right to play Sweden or the Seven Nation Army.

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Which Canucks Might Make the Next World Cup Rosters?

Jeremy Davis
September 24 2016 09:00AM

The World Cup of Hockey is in full swing, and people are actually watching. That’s nothing but good news for the NHL, who can line their banana stands with hundred of thousands of dollars in cash while giving cheeky looks to the IOC. Who needs who now?!

Anyways, the Canucks have sent their fair share of players to Toronto, and they’ve been performing admirably. However, the only thing that I’ve really seen come out of the WCH so far are a myriad of articles about how the sun is setting on the Sedins’ careers - particularly when it comes to international play. I can’t exactly tell them that they’re wrong, being the the twins are on the cusp of their 36th birthdays (which happen to be on the same day - what are the chances?!), and players are less likely to tax their bodies with extra curricular competition as they age.

So while this silly tournament is still topical, I thought I’d take a look at which Canucks might crack the rosters of the next World Cup of Hockey, now that Bettman and co. know that this money pinata has a few more whacks in it.

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Canucks Army Roundtable: Training Camp

Matthew Henderson
September 23 2016 05:00PM


Training Camp is upon us in Whistler, and next week pre-season action will be getting started as we gear up for the NHL campaign. With that in mind, this time of year is a crucial time to take a look at who the Canucks have prospect-wise, and also how their PTO's will turn out, as well as having a look at the core of the team and seeing how they perform. With that in mind, I asked our writers who they are most excited about watching in training camp/pre-season. Answers after the jump!

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Babych Please - September 23rd, 2016

Grainne Downey
September 23 2016 03:00PM


Training camp is underway which means that the NHL season is just around the corner. To get yourself ready for that, catch up on the team's golf adventures, some World Cup antics, and actual superhero Dave Babych!

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Preseason Predictions - Canucks 2016-2017

September 23 2016 01:00PM

Last year I ran a projection for the Canucks’ season. I've done the same this year and hope you'll review the results.

Please note, this is a mathematical exercise. I try to remain objective and neutral as best I can.

Here’s the process:

I begin by using past NHL seasons (or NHLEs as applicable) to determine an estimate on the points-per-game for each player on the listed roster. I then extend that to the most likely call-up candidates within the organization who will fill the approximate number of man games required both at forward and defence.

Next, I will estimate, again based on an average adjusted to circumstance over previous seasons, the number of games each player on the listed roster is likely to play in that season, topping it up to within a reasonable margin with the call-up candidates mentioned above.

That gives me a rough estimate of the total number of points the team is likely to score.

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