Around the League - Playoff Edition - wk 5

Jason Gregor
May 20 2010 01:29PM

Four games into the conference finals and my interest is waning, and I’m guessing anyone who isn’t a fan of the Flyers, Habs, Sharks and Hawks is feeling something similar. Part of me wants the Sharks and Habs to make their series’ competitive, but the other side wants them to roll over so we can get to the Cup finals.

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Year End De-Brief - Part 1: Defense

Cam Davie
May 19 2010 11:30AM

Vancouver Canucks v Anaheim Ducks

With the Canucks bowing out early from the playoffs yet again, it's once again another opportunity for Canucks fans to question the constitution of their favourite team. We at Canucks Army are quite happy to mercilessly rip apart the team and pretend to play General Manager. If we were in control, the defense, the offense, the goaltending, and the coaching staff would all see changes, to varying degrees. But three second-round exists in four years is no longer acceptable to long-suffering Canucks fans, especially given the high-end talent and price tags associated with the team.

In part 1 of our Year End De-Brief, Canucks Army will examine the Defense.

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May 13 2010 01:46PM

Much like the fan who shot the - ahem - "rap" video above, you have to hand it to the Montreal Canadiens for not only knocking off the Washington Capitals but now impossibly the Pittsburgh Penguins as well.

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It's Not Your Fault - A Series Postmortem

Cam Davie
May 13 2010 12:10PM

There, there, Canucks fans. You'll be okay.

We fans like to think that we have a connection to the team. A big, direct connection such that our mundane, daily actions somehow have an effect on the success of the Canucks. This feeling gets amplified ten-fold during the playoffs, as stress and anxiety levels reach feverish heights and we become focused on nothing but the next game and, hopefully, another victory.

This year, Canucks fans' dreams were dashed again far too early. But don't worry. It's not your fault.

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Around the League - Playoff Edition - wk 4

Jason Gregor
May 13 2010 09:28AM

I love the scrutiny, passion, analysis and most of all the emotion that we experience during the NHL playoffs. The hockey is awesome even though Albertans had to enjoy it all on TV, and now Canuck fans are feeling like Sami Salo in game five, but this postseason is still the most riveting I’m witnessed in years.

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