This ain't a division, it's an arms race*

Ryan Lambert
July 01 2009 11:57AM

Things have gotten more than a little crazy here in the Northwest division in the last 24 hours (and I started writing this at FA-Day plus 18 minutes).

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Fearless Predictions

Jonathan Willis
July 01 2009 02:36AM


The Nation sites have been so busy today that I haven't even been able to login until just now.  The fan passion for this site has been amazing for everyone here, and today was another demonstration of that.  Anyways, I just got this email from a friend and I thought everyone deserved to see it.

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One Last Push

Cam Davie
June 30 2009 09:14AM

Daniel and Henrik Sedin

Canucks GM Mike Gillis has reportedly left the Sedins and their agents with an offer to consider.

Will it be enough to keep Daniel and Henrik with the only NHL club for which they've ever played? It's hard to say at this point, as details of the offer are unknown.

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Should They Stay or Should They Go?

Cam Davie
June 29 2009 10:10AM


There is growing sentiment in Vancouver that, come July 1st, the Canucks will have signed all-star goalie and captain Roberto Luongo to a long-term contract extension and will let Daniel and Henrik Sedin walk away as unrestricted free agents.

All signs are pointing to both being true.

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Canucks take Schroeder at 22. And there's Luongo!

Cam Davie
June 27 2009 11:11AM


From Richard Loat (@mozy19)...

"Love how all the teams had token french speakers, the #Canucks bust out Luongo. That's how we roll."

That's right, that IS how we roll!

And didn't you just LOVE how the Montreal faithful cheered him? Beautiful!

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