Canucks Weekly Prospect Report - January 22nd, 2014

Josh W
January 22 2014 12:22PM

Courtesy of the Utica Comets

Welcome to this week's Canucks Prospect Report. Some things definitely happened on this front over the past 7 days, but I'm not going to dish out any of the goods until you click past the jump. That's what we call a tease, folks..

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Canucks Army Postgame: You can pick your jaw up off of the ground, now

Dimitri Filipovic
January 21 2014 11:07PM

Image via Josh Weissbock

The Edmonton Oilers are a joke of a team and organization, is something that I wrote this afternoon as part of a preview for tonight's game. Then the Edmonton Oilers came out onto the ice in front of their fans at Rexall Place, and did the best job they could possibly do to prove me right. And prove me right they did, as their effort's were more than enough for the Canucks to earn just their 2nd victory of 2014 on Tuesday night, by a 2-1 score.

Maybe one day you'll get the chance to bounce your grandkid on your knee, as you tell him/her about the time that your favourite team went on the road and won a regular season game thanks to the likes of Kellan Lain, Zack Kassian, and Mike Sullivan. Jaw-dropping, I know.

Fine, Roberto Luongo was pretty darn good when called upon too, but that's not nearly as fun to talk about. Read on past the jump for a look at what went down.

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Canucks Army GDT #51 - Canucks @ Oilers

Dimitri Filipovic
January 21 2014 02:33PM

Sadly, no more.. [Image via Vancity Buzz]

It has been a rough week or so for the Vancouver Canucks, who have been progressively crumbling into pieces before our very eyes. They've lost their coach, they've lost a handful of players (including their captain), and they've lost numerous games. 

What they've gained, on the other hand, is all sorts of media attention for the goonery they've partaken in over that time. The sideshow that they've allowed themselves to become has, in a way, helped take attention away from the fact that they now find themselves tied for 8th in the Western Conference standings with the Minnesota Wild (with the Phoenix Coyotes only 4 points behind them, with a game in hand).

They should probably start trying to focus on winning hockey games.. which conveniently enough should be bolstered on Tuesday night, thanks to their opponent. Then again, after struggling to eke out a shootout win against the Calgary Flames on home ice last time out, I don't think we're exactly in a position to be automatically expecting a W.

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The culture of Torts

The Stanchion
January 21 2014 10:56AM

Luongo 300
(Picture courtesy of me)

As all of Canucks Nation knows by now (except for the three of you who don't, but even you three have to admit you suspected something was up) John Tortorella has been suspended 15 days by the NHL for his part in the Brawl for All that took place Saturday between the Flames and Canucks. This comes hot off of the heels of one of the worst stretches of the season for the Canucks in which they lost many games, but also got in many fights. So many fights.... *stares into the distance wistfully*..

A funny thing happened after the suspension to Torts was announced, though; the majority of fans weren't complaining about the Canucks on ice play. Nobody was angry and bemoaning another Edler turnover. Nobody was wondering why Jason Garrison was making it his sole purpose in life to ruin the happiness of Canucks fans everywhere. No, for the most part people were defiantly supporting their coach. As only Roberto Luongo himself can put it....

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NHL goes in on John Tortorella, Suspends him for 6 games

Dimitri Filipovic
January 20 2014 05:59PM

I love the internet so very much. [GIF via @IAmByks]

 "OK, do we start shishkebabing John Tortorella right now, or.." were the wise words HNiC *analyst*, kickstarting his temper tantrum directed at the coach following his actions during the 1st intermission of Saturday night's Fight Club.

Well, shishkebab away did Colin Campbell - note that it wasn't Brendan Shanahan, who's only responsible for player transgressions - when he dropped the hammer on the Canucks bench boss, suspending him for 15 days (essentially 6 games) without pay [maybe now he'll have some time to come meet some fans and have a few rounds at The Pint on the 29th, perhaps?]

That means that we won't be seeing him until February 3rd, when the Canucks embark on a 4-game Eastern Conference trip before heading into the Olympic break. By the sounds of it, assistant coaches Mike Sullivan - who spoke to the media in Tortorella's stead this afternoon - and Glen Gulutzan (*gulp*) will handle the job in the meantime. 

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