Remember When Halloween Costumes Were Actually Scary?

Graphic Comments
October 31 2013 06:52PM

Now THOSE were scary costumes. 

Well, although the Canucks' uniforms have certainly improved since then, I don't think I can say the same for Halloween costumes in general.

When did every womens' costume get the "sexy" adjective appended to it anyway? Sheesh.

I'll give the Canucks credit for one more thing, though. Not only does their ice cleaning crew at least have a few males on it, they don't make the female members of the ice crew wear the revealing outfits that most of the other teams do. I found the Avalanche ice crew outfits to be especially distasteful when I watched a pre-season game in Denver back in September.

But anyway, enough with the rant. Let's get on with this Halloween grab bag of graphic comments...

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The Canucks powerplay: not broken

Cam Charron
October 31 2013 12:40PM

In his post-game presser, John Tortorella answered a question about the powerplay the same way I might have:

"Yeah, it could have helped us tonight. It wasn't good tonight. Other night's it's been good, but tonight it wasn't good."

It may have drawn a bit of surprise from some commentators. Canucks powerplay… good? But they're clicking at just 9.3% on the season! They were 0-for-3 against Detroit and have scored just 4 powerplay goals on the season. That doesn't seem particularly good. The problem is that "good" too often conflates with "results" in the narrow minds of broadcasters and fans that focus all too often on what happens in a small sample. Leading up to the game, Tortorella made some points about the shots and chances the Canucks have been getting with the man advantage. He says some interesting things and it's worth a read.

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Canucks Weekly Prospect Report - 31 October 2013

Josh W
October 31 2013 10:15AM

Courtesy of @EverettStalker

Happy Halloween and welcome to this weeks Canucks Prospect Report. It was a good week for many Canuck prospects as many goals were scored, points were acquired, lots of transactions and people returning from injuries. As always, follow me @nuckprospects for the latest in prospect news and feed free to send me any feedback on anything prospect related you wish me to cover.

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Canucks Army Postgame: Ugly goal, stagnant offence cost Canucks against Red Wings

Cam Charron
October 31 2013 12:32AM

The Canucks brief win streak came to a halt Wednesday night against Detroit, thanks in part to a weak-looking goal by Tomas Tatar that held up as the winner, but mostly because of a fairly tepid offensive performance from everybody. Generally, the Western Conference has dominated the Eastern Conference this season, but the Red Wings, who are really a Western team in disguise, had their way defensively with Vancouver, and it was like they never really left. 

Despite a late third period burst, the Canucks never really mounted anything offensively and their top line lost their matchup quite heavily to Pavel Datsyuk & Co. Still, the Canucks had a late chance with a powerplay, but ultimately wound up on the wrong side of a 2-1 game. The Canucks record is not properly reflected in their play, and they've so far won a disproportionate number of one-goal games. After Wednesday's loss, the team is now 7-1-1 in games decided by a single goal.

Live by the one-goal game, die by the one-goal game.

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Canucks Army GDT #15 - Red Wings @ Canucks

Dimitri Filipovic
October 30 2013 03:39PM

The matchup to follow tonight, no doubt. [Image via Jeff Vinnick]

Things are good in Vancouver right now, with the Canucks - who have won 4 in a row to improve to a 9-4-1 record, which is rather significantly better than I expected it to be at this point - coming off of a dominant performance against the Washington Capitals on Monday night.

The Detroit Red Wings come into town tonight and while they're certainly not your father's Wings they still provide intrigue. I'll save my thoughts on their lineup until we get past the jump, but - in something that's seems like a curious decision by quite possibly the best coach in hockey - expect to see a familiar (toothless) face on their top line.

Can the Canucks win their 5th game in a row and become the 4th fastest team to get to double digit victories on the season? Well..

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