Canada vs. Russia Postgame: Collapse

Jonathan Willis
January 05 2011 11:56PM

Three games were played tonight, one in each period. In the first, we saw the Canadian team we had seen throughout the tournament: a powerhouse, offensively capable and much too busy threatening to allow opportunities against. In the second we saw relatively boring hockey, punctuated by the occasional flurry.

Finally, in the third period, we saw either one of the greatest come-from-behind events in tournament history, or one of the greatest collapses.

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Stir The Drink: Canucks & Flames

Yankee Canuck
January 05 2011 08:10PM


Calgary Flames @ Vancouver Canucks

7:00 PM PST

Flames   Canucks
18 Wins 25
19 Losses 8
3 OTL 5
2.58 T - (19th) Goals/Game 3.42 (2nd)
2.82 (17th) Goals Against/Game 2.45 (5th)
15.3% (25th) PP 24.8% (2nd)
79.4% (23rd) PK 85% (7th)

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GDR #39 - Flames @ Canucks

Cam Davie
January 05 2011 10:41AM

(March 31, 2008 - Photo by Kim Stallknecht/Getty Images North America)

Game Day Recon #39 - Flames @ Canucks

The Canucks went 3-for-3 on their recent road trip, beating Dallas, Colorado and San Jose. Those teams are 3rd, 5th and 4th respectively in the Western Conference. The Flames are 14th. And not good. And this is the first game back after a very successful road trip.

Does anyone else smell a trap game?

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Go Canada Go!

January 05 2011 06:49AM

This is Jordan Eberle scoring one of the most famous goals in the game's history. The timing (perfect) and the degree of difficulty (impossible) add to the appeal of this photo. Tonight in Buffalo, a new chapter will be written.

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Shake it 'til the moon becomes the sun: Canucks & Sharks

Yankee Canuck
January 03 2011 07:43PM


Vancouver Canucks @ San Jose Sharks

7:30 PM PST

Sharkies   Canucks
21 Wins 24
13 Losses 8
5 OTL 5
2.90 (11th) Goals/Game 3.40 (2nd)
2.74 (13th) Goals Against/Game 2.43 (6th)
23.2% (3rd) PP 24.7% (2nd)
81.9% (12th) PK 85.5% (3rd)

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