Strombabble: Leafs and Canucks Reportedly Talking Luongo Trade Again

Thomas Drance
March 28 2013 10:14PM

Could Tyler Bozak and Roberto Luongo be trading places next week?
Photo Credit: AP Photo/The Canadain Press, Darryl Dyck

Earlier this week Jason Botchford told us to expect the Canucks to make a push to move Roberto Luongo in advance of Wednesday's trade deadline. On Friday evening, the Toronto Star's Damien Cox reported that the Toronto Maple Leafs and Vancouver Canucks "quietly" resumed trade discussions centring around Vancouver's star backup. 

On the one hand, that makes sense. On the other, I'm not sure how much we should trust Cox after he quite blatantly contradicted himself on the whole "Mike Gillis turned down Kadri" line of criticism. Generally speaking I tend to buy Cox's information, he has proven that he has an axe to grind on this particular topic, and so we should probably proceed with caution...

Which we'll do after the jump. 

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Afternoon Headshots: March 28th

Patrick Johnston
March 28 2013 06:41PM

Owly Images
Nice screen cap
, Jason Rickey

And around and around and around we's an afternoon headshots session. Come in from the sunshine and get yourself set for the big Avs vs Canucks showdown...

Today at CA, we've got a game preview, Drance looking back at the Hodgson/Kassian trade, what might be his last Strombabble (small tear) and Angus on the re-signing dilemmas that are Higgins and Lapierre,

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Bold Moves: Swapping Cody Hodgson for Zack Kassian

Thomas Drance
March 28 2013 05:56PM

Photo Credit: Jeff Vinnick- NHLI/Getty

This week we're looking at some of Mike Gillis' "bold moves" of the recent past. Already we've done our best to take a hindsight-free look at the Keith Ballard trade and the David Booth purchase, and today we'll look back to last year's trade deadline when Mike Gillis made the most controversial transaction - actually transactions (plural), the trade was actually two different deals - of his tenure. I'm talking of course about the deal that sent Cody Hodgson and Alexander Sulzer to Buffalo in exchange for Zack Kassian and Marc-Andre Gragnani.

Read past the jump.

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Strombabble: Trade Deadline Preview

Thomas Drance
March 28 2013 02:44PM

Luongo isn't bored, he's keeping up to date on the latest trade rumblings!
Image uncredited via PassittoBulis.

Roberto Luongo has had a tough March in net. In five starts this month, the Strombonian one has only posted a save percentage above .900 once and he's had to deal with a gallon of flukey pucks fluttering into the net off of his own teammates skates. Meanwhile Cory Schneider has been unbeatable. Schneider's been so good that he could probably stop more than just pucks at this point, and might want to take on, say, global warming or the consolidation of extra-legal power in the executive branch of the US Government... As such Luongo hasn't started a game in ten days.

He'll be on the bench again on Thursday as the Canucks host the Avalanche. More interesting though is the question of whether or not he'll even be on the Canucks bench at this time next week. WIth the trade deadline approaching quickly, is a Roberto Luongo deal finally, mercifully close at hand? 

Read on past the jump.

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Game #34 preview: Avalanche @ Canucks

Patrick Johnston
March 28 2013 01:43PM

Can a tough week for the Avs get any tougher? Possibly...

Those poor, poor Avs. The team can't score and gets mediocre goaltending. How bad are the inheritors of the Sakic/Forsberg/Hejduk legacy? Worst in the west (yes worse than Calgary), that's how bad.

This means they're ripe to knock off the Canucks, right? Maybe. The Canucks have 'won' 5 straight but the real deal is that the Avs have lost 10 of their last 13. Colorado is performing just as their numbers suggest they should- they just aren't that good.

But no one thought the Blue Jackets would put up much of a fight, either. In that case, they didn't but still came away with a point. What will Colorado manage? No one is expecting much from them, so it should be an easy call, right? But like any preview we do at CA, focusing in on the numbers will give a strong sense of just how the tale will go tonight.

Jump on in for a preview with numbers and such.

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