Alex Edler Signs 6 Year Extension

Thomas Drance
January 18 2013 10:42PM

Probably the defining characteristic of the Mike Gillis regime has been the consistent strength of his contract work. Alex Edler's new six year thirty-million dollar contract extension which, was first announced Friday night through Mike Gillis' rarely used Twitter account, is just the latest example. Obviously the deal comes with a moderate degree of risk, but there's no questioning that this is very good deal for a very useful player. 

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Friday Afternoon Headshots January 18th

Thomas Drance
January 18 2013 03:39PM

Ryan Kesler bags groceries at save-on on Thursday in Vancouver.
Image via /R/Canucks Redditer: Saki604.

The Canucks made their final cuts today to get their roster under the 23-man limit in advance of Saturday's season opener at home against Anaheim. They re-assigned nine players to the Chicago Wolves in all including Jordan Schroeder, Bill Sweatt, promising banger Darren Archibald, Anton Rodin, Andrew Gordon, Peter Andersson, Derek Joslin, Kevin Connauton and Joe Cannata.

Kevin Connauton, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was born and raised in Edmonton, responded to his demotion with a pretty funny riot joke on Twitter:

Mike Gillis spoke with David Ebner of the Globe and Mail about the scientific, objective work the Canucks do with #fancystats and their "human performance plan." If you're a regular Canucks Army reader you'll likely be familiar with many of the concepts discussed (obviously it's extremely hard to get new information out of the team on this subject, and they're right to guard proprietary information like hawks) but this is a fantastic round up and an absolute must read take.

Speaking of Mike Gillis, he appeared on the Team 1040 and was a bit of a grumpy gus all things considered. For example he bit Scott Rintoul's head off while calling out the toady's in the Toronto media. It's concerning that Mike Gillis sounded as agitated and frustrated as he did, I suppose, but still the entire thing is pretty awesome.

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Jordan Schroeder re-assigned to the AHL

Thomas Drance
January 18 2013 02:43PM

Photo uncredited via the Vancouver Sun.

Jordan Schroeder is one of only two first round picks from the 2009 NHL entry draft who has yet to make his NHL debut by his third professional season, and that will continue to be the case at least through this weekend. The Canucks have made their final cut, and while Jordan Schroeder may have been the "right call" to make the team, the mechanics of the waiver wire have resulted in him being sent down to Chicago per a team release

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The Final Cut

Thomas Drance
January 18 2013 12:37PM

Will Jordan Schroeder be Vancouver's final cut this evening before they set the 23-man roster?

By 5 PM PST today, the Canucks will have to trim their roster to fit under the 23-man roster limit. The Chicago Wolves issued a release stating that the Canucks have already returned eight players to rejoin their ranks and none of the names come as a surprise: Darren Archibald, Andrew Gordon, Anton Rodin, Bill Sweatt, Peter Andersson, Kevin Connauton, Derek Joslin and Joe Cannata. 

So that would leave the Canucks with, by my count, twenty-four players still on Vancouver's roster: nine defenseman, thirteen forwards and two goaltenders.

So who will the last cut be? Is Jordan Schroeder really going to crack the opening night roster? Read on past the jump.

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Gillis rips Maple Leafs, Toronto media for propagating the notion that the Canucks have "asked for too much" in a Luongo trade

Thomas Drance
January 18 2013 11:48AM

Canucks General Manager Mike Gillis appears poised to enter this season with star goaltender Roberto Luongo - the subject of endless trade rumours for the past seven months or so - still on the roster. In an appearance on the Team 1040 morning show hosted by Scott Rintoul and Vancouver Province beat-writer Jason Botchford, Mike Gillis was asked by Botchford to directly address whether or not the team was in fact "asking for too much" in return for the league's second best goaltender and his monster life-time contract.

Not one to mince words or dance around the issue, Gillis responded with guns blazing and took a shot at the Maple Leafs and what he obviously sees as their manipulation of the sports media in the Toronto market:

"Fair value is different for every team that you speak to because they have different players, they have different concerns and different contractual issues that play into what they have available that you might want. The notion that we were asking for too much was floated in the Toronto media by a team that was extremely interested in acquiring Roberto and were using every means possible to try and force us to do something that we didn't think was right. That's nothing new in this business and it's' not the type of pressure that I'm going to succumb too."

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