Game #46 preview: Hawks @ Canucks

Patrick Johnston
April 22 2013 03:20PM


It's amazing how a narrative can be lost in a short season, but perhaps you've forgotten about just where things are betweenthe Chicagos and the Vancouvers...

These teams hate each other. The last time out, Jannik Hansen bashed Marian Hossa in the head. He was jumping to grab the puck but got all noggin instead. Intentional or not, it was reckless. (It also turned the game - Chicago was leading 3-1, Hossa had two goals and five shots.)

Chicago went on to win that game in a shootout, preserving their consecutive-points streak and tying the previous NHL standard of 16 games. They are roaring along again, having won 9 of 11 games.

Hossa and Hansen's encounter was the second meeting. The first game was two weeks before, at the beginning of February, in Vancouver. The Canucks took that tilt 2-1 in a shootout, despite being woefully outclassed in that game too.

Round three goes tonight; the playoffs are just around the corner, will either team go at the other as hard as they did in the previous two encounters?

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Canucks to Corrado: "Hey, be better than Chris Tanev"

Cam Charron
April 22 2013 12:24PM

Frankie Corrado is many things and I'm sure his story will be told by somebody with access over the coming days. He was one of the last cuts to the Canadian World Junior team, a late-blooming fifth-round pick from 2011 and an ex-Sudbury Wolf who was traded to the Kitchener Rangers at the OHL trade deadline this season. He is also too old to have a name with "-ie" tagged onto the end of it. Most importantly for our purposes, he is a right-shooting defenceman now on a roster that has little.

This is a particularly thin roster the Canucks have on defence right now, stretched thinner thanks to injuries to Kevin Bieksa, Chris Tanev, and now Keith Ballard. Tanev and Bieksa are the unfortunate injuries and who knows how long Bieksa's "day-to-day" will last.

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CanucksArmy Podcast Episode I (Part II)

CanucksArmy Podcast
April 22 2013 11:12AM

I'll have enough photos of Canucks wearing headphones to last a thousand podcasts.
That's all thanks to Jeff Vinnick's Behind the Lens series and the good folks at

In Part I of Episode I of our relaunched podcast, we chatted with Dan Murphy and Jason Botchford about a whole variety of Canucks related topics. In Part II, the dramatic conclusion, Jason Botchford and I talk about the prospect of a Bure number retirement, Mason Raymond's ability to produce in the postseason and how and when we'll see the Roberto Luongo saga come to an end.

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CanucksArmy Podcast Episode 1 (Part I)

CanucksArmy Podcast
April 22 2013 10:31AM

Grab a pal and listen to the Canucks Army podcast. All the cool Naslunds are doing it!
Photograph by Jeff Vinnick

Hey so here's a spot of cool Canucks Army news: we're relaunching our podcast in advance of the postseason!

The plan is drop an episode every week, though we may produce more audio content depending on the ebb and flow of Canucks news. In today's premiere episode, we're joined by Vancouver Province beat-writer Jason Botchford, and Sportsnet host and reporter Dan Murphy.

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Canucks Call up Frank Corrado

Thomas Drance
April 22 2013 09:56AM

Image uncredited via

Following Chicago's elimination from Calder Cup playoff contention, the Canucks have called up Frank Corrado, according to Chicago Wolves General Manager Wendell Young and's transaction page. The team hasn't announced the move with a media release yet, but hell, it's early on Monday morning and we can be pretty confident that'll come later in the day.

Frank Corrado has had a bit of a whirlwind season. The young two-way defenceman nearly made the Canadian world junior championship team in December, he was the only Canucks major junior player who was invited to training camp this past January, and he was traded from the Sudbury Wolves team he captained to the Kitchener Rangers in midseason. Through it all, his stock as a prospect has risen appreciably and it wouldn't be a surprise if he made his NHL debut at some point this week.

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