OGDB Semifinal: Bratislavan Brawl

Jason Gregor
February 26 2010 11:37AM

After crushing Russia on Wednesday, Canada faces an energetic and gutsy Slovakian team with excellent goaltending from Montreal Canadien Jaroslav Halak. But who else is on this team?

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Around the League - Feb 25, 2010

Jason Gregor
February 25 2010 03:03PM

What an incredible week of drama, excitement, passion, athleticism, heartache and unbridled emotion we’ve seen from the Olympics.

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Jason Gregor
February 24 2010 12:04PM

The playoffs are here, and while most of us were hoping to meet Russia for the gold medal, meeting them in the quarter-final won’t lessen the intensity, excitement or nervousness.

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OGDB 4: Sprichst du hockey?

Jason Gregor
February 23 2010 12:10PM

After Sunday’s disappointing loss to the Americans and a pending date with the Russians tomorrow, it's really hard to feel the same angst when Canada faces the Germans tonight.

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The Devil Made Me Do It

Stephen Webb
February 22 2010 03:28PM

Orange County News - February 21, 2010

If any crimes are reported throughout Canada in the next few days, I think we all have a built in excuse. The Devil made us do it. No, we're not talking about demonic possession here, we're talking about rage based crimes committed after witnessing the way a certain New Jersey Devil "played" goal for Canada. Someone steals a car, blame it on the Devil. A dude robs a bank, the Devil made him do it. Hell, if there are a few typos in my post, you know who to blame.

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