Nation Playoff Pool Update #2

May 02 2014 02:02PM


So one week goes by and your ol' pal bm has dropped 100 spots in the playoff pool - magic genie I am not.  Last week, I was talking trash about the poor suckers below me in the standings, fast forward to today and I am in the tank. I'm dropping faster than lady garments in the red light district. DAMN YOU CHRIS KELLY! I'm not sure who I would have picked had I remembered you were injured, but I am blaming you for all my pool related misfortunes. For shame, Chris Kelly.

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The casualties and the survivors that lay in the wake of "the change in direction"

Dimitri Filipovic
May 01 2014 11:09PM

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 8.44.53 PM

Sure enough, it was the afternoon following the report that surfaced regarding the end of John Tortorella's tenure as head coach of the Vancouver Canucks, and there was Trevor Linden, speaking in front of a bunch of cameras for what already feels like the billionth time this month. 

As is quickly becoming modus operandi with the new President of Hockey Operations, we weren't exactly given the clearest view into whatever the decision making process currently cycling through his head these days is. It can understandably be frustrating given the lack of certainty and direction surrounding the club at the moment, but at the same time, it can't be all that surprising either. 

Even if he had some sort of profound things to say (which the verdict is still out on), his hands are likely still somewhat tied while the NHL playoffs carry on, meaning that we're still at least a handful of weeks away until the offseason truly kicks into high gear.

With that being said there were a few things that came up in his press conference on Thursday that are worth pivoting off of, and we'll do just that right after the jump.

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Other Shoe Finally Drops: John Tortorella Fired

Dimitri Filipovic
April 30 2014 10:01PM


After a whirlwind of news to start the month of April - with Mike Gillis was relieved of his duties and Trevor Linden being introduced as the President of Hockey Operations - things have been awfully quiet around these parts lately. Things had gotten so bleak in waiting for the next domino to fall, that this was legitimately passed off as news

While the team's new decision-maker has taken his time in doing his due diligence and "downloading all of the data", John Tortorella's been left to wither on the vine as he awaits the final verdict on his future with the organization.

Now, we've long since learned that nothing is out of the realm of possibility with the Vancouver Canucks, but this particular decision seemed fairly cut-and-dried on the surface. Based on how pathetically the season unfolded in Tortorella's first season behind the bench, the axe being dropped on his regime seemed like more of a matter of "when" than "if"..

Well, let's just say that if you had April 30th in your office pool, you're the first person to gain anything from the 2013-14 Vancouver Canucks season. TSN's Farhan Lalji - who dropped the hammer on what was already a hectic night in the sports world - was the first on the scene to report that the coach will be fired tomorrow morning, bringing an abrupt and premature end to a tenure that was supposed to contractually last 4 years longer than it did. Of note, though, is that they're only expected to pay out $1.6 million due to quite the nifty little loophole.

As we watch other teams compete in the playoffs, the Vancouver Canucks are now a rudderless squad in shambles, without neither a Head Coach nor a General Manager currently in place. How the times have changed around these parts, as 2011 seems like another lifetime ago now..

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Comets Militia Weekly Prospect Report - April 30th, 2014

Josh W
April 30 2014 12:34PM


Welcome to the latest edition of the Comets Militia Prospect Report. The finish line for the 2013-14 season has either already been reached, or is fast approaching for all Canucks prospects. However, we're not completely done just yet; there are still a handful of teams in action, and as long as that's the case, we'll continue to take some time each week to discuss all of the latest news, videos, and thoughts on that front.

So if you're bored this summer and want to stay updated on Canucks prospects, make sure to follow me on Twitter @nuckprospects. You're also more than welcome to send me any feedback on anything prospect related you wish for me to cover in the future.

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Jason Garrison: Compliance Buyout Candidate?

Dimitri Filipovic
April 29 2014 11:22AM

Photo via Jeff Vinnick

There are a boatload of things that converged into one horrific perfect storm for the Vancouver Canucks this past season. Somewhere smack dab in the middle of that list was the play of Jason Garrison, whose tumble may not have necessarily been the most damning of them all, but deserves mentioning because of how it virtually mirrored what happened to the team as a whole.

It seems difficult to believe given what we know now - the way the human mind works in terms of memory repression is a hell of a thing - but there was a time near the start of the 2013-14 season where the Canucks were winning games, and Jason Garrison was not only eating up big minutes, but producing admirably as well. 

Suffice it to say, none of those things lasted. Considering that much of his blatantly extensive and worrisome struggles in the 2nd half of the season were excused due to reports of a pair of injuries he was labouring through, it came as something of a surprise that he'd be representing his country overseas for the World Championships set to be played in Belarus in the coming month. 

All of which leads us to needs to be addressed, regardless of how unpleasant it may be: should Jason Garrison be in consideration for the final compliance buyout the Canucks have at their disposal this summer? 

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