CanucksArmy Weekly Prospect Report - January 30th, 2014

Josh W
January 30 2014 12:37PM

Courtesy of @ClintTrahan

In this week's CometsMilita CanucksArmy Weekly Prospect Report the Utica Comets went back to BC to play a pair of games in their home away from home. Many local Vancouver fans got to see future parts of their team play live against the Abbotsford Heat, who are currently riding quite the PDO/Special Teams wave.

But there's a lot more than just AHL coverage ahead, and you'll need to read on see what else is happening in the prospect world. As always, follow me @nuckprospects on Twitter for the latest in prospect news and feed free to send me any feedback on anything prospect related you wish me to cover.

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Canucks Army GDT #55 - Blackhawks @ Canucks

Dimitri Filipovic
January 29 2014 01:35PM

Today's the day! The day where watching a Canucks game will be fun!

Let's try to be positive and forget the fact that the Vancouver Canucks were basically taken to the woodshed by the Edmonton Oilers the last time saw them take the ice. And the fact that Daniel Sedin probably couldn't even score on Dan Cloutier these days. And the fact that the Minnesota Wild leapfrogged them in the standings with their victory last night. Forget all of that.

It's a new day, and you have the option of taking the game in with all of your cyber buddies if you so choose to come down to The Pint. Plus Canucks/Blackhawks games usually wind up being entertaining, by hook or by crook. Most importantly though, keep in mind tha--.. wait, what do you mean that Chris Tanev is out for an extended period of time?!?!

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The elephant in the room: Daniel Sedin's scoring woes

Dimitri Filipovic
January 29 2014 10:16AM

Umm.. [Image via Puck Daddy]

January has truly been the month from hell for the Vancouver Canucks. They've gone 4-7-2, but somehow it feels like it's almost been worse than that. There have been some losses that I'd characterize as both embarrassing and largely forgettable. After the way last season had concluded - and the way the summer went, with the lowered cap essentially handcuffing Mike Gillis from making any sort of big moves - we knew that this team was a far cry from the (Presidents' Trophy!) champion of years past. 

But things have been so, so, so much worse with all of the injuries the team has been racking up. A squad that was already dealing with depth issues has really been decimated for weeks now, most recently having to play without 2 of its top 3 centers. So its not exactly surprising that they've had difficulties scoring, with the Brad Richardsons of the world being thrust into roles their individual skillsets don't allow them to succeed in.

Something that needs to be discussed, despite how unpleasant it may be: the fact that Daniel Sedin probably can't hit the broad sign of a barn at this point. During a stretch where his team has scored 25 goals total in 13 games (dropping them all the way down to 22nd in the league on the season), the most prolific scorer in the franchise's history has failed to score once. That's a problem, and has been for a while now. Jim Jamieson broke the ice this morning, and we'll take the baton from him.

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Evening Headshots: January 28th

J.D. Burke
January 28 2014 08:31PM

Hey folks, having made my mark (for better, and surely worse) on nearly every other Canucks blog in town, I felt the time had come for me to take my talents to Canucks Army. In what I hope is the first of many appearances, I’ll be highlighting work from around the interwebs in tonight’s version of the evening headshots. While the results from last night leave more than a little to be desired, the reaction and ensuing blogs from local writers do their best to soften the blow.

And in turn, I’ll do my best to showcase all their fine work right after the jump.

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CA Postgame: Canucks, ironically, come up small in Jordan Schroeder's return

Dimitri Filipovic
January 27 2014 11:57PM

"Since neither of us are good at hockey, let's give rugby a shot, shall we?" [Image via Adam Gretz]

Let's not sugarcoat things, because losing to the Edmonton Oilers (a team that could actually conceivably be the worst team in the league; yes, even worse than the Buffalo Sabres) surely represents a new low point for a team that has endured some pretty embarrassing results in recent memory. Especially when it happens at home.

But it's also one that's not necessarily all that surprising, and certainly one that needs to be put into perspective. Everything is a jumbled mess right now, with players being asked to fill roles their natural talent level doesn't allow them to fill. Their recent 4-game stretch of "getting by" was more of a testament to their opponents' misery than it was to the Canucks suddenly turning a corner.

.. and Monday night, the ineptitude that has been a byproduct of missing two of their top 3 centers finally caught up with them, coming back to bite them in the rear. Read on past the jump for a recap of the humbling loss.

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