2013-14 Utica Comets: Analytical Year in Review

Josh W
May 05 2014 12:40PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 12.05.13 AM

If you've been reading my weekly prospect reports here throughout the season, you noticed that I've been sprinkling in AHL #fancystats here and there whenever I could. Well, now that it's over we've got ourselves a large enough sample size to deconstruct everything, and attempt to make sense of what exactly happened to the Utica Comets in 2013-14.

If you're a regular reader of this blog, most of this stuff should make intuitive sense since it's just an extension of what we use to analyze the Canucks on this platform. If not, don't worry, because it's all fairly simple and broken down into easy-to-read segments as we go along.

Just to shill myself -- if you have an AHL blog, or an NHL blog, and want the equivalent data for your (farm) team let me know. You can also feel free to follow me @joshweissbock (my personal account), and @nuckprospects for the latest in Canucks prospects news and stats. 

For now make sure you've your snacks handy, settle in, and continue past the jump for an extensive report filled with all sorts of interesting little analytical nuggets. 

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The Sea-to-Sky Boner Report Returns: May 3rd, 2014

Rhys Jessop
May 03 2014 01:59PM


After a hiatus, the Sea-to-Sky Boner Report is back with a ton of Vancouver Giants and WHL news and notes. Since we last checked in, the Portland Winterhawks and Edmonton Oil Kings have both advanced out of their respective conferences in the WHL playoffs, the WHL bantam draft has taken place, and most notably, the Giants are now in the market for a new coach.

There's a lot to cover, so read past the jump for more.

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Identity Crisis - Weekend Watchability Index

Cam Charron
May 02 2014 02:07PM

torts opening video

I've already said my bit about John Tortorella and there isn't much more to say about his departure. In a nutshell, however, I don't necessarily think the coaching was what was really holding the Canucks back this most recent season. Percentages played a big part.

That said, coaching also wasn't the Canucks problem when they lost in the Stanley Cup Final to Boston and coaching wasn't the Canucks problem when they exited the playoffs quickly against Los Angeles and San Jose in consecutive years. What I found interesting about the Canucks marketing was how much they built the identity of the team around Torts.

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Nation Playoff Pool Update #2

May 02 2014 02:02PM


So one week goes by and your ol' pal bm has dropped 100 spots in the playoff pool - magic genie I am not.  Last week, I was talking trash about the poor suckers below me in the standings, fast forward to today and I am in the tank. I'm dropping faster than lady garments in the red light district. DAMN YOU CHRIS KELLY! I'm not sure who I would have picked had I remembered you were injured, but I am blaming you for all my pool related misfortunes. For shame, Chris Kelly.

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The casualties and the survivors that lay in the wake of "the change in direction"

Dimitri Filipovic
May 01 2014 11:09PM

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 8.44.53 PM

Sure enough, it was the afternoon following the report that surfaced regarding the end of John Tortorella's tenure as head coach of the Vancouver Canucks, and there was Trevor Linden, speaking in front of a bunch of cameras for what already feels like the billionth time this month. 

As is quickly becoming modus operandi with the new President of Hockey Operations, we weren't exactly given the clearest view into whatever the decision making process currently cycling through his head these days is. It can understandably be frustrating given the lack of certainty and direction surrounding the club at the moment, but at the same time, it can't be all that surprising either. 

Even if he had some sort of profound things to say (which the verdict is still out on), his hands are likely still somewhat tied while the NHL playoffs carry on, meaning that we're still at least a handful of weeks away until the offseason truly kicks into high gear.

With that being said there were a few things that came up in his press conference on Thursday that are worth pivoting off of, and we'll do just that right after the jump.

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