You Know What I Hate?! - Feb 20

Cam Davie
February 20 2012 10:21AM

Alain Vigneault is angry. And so am I. We don't understand the kicking rule.
Actually we're both just confused. But I'm calmer than him. And he gets to yell at the refs.
Photo courtesy Jeff Vinnick/NHLI/Getty Images

Today I continue my weekly feature of me venting and raging on stupid crap happening with the Canucks, their fans and around the NHL. Two things about feature... 1) It will appear (hopefully) every Monday (this week, Tuesday!), and 2) It is blatantly ripped off from a stand-up bit from comedian Craig Anton. On either point, I make no apologies. Enjoy. Or don't.

This week, I have the following items disallowed because of a distinct kicking motion: Anonymous player polls, non-flex schedules in the NHL, spending time with my children and racist puns.

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Twinsanity - Canucks beat Oilers 5-2; Recap and Scoring Chances

Cam Charron
February 19 2012 10:24PM

After a 6-2 victory against Toronto Saturday night, the Vancouver Canucks travelled to Edmonton to lay a whipping on the hometown Oilers the next night. The Sedin twins, after a slow stretch, combined for 8 points in the Saturday win and again stepped it up production-wise, scoring 53 seconds into the game and combining for 4 more points on this night.

For a more detailed recap, scoring chance numbers, the Statistical Three Stars and the Statistical Three Goats, click past the jump:

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Player Polls are Overrated

Thomas Drance
February 19 2012 04:09PM

You know whose over-rated? The team with the 3rd most wins since the lockout - that's who!

The results of the the NHLPA/CBC  player poll were released on-line this afternoon, and the Canucks didn't fare particularly well. In fact, in a poll that was answered by 318 NHL players, they fared very poorly indeed. Not only were individual Canucks skaters and coaches conspicuously absent from any individual accolades - but the team was overwhelmingly the most common answer to the question "which team is over-rated?" 

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Nation Radio - February 18, 2012

February 19 2012 01:34PM



Playoffs are a distant hope for the third straight season in Edmonton this year. The focus now shifts to the pending trade deadline, the kids and, eventually, the draft. This week Allan visits with California hockey fan and writer Earl Sleek, welcomes various voices familiar with both pro and amateur Edmonton prospects and shares some reader/listener thoughts on the rapidly approaching deadline.

This is Nation Radio.

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Game #59 Preview: Children of the Corn

Thomas Drance
February 19 2012 11:33AM

And then bam! Stanley Cup. via thewonderofafairytale.

The Oilers are not a particularly good hockey team, which is largely the result of brutal management. After a hot and totally unsustainable start to the season, they've plummeted like a stone to the bottom of the standings, which, is where they belong. They don't belong there because I have any particular dislike for the Oilers - though I do - they belong there because the Oilers "brain trust" is composed of unserious, snake-oil salesman who've mastered the art of marketing false hope, and failing to back it up with any substance.

The Oilers sit 10 points clear of Columbus at the bottom of the Western Conference, so it's in their best interest to just lay down tonight, and dream of Nail Yakupov. Of course, the Oilers always get up to play the Canucks, especially when Vancouver's club visits their North Albertan barn. The Canucks are coming off of a clinical dismantling of the Maple Leafs last night, and this will mark the first game of a relatively difficult six game road-trip - the teams last extended road-trip of the season. Hopefully the Canucks can start their trip off on a winning note, which they'll do so long as they feel comfortable pummeling the hell out of some children.

A more detailed recap and underlying numbers after the jump!

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