Canucks Extend Burrows

Thomas Drance
September 14 2012 01:17PM

Photo via @VanCanucks

The day started with Burrows' agent posturing to Jason Botchford about how Alex Burrows deserved Patrick Sharp money and a five or six year term. That was followed up by the News1130Sports Twitter account predicting that Burrows was on his way out of Vancouver if the team managed to sign Shane Doan.

All of the handwringing was for naught, as Alex Burrows and the team have agreed to terms on a four year, 18 million dollar deal (cap hit: 4.5 million). Here's the official press release from

More analysis after the jump.

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The Doan Side of Winning The Derby

Dimitri Filipovic
September 14 2012 11:11AM

Let's get one thing straight. I'm not doing this because I necessarily care about you, nor am I doing it because I have a heart of gold. This is solely being done to fill my quota for charitable acts in 2013. Some people live really busy lives, and resort to giving money. Some people, take a more hands-on approach and help out at local shelters.

I guess you could say I'm stuck somewhere smack dab in-between those two. I'm leaving my - climate controlled, may I add - mom's basement, to help out. For those interested, I'll be volunteering at the local YMCA over the weekend, operating the cold showers. Don't try to be a hero, and get through this on your own. Let me in. And let me ease that 'Doaner' of yours with some cold water, and some cold, hard facts.

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Is Burrows on his way out if Doan signs?

Thomas Drance
September 14 2012 10:44AM

The News1130Sports Twitter feed is on something of a Terry Bross fueled rampage today. The popular news feed is also catching some blowback for a tweet that suggested that - should Doan sign in Vancouver - popular winger Alex Burrows' days with the team could be numbered.

Generally speaking, the News1130Sports Twitter feed is reliable when it is reporting sourced chatter (usually from player agents). There have been times this summer, however, when the feed has reported preposterous rumours (Eddie Lack considering signing in the SEL for example) or has piggy packed off of others reports without credit. Also, sometimes it's not clear when the account is expressing an opinion, or quoting a source. In this case, I think we can safely call this tweet an "opinion tweet" and take it with a grain of salt.

But that doesn't necessarily mean that Burrows' future with the Canucks is secure in perpetuity. Read on past the jump.

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Would Signing Doan Impact a Luongo Trade?

Thomas Drance
September 14 2012 09:43AM


At this point in the "long offseason," it's fair to characterize the majority of the hockey world as suffering from at least one of the following ailments: Luongo trade-fatigue, or Doancision-fatigue. While Shane Doan is slated to make up his mind at long last, and will reportedly choose between Phoenix and Vancouver later today: there's still no resolution in sight for Roberto Luongo. Some are suggesting that, that could change in a hurry if the Canucks emerge victorious in the Doan derby this afternoon. 

According to, at this moment the Canucks are roughly 2.4 million dollars under the salary cap. Let's assume that the club wins the Doan derby later today, then at the absolute bare bones minimum they'd be adding a contract worth 5 million per season (a very conservative estimate). Obviously in this hypothetical situation, the Canucks would find themselves in a salary cap bind and the quickest, easiest solution to their woes might be to rush through a trade for their immovable star netminder. 

But I'd be stone cold stunned if that's how Mike Gillis handled things. Click past the jump for more.

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MethaDoan Clickbait

Thomas Drance
September 14 2012 01:41AM

After a summer rife with breathless speculation and a seemingly endless procession of "false" deadlines, our long national nightmare appears to be over. According to a report from Arizona Sports Talk Radio host John Gambadoro, tomorrow by 5 PM EST, Coyotes captain (and mythical beast) Shane Doan will make a decision on where he'll play whenever next season starts. And only two teams remain in the running.

Phoenix, of course, is still the frontrunner to retain their long-time captain. But the other team with a shot according to Gambadoro: the Vancouver Canucks.

Read past the jump for more.

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