Mike Gillis Doesn't Want to Make Decisions Hastily or Based on Emotion

Thomas Drance
May 09 2013 02:57PM

Photograph by Jeff Vinnick

During his season ending press conference, Canucks General Manager Mike Gillis was asked by Jason Botchford about Mason Raymond's future with the team, and whether or not Gillis still believes in the speedster. Gillis responded as such:

"We had a lot of success in previous years, now we have to recognize that changes have to be made. I'm not going to commit today to what those changes will be, I think I need more time. I don't want to make decisions hastily or based on emotion."

That was pretty much the tenor of the entire press conference.

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CanucksArmy Podcast: Episode 5

CanucksArmy Podcast
May 09 2013 12:32PM

Photograph by: Nick Procaylo , PNG files

Welcome to the pre-Gillis season ending press conference edition of the CanucksArmy podcast!

Joining me today is Bruce Dowbiggin, author and columnist for the Globe and Mail. He's got a book about Mike Gillis's Canucks tenure coming out in the fall that he teased for us, and also dropped some really interesting nuggets of information about the Canucks this season. Secondly we're joined by Tyler Dellow of mc79hockey.com fame, who talks about the Canucks, about the Oilers, and about analytics more generally.

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Digesting Yet Another Disappointing Finish

Jeff Angus
May 09 2013 10:15AM

We will have ample time this spring and summer to analyze what went wrong with the Canucks in 2013. Mike Gillis is a patient man, and I would expect him to remain that way for the coming weeks before making any decisions. Emotions are very high once again after a miserable postseason performance in Vancouver, and unlike last summer, big changes are expected to be on the way.

There isn’t really a focused topic or theme to today’s column – just 1000 words (roughly) on four major issues that have affected the team over the past year or two.

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Day-after, afternoon headshots - May 8th

Patrick Johnston
May 08 2013 05:06PM

It wasn't supposed to end quite like this.
(photo Christian Petersen/Getty)

Post-mortem day. Yes, that one. 

Yes last night was not a dream. The Canucks are done. Everyone's looking to explain why.

Here at home, we've got Drance writing about the irony of how the Canucks lost, Filipovic with last night's gamer and a quick hit on the Sedins and Alex Edler (hint: world championships).

Lots more after the jump. Believe me, you'll get your fill.

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The Canucks Didn't Just Get Swept, They Got Swept Ironically

Thomas Drance
May 08 2013 02:12PM

Photograph by: Marcio Jose Sanchez

To call the refereeing in Vancouver's first round series sweep at the hands of the San Jose Sharks "controversial" might be putting it too mildly. When Kelly Sutherland is involved, and when you watch the calls that went against the Canucks in the 2013 playoffs, it's tough not to get your conspiracy theory wheels spinning.

The Sharks enjoyed fourteen more power-play opportunities in the first round sweep than the Canucks did. Compounding the unbalanced number of power-play opportunities is the fact that game four was ultimately decided on a couple of power-play goal resulting directly from very iffy calls. I'm not one for blaming the referees especially not in a sweep, as tempting as it is after the way game four played out. Penalties are like bounces and it's too easy to read something sinister into the randomness. But there is an irony here that is worth getting into after the jump.

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