12 years Luonger.

Brian O'Neill
September 02 2009 10:12AM


The Canucks have  signed Lou for 12 more years at $64 Million. This would keep his salary at 5.33 mil in terms of the Cap a season. I'm not a capologist but, If the extension is considered this year, the Canucks have freed up that 2 million. However, that does mean that Luongo will be on the payroll until he's 42 (at approximately 10% cap hit). Regardless, I'm still pretty Steve Nash fired up! [UPDATE: turns out extension does not affect this years cap hit.]

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Honest, it's almost hockey season

Jean Lefebvre
August 31 2009 04:55PM

Flames CAL0329-CDNc3

On the eve of the month when business finally picks up in the NHL, let's bid farewell to a few topics that determined fans will now be able to forget about and concentrate on more important matters. You know, things like the No. 1 defence pairing in Abbotsford, Liam Reddox's potential linemates and the over-under for the number of times in the coming weeks and months that the words "Luongo" and "extension" will appear in the same story on the pages of the Vancouver Sun or the Province.

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NHLPA Head Paul Kelly Fired

Jonathan Willis
August 31 2009 01:06PM

Darren Dreger of TSN first broke the news that elements within the NHLPA were dissatisfied with Paul Kelly’s performance as the head of the NHLPA. At 3AM eastern time, Dreger passed on the news that the NHLPA executive board (made up of the thirty team representatives) had voted to terminate Kelly’s employment.

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Vancouver and the NTC

Cam Davie
August 31 2009 10:25AM


Mike Gillis has too many players and too much salary on the Canucks roster, and must shed a little of both before the October 1st deadline. However, the ideal players to trade away have no-trade clauses in their contracts.

That's a problem for Gillis, because he has to convince players to waive their NTC. Right now, how do you convince a player to leave Vancouver and the Canucks?

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A Different, Better Problem for Gillis

Cam Davie
August 30 2009 11:07AM


With the signings of Mathieu Schneider, Christian Ehrhoff, and Brad Lukowich, the Vancouver Canucks have eight NHL-caliber defencemen in their stall to start the season. Arguably, the Canucks have the deepest set of blue-liners in the NHL right now.

That's the good news.

The bad news is that it can't and won't stay that way.

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