Canucks Army draft prospect profile #5 - Leon Draisaitl

Cam Charron
June 23 2014 09:46AM

Over the weekend, our dear friend(s?) from Extra Skater added in some CHL fancystats. While I like stats as much as anybody, I'm still a little iffy on whether we can trust some of the time on ice and quality of competition estimates given by those numbers, so I'm not going to spend too much time worrying about them as they pertain to individual players.

What the page allows you to do however, which is terrific, terrific news for prospophiles, is to sort players across all CHL leagues by age. There are miles of difference between a player who is near the top of the OHL in scoring at 17 and one at the top of the OHL in scoring at 20, and the difference is not clear when looking at the statistics from the league's website.

Anyway, go to the page and sort 17-year-olds by points. There will be a tie for first through the CHL: Sam Reinhart of the Kootenay Ice, and Leon Draisaitl of the Prince Albert Raiders.

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Update: schedule for 2014-15 season released

Dimitri Filipovic
June 22 2014 02:19PM


There's a bit of housekeeping news to discuss today, with the schedule for the 2014-15 NHL season having been released. While we have no idea who the lineup will consist of for the Vancouver Canucks when they open the season on October 8th, exactly, at least we know their opponent: the Calgary Flames. 

There's still a long, long time to go until on-ice hockey is back on our television sets and in our daily lives - 108 days, for those scoring at home - but if you're even remotely as much of a fiend for it as I am, you miss it already. Which means that it's harmless to look ahead based on what we do know.

Some news and notes after the jump.

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Report: Canucks will finally show us their Willie

Dimitri Filipovic
June 20 2014 02:06PM

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 10.44.32 AM
s/t to @TheStanchion

Taking into account the disclaimer of all of the waffling that has preceded this news, it appears that a crisis - which looked like it was rapidly becoming a reality as recently as this time yesterday - has been averted. If the reports by Kevin Weekes (initially, then reinforced by The Hockey Godfather himself) turn out to be true, the Canucks will have their head coach in place prior to next week's entry draft set to take place in Philadelphia.

We'll learn more about the details of the agreement in the coming days, but I'd imagine we won't have any sort of definitive word until early next week. While the Vancouverite in me would caution against getting overly excited or ahead of ourselves at this time, it's understandable if you'd like to finally exhale a little bit on this Friday afternoon.

More on this just past the jump. There's a joke about "Willies" and "Bridesmaids" to be had here, I suspect.

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Linden's Web: the Canucks might not be a cap team, and other nuggets from Linden's 1040 appearance Friday

Thomas Drance
June 20 2014 11:40AM

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Canucks president Trevor Linden was interviewed at length on the Team 1040 on Friday morning. As you might expect, we have a bunch of scattered thoughts about some of the topics discussed, so read past the jump for that.

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The Coaching Carousel continues to spin; will it stop on Willie Desjardins?

Dimitri Filipovic
June 20 2014 10:43AM

Put together by the invaluable Wyatt Arndt

The news trickling out regarding the available remaining coaching vacancies, and what we consider to be the top candidates to potentially fill them, has been akin to hockey's version of a soap opera. There have been twists, there have been turns, and there has been a whole lot of noise that requires a certain level of prerequisite cynicism to tune out. 

Even well before John Tortorella was officially fired by the Vancouver Canucks, it was considered common knowledge that they'd zero in on one of two particular targets to take his place and steer the ship back in the right direction, with those being John Stevens and Willie Desjardins. Because of the success both were having with their current employers, though, there was a waiting game to be played.

In the meantime some potentially interesting alternatives in Trotz, Laviolette, and Muller were all scooped up, but that was just fine, because the Canucks had "their guys". Then the Los Angeles Kings won the Stanley Cup, and quickly made sure that no one would come near their heir apparent. Shortly thereafter, the Pittsburgh Penguins - who had a top candidate of their own snatched up from under their noses -  jumped in on the pursuit of Desjardins, turning what was initially a feeling of slight consternation into full-blown dread at the thought of Scott Arniel or Glen Gulutzan potentially running the show. 

The reality of the matter: things are changing by the hour. The coaching carousel continues to spin, and where it'll land, nobody knows. But it sure is fun to speculate!

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