CanucksArmy Podcast
November 28 2013 03:06PM

Welcome back to our latest episode of the CanucksArmy podcast!

This week on the podcast we have Smylosphere pioneers Jason Brough and Mike Halford of NBC's ProHockeyTalk blog, and we chatted at length about Roberto Luongo, Vancouver's anemic offense, what we like about the John Tortorell-era and more!

Also Producer Josh and I chatted at length about sports media and the new Canadian Broadcast Rights deal before the Kurtenblog appearance, so you can check that part of the podcast out too!

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Thanks for listening and check back here next week for another episode of Canuck-centric goodness!

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Canucks Army GDT #27 - Canucks @ Senators

Dimitri Filipovic
November 28 2013 02:58PM

The next time these two teams meet, they'll be wearing these bad boys. 

I spent far too long trying to think of an angle to run with in previewing Thursday's tilt between the Canucks and Senators, and honestly, it didn't result in anything overly productive. These two teams will be playing again on March 2nd in an arena that may or may not be open (depending on the rain)? They'll be wearing cool uniforms, and the entire thing is a fun gimmick which I'm sure we'll talk a ton about when the times, but.. the opponent makes it seem like there's a drop-off in importance. Especially after having played the Blackhawks and Kings in the past week.

How about the fact that the Senators have 3 guys from BC (Kyle Turris is from New Westminster, Patrick Wiercioch is from Burnaby, and Derek Grant is from Abbotsford)? Not exactly an attention-grabber. The last time the Canucks were in Ottawa Dale Weise scored a sweet goal? I can already feel myself losing the audience.

Let's go with this: the Ottawa Senators have been playing an entertaining, if not successful, style of hockey this season. They give up a lot of goals, they score a lot of goals, and they may be just what the Canucks need to get going offensively. They've also got a ton of interesting subplots surrounding their individual players, and I'll try to touch on as many of them as possible past the jump.

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November 28 2013 11:53AM


Per usual we were asleep at the switch and didn't realize that November 17 marked the 6th birthday of the Nation Network. We can only imagine that this is foreshadowing to days where we will forget our wife's birthday and most of our children's names and birthdays as well. Sorry whomever you may be, we have a lot going on in this brain of ours* and sometimes things slip through the cracks.

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Canucks, Senators sweaters for the Heritage Classic revealed

Cam Charron
November 28 2013 08:58AM

Image via @VanCanucks Twitter feed

We've already seen the Vancouver Millionaires throwbacks last season, but the Vancouver Canucks today announced at a joint press conference in Ottawa this morning that they'd resurrect the sweaters for the Heritage Classic, while the Senators will wear a white version of their black "heritage" third jerseys.

For you hockey history buffs, the significance of the Vancouver-Ottawa matchup is the first East-West Stanley Cup matchup in Canadian history, playing in the spring of 1915 at Vancouver's old Denman Arena. They'll attempt to re-create that March 2nd for the final NHL Stadium Series game of the 2013-2014 season, played March 2nd at BC Place Stadium in Vancouver.

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Evening Headshots: November 27th

November 27 2013 10:50PM

Kesler cries blood. I just wish he could cry goals with that shot of his when he shoots 1-on-3.

Well, folks. It's time for Headshots with your old pal Mitch. I can assure you that I've tucked my shirt AND balls in so I could bring you tonight's edition of Headshots. There's more after the jump. Shall we?

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