Roberto Luongo Is a Player, Not the GM, Which Means That He Doesn't Get Consulted on Moves

Dimitri Filipovic
June 30 2013 04:22PM

Image via wikimedia commons.

I'm not sure if you've heard, but the Vancouver Canucks sent waves through the National Hockey League and shocked many this afternoon after they flipped the script, and traded the other goaltender on their roster. I'm of course referring to Cory Schneider - you know, the guy that they seemed to be handing over the car keys to as the starter once they inked him to a 3-year, $12 million deal this past summer, promising him ~75% of the starts (according to agent Mike Liut)

I say that it was a shocking move because of how much time has been spent (mostly by Thomas Drance, with his Strombabble series) discussing potential Roberto Luongo trades over the past calendar year. From a strategic point of view, the move makes total sense. Based on his age and contract status, Schneider was viewed as a much more desirable asset around the league, which means that he would certainly net a much better return in a trade.

The exact return? The 9th overall pick (which was then used to select Bo Horvat), an apparent resolution to the "goaltending controversy" that the franchise had been mired in, and some much needed breathing room with the new salary cap.

However, as is often the case in the land of Canucks, there is still some controversy abound, as the soap opera continues.

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Canucks End Hunter Shinkaruk's Slide with the 24th Overall Pick

Thomas Drance
June 30 2013 03:36PM

image via Mast Images

The Canucks, having already picked Bo Horvat with the ninth overall pick in the 2013 NHL entry draft, selected Medicine Hat Tigers winger Hunter Shinkaruk with their original late first round pick.

Shinkaruk is Vancouver's first pick from the WHL since 2008, though in other ways he fits Mike Gillis's usual "highly rated player who slides on draft day" M.O..

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On the Schneider Swap and the Horvat Pick: What Just Happened?

Thomas Drance
June 30 2013 03:12PM

Bo Horvat chats with reporters after being drafted on Sunday.

The Canucks made a pretty major maneuver on Sunday, trading Cory Schneider to the New Jersey Devils in exchange for the ninth overall pick in the NHL draft, which they promptly used to select Bo Horvat.

Horvat is a two-way centreman and he described himself as such in conversations with the media following the pick. "I was really surprised it's definitely shocking sitting there," Horvat added, "but like I said, anything can happen." Well it's good that young Horvat is well prepared to deal with incredulity. He is headed to Vancouver afterall, where the most messed up thing imaginable is what one should always be prepared for...

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Vancouver Canucks select Bo Horvat with the No. 9 pick

Cam Charron
June 30 2013 02:16PM

With the 9th overall pick that the Vancouver Canucks received in the Cory Schneider trade, Laurence Gilman, Mike Gillis & Co. went off the board to select Bo Horvat of the London Knights, the highly-ranked centreman that's played on back-to-back OHL Championship teams.

Horvat was ranked No. 15 in Central Scouting so the pick seems to be a little off the board, but after a strong Memorial Cup, there was a lot of talk that him and teammate Max Domi could be picked in the low teens of this draft. Gillis eventually spent the highest pick he's ever had on Horvat, who is a pretty good two-way centreman that's been a key player for the Knights in their Memorial Cup runs both as a 17- and a 18-year-old, which is fun.

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Breaking: Canucks Trade Schneider, Acquire 9th Overall Pick (Bo Horvat)

Thomas Drance
June 30 2013 02:05PM

The Canucks have acquired the 9th overall pick in the 2013 NHL draft in exchange, straight up, for goaltender Cory Schneider.

They then used that pick to reach and select London Knights forward Bo Horvat.

The Canucks had decided mid-week to deal Cory Schneider rather than Roberto Luongo, who had proven impossible to move over the past fourteen months. Patching up the club's relationship with Luongo will now take center stage, presumably, this summer.

Cory Schneider is a very safe bet to be an average NHL starter for the New Jersey Devils, and he's got a good shot at being a well above average NHL goalie with an outside shot of projecting as a true star. Cory Schneider will now take on the pressure of succeeding Martin Brodeur in New Jersey, and perhaps the Devils Hall of Famer can teach him a thing or two about handling the puck...

What a twist...

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