Where hockey's new numbers get it wrong

Cam Charron
June 09 2014 12:47PM

Like a lot of people, I've become increasingly concerned with the importance placed on several of these newfangled stats that take away from my enjoyment of the NHL game. Hockey was a better sport before all the bookkeepers came along and started siphoning out the fun by cataloguing everything and determining the best players in the game based on who scored goals and made assists.

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Journal of Hockey Analytics: Volume I Issue 5

Josh W
June 09 2014 10:48AM


Welcome to this week's Journal of Hockey Analytics. I have payed attention to the links flying across the Twittersphere all week to bring you the latest and greatest (and maybe some terrible links, don't hold me accountable!) in the field of hockey analytics research. Hopefully this will either help with your next project, or just act as a resource for killing another slow day at work.

For analysis on why Jonathan Quick hasn't been very good, Stanley Cup Final goodies, some more analysis on why people should stop overrating Quick, and more -- continue past the jump.

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A Ryan Kesler trade makes plenty of sense for every party involved

Dimitri Filipovic
June 07 2014 03:27PM


For a minute there, there appeared to be a (misguided?) belief that a new brain trust, head coach, and concession menu at Rogers Arena could potentially talk Ryan Kesler into changing his mind. That a new direction and breath of fresh air could sway him towards wanting to be a part of the group that attempted to turn things around in Vancouver after a miserable season. 

Nope. While we've yet to hear officially from the player, his agent, or the Canucks, some very reliable sources have come out recently and reported that he's still in fact looking to be moved to a new destination despite all of the changes around him. 

This is assuredly just the tip of the iceberg in terms of news and reports being leaked, but all of the attention the story will receive is duly justified -- the potential return in a trade will go a long way in determining how the respective tenures of the new guys in charge will unfold.

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Vigneault, Tortorella, and beyond

Cam Charron
June 06 2014 09:00AM

You have no idea how big a part of me is rooting for the New York Rangers in the Stanley Cup Finals, in part just to stick it to the commenters* who told me and the rest of the Canucks Army crew for the last couple of years that Vigneault was a coach that couldn't win in the playoffs. I'd say that the Rangers are currently playing with house money. They're a heavy underdog in the finals, and though they blew a 2-0 lead in the first game of the finals, were still able to take the game to overtime on the road, which is no small feat.

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Alex Edler and the market for a Top-4 Defenseman this summer

Dimitri Filipovic
June 05 2014 12:22PM


When the duo of Trevor Linden and Jim Benning were introduced as the two minds charged with attempting to restore a broken Vancouver Canucks franchise coming off of an embarrassing season, both made it abundantly clear that they had no real allegiances to any of the players they were inheriting. 

They were each coming in with a clean slate, and after Linden's dial-up issues were resolved (and all of his data was *finally* downloaded), they'd be able to work together to identify who of the bunch was an innocent bystander, and who was actually responsible for how poorly things unfolded as the year went along.

Neither of them were entrenched in their current positions of power when anyone on this roster had been originally acquired, and neither was responsible for the plethora of No Trade Clauses that had been handed out like candy during Mike Gillis' tenure. That was presumed to be a legitimate luxury because of this old boys' club feel the NHL still has, in which a GM would be put into an uncomfortable situation by having to approach someone who he had previously signed to a contract in an attempt to fix it and save his job, because of some "code".

This may very well still come into play as the offseason goes along, but not when it comes to Alex Edler; he reportedly won't be asked to waive his NTC by "Lindenning". And reading further into the brain trust's comments, it appears that they'd like to keep another one of "The 10", Ryan Kesler, around as well. 

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