Should the Canucks Sign Matt Cullen?

Jeff Angus
July 05 2013 10:40AM

Nice 'stache - courtesy of WikiCommons

The Canucks need a third or fourth line center. And getting a guy with some offensive ability in case of another Ryan Kesler injury makes a lot of sense. Could veteran center Matt Cullen be that guy?

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Real Botchford Versus Fake Botchford

Thomas Drance
July 05 2013 09:15AM


A reminder: there are lots of jerks on Twitter posing as legitimate reporters and trying to stir the pot with hot nonsense today. It's easy to figure out if an account is fake or not, you just have to know what to search...

Kudos to this guy for that crappy fake "verified" check mark. Wow.

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Before The Market Opens: Lowered Expectations and Other Notes

Thomas Drance
July 05 2013 08:53AM

A Mad TV Classic

Headed into the opening of free-agency, the Canucks have limited space to maneuver under the salary cap's upper limit. There's still a possibility of the team trading one of their surplus defenceman for help at forward (and indeed Jason Botchford reported yesterday that the team is still hosting an Alex Edler listening party), but I might suggest that the club's current unbalanced structual position under the salary cap is a one season inconvenience, and is an insufficiently large issue to warrant trading a 28 year old, talented defenceman for any less than a loonie on the dollar...

The names being bandied about for the Canucks to chase today are, well, not particularly Doan-er inducing. Matt Hendricks, Boyd Gordon, Jonathon Blum and maybe Matt Cullen on the high-end. So Canucks fans would be wise to read the writing on the wall and head into the opening of the free-agent market with decidedly Lowered Expectations, read on past the jump.

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July 5th Preview: Inventory and UFA Targets

Thomas Drance
July 04 2013 03:32PM

Image via wikimedia commons.

I wish we could've churned out more free-agent preview content this week ahead of Friday's hockey news meltdown. Alas I only got back from New York (where I covered a marathon draft this past weekend) on Tuesday afternoon, I was then promptly as sick as a dog, and have spent the past two days moving, unpacking, assembling Ikea furniture and such.

But enough of my sob story, I have some time on this crazy day of hockey news (Grabovski buyout, Seguin trade, what?) to sit down and recap at length where the Canucks stand going into the opening of the free-agent market on Friday, what they need, and what players they might target. 

Read past the jump.

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Keith Ballard bought out - Cap implications

Patrick Johnston
July 04 2013 10:40AM

Keith Ballard was a fun guy, but he made too much money. (photo: wikimedia commons)

Keith Ballard is gone. The defenceman, brought in during the load-up summer of 2010, never found a regular spot in the Canucks lineup under Alain Vigneault.

At $4.2 million per season, that was far from good. In a world where the cap was going down to 64.3 million dollars, Ballard's contract really wasn't good.

In many ways, it's a shame. Ballard is a good guy, a good 'in-the-room' guy and a player who is plenty useful but who never found a way to consistently present that usefulness.

For more on Ballard, his contract and the buyout's implications for the Canucks' cap situation, click past the jump.

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