Things about David Booth

Cam Charron
May 17 2012 01:48PM


Yesterday Thomas wrote a very scary post about David Booth's on-ice shooting percentage numbers, where he addresses the possibility that "significantly below average at driving on-ice shooting percentage".

Well, I'm not too sure what I think of that. When we mention "shooting percentage" or "save percentage" around here, which commonly regress to a certain mean, a lot of people interpret that as "shot quality" which means that better quality shots yield higher shooting percentages. I'm not sure whether I buy that. Booth had extremely good numbers if you count "quality shots" explicitly, as Thom and I did throughout this year, as expressed here in our year-end plus/minus scoring chance differential.

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Ryan Parent: What Went Wrong?

Jeff Angus
May 17 2012 10:07AM

Google “Ryan Parent bust” and close to 200,000 results come up (although in fairness many of them link to article about Ryan Leaf). Parent was once an important piece of the trade that sent Peter Forsberg from Philadelphia to Nashville. How far has he fallen? In December 0f 2011, the Chicago Wolves pawned him off on Canada’s Spengler Cup team. Parent was barely playing, and the Wolves wanted to give ice time to their better defensemen.

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Jason Garrison tells Vancouver Radio Station that joining the Canucks would be "a thrill"

Thomas Drance
May 16 2012 02:22PM

White Rock native, BCHL veteran and pending unrestricted free agent defenseman Jason Garrison was interviewed on Vancouver's local news radio station "News 1130," today. According to the @News1130Sports Twitter account, he expressed a frank interest in joining the Canucks this offseason, if he can't close a deal with the Panthers. News 1130 hasn't uploaded a podcast of the interview yet, but I caught an audio snippet on live radio and I'll update this post when they do.

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Is David Booth a shooting% outlier?

Thomas Drance
May 16 2012 11:37AM

What is more ironic? That David Booth, who has struggled to finish pucks throughout his career, shares a last name with John Wilkes Booth, a man famous for his short range accuracy. Or, that his precision shooting has generated more attention this offseason than it did on the Canucks five game playoff run? I can't decide, but I am beginning to worry that David Booth's style of play isn't conducive to driving on-ice shooting percentage.

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Canucks fans explained

Graphic Comments
May 15 2012 02:55PM

Canucks fans explained

If this doesn't perfectly sum up the essence of Canucks' nation, I don't know what does.

Top tier goalie on a team that has in the past resorted to Toronto Maple Leafs cast-offs? Boooooooo.

Coach takes you to top of the league two years in a row, and within one win of the Cup? #fireAV.

Selke winning centre hampered by a pretty serious injury? Trade him!

Yup, that's about as irrational as you can get. But again, I take no credit for the idea. It is one of the two things I learned listening to our very own Thomas Drance on the Nation Radio podcast this week. The other one is that Thom is a very nice young man. Seriously.

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