The Canucks don't use our scoring chance numbers

Cam Charron
March 06 2012 01:59PM

Every now and then at Canucks Army, we get big heads. It started when Alain Vigneault began to use Alex Edler more regularly as one of his first two shooters in the shootout, much like I suggested in this post last month. 'Maybe,' we thought, 'one of hockey's smartest organizations every now and then uses data provided for free by a few dapper kids running a website,' which doesn't seem too ridiculous to me, especially with our vast experience working in the hockey industry.

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Game #67 Preview - Wild West Showdown

Cam Davie
March 06 2012 12:05PM

When the Stars were last in Vancouver, Raffi Torres scored on Andrew Raycroft,
and then practiced his on-ice summersaults and tumbling routine. Weeeeeeeeeeeee!
(Photo by Jessica Haydahl/NHLI via Getty Images)

Game Day Recon: Game #67 - Stars @ Canucks

The Canucks and Stars will get very familiar with each other over the next few weeks. After going an entire calendar year between confrontations, the Stars and Canucks play all four games of their season series in a 34-day span. Game 1 went 10 days ago, and the Canucks will be eager to get some retribution on the scoreboard, after losing only their second game of the season when leading after 40 minutes.

But the Canucks have quite a challenge in front of them tonight - the Dallas Stars are the hottest team in the West. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? The Canucks face another hottest team and try to reclaim top spot in the league. Again.

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Chicago Wolves Set Clear Day Roster

Thomas Drance
March 06 2012 09:48AM

Photo Courtesy Chris Jerina.

Today is the day AHL teams submit their "Clear Day Rosters." What that means is that, as of today, the Chicago Wolves roster is frozen in effect, and they'll be unable to add additional players barring an emergency injury or recall situation. Here's what the AHL says about the by-law: 

Each Clear Day roster consists of a maximum of 22 players. According to AHL by-laws, only those players listed on a team’s Clear Day roster are eligible to compete in the remainder of the 2011-12 AHL regular season and in the 2012 Calder Cup Playoffs, unless emergency conditions arise as a result of recall, injury or suspension.

Teams may also add signed draft choices and players signed to amateur tryout contracts, provided that their respective junior or college seasons are complete.

The full Chicago Wolves clear day roster and some analysis after the jump.

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How This Canucks Season Stacks Up Against Last Season

Matthew Henderson
March 06 2012 08:33AM

There's been a fair bit of talk in print, on the radio and on social media about how this Canucks season compares with the one previous. SImply put: it's hard to judge a team that hasn't even finished what it started. That's why I decided to compare the stats from March 1st of last year's spectacular season, to March 1st of the current one. How do the two stack up?

As you can see, in some categories are the differences are very slim while others are drastically different. Even though the Sedins' production has slightly decreased, and the team has lost of 7 members from last years Stanley Cup Finals' team, the Canucks have a basically the same record, with one more game being played last year before March 1st:


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Headshots March 5th

Thomas Drance
March 05 2012 03:55PM

My favorite part of Saturday's game was Booth retrieving the puck Kassian is posing with above.
Booth really likes rookie skaters.

Headshots are a Canucks Army feature where we link to the day's freshest news, and other assorted Canucks web-goodies. If you've written a blogpost, produced a tribute video or birthed a clever .gif into existence - please e-mail Thom at

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