You get a trade, you get a trade, and you get a trade! So do Jason Garrison and the Lightning

Dimitri Filipovic
June 27 2014 01:34PM

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This sort of black magic may be of interest to some.

I had initially written up a post about the rumblings that were coming from Bob McKenzie earlier today regarding interest both the Montreal Canadiens and Tampa Bay Lightning had shown in Jason Garrison. The article was set to run just a few minutes before the news of the trading of Ryan Kesler came out, so we shelved it for the time being(*). 

(*) Roughly an hour or so, because that's exactly how long it took for the Canucks to announce their second trade of the day. A day that's still quite young, remember.

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Ryan Kesler and the Ducks both get what they want, but did the Canucks?

Dimitri Filipovic
June 27 2014 12:34PM

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The news we've been waiting on to break finally did, maybe somewhat ironically - considering the amount of digital ink that's been spilled on it in the past handful of months - a tad bit earlier than we would've expected, a few hours before the 1st round of the 2014 entry draft gets underway. 

After flexing his No Movement Clause muscles and limiting the trade market to just a few select teams, Ryan Kesler got what he wanted this afternoon with the only NHL team he has ever played for trading him to a division rival. Likewise, the Ducks got what they wanted; a legitimate option down the middle to play behind Ryan Getzlaf, solidifying what was a clear need for them if they wanted to truly have any shot of vying with the Western Conference's elite. 

They also managed to miraculously do so without parting ways with any of their top prospects, or even their top pick tonight. Which begs the question: were the Canucks the only one not to get what they wanted here?

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Draft Day! Final rankings and other things you should read

Cam Charron
June 27 2014 10:37AM

Hi team.

The house of commons that is our comments section has been yelling at me for the last two weeks to release the full Canucks Army prospect rankings. In an act of transparency, I am kowtowing to the wishes of the public before I'm subpoenaed. This is our first time doing this since last year we had no idea the Canucks would draft in the Top 10, so here we are, covering all of our bases.

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Jared McCann: Bergeron 2.0?

Steve Dangle
June 27 2014 10:02AM

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Ok, Bergeron 2.0 is a pretty unfair question to ask, but you can blame Jared McCann for that. His gifted offensive talents combined with the pride he takes in shutting the opposition down could make him a name that comes up in Selke talk in the future.

I was fortunate enough to talk to the projected mid-to-late first-rounder about his game, his development, and learning both ends of the ice. Warning: May also contain totally sweet highlight reel video.

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What are the odds?: Draft prospect Michael Bunting

Steve Dangle
June 27 2014 12:37AM

#453786001 /

Hey everyone! Steve "Dangle" Glynn here. I'll be in Philadelphia with Canucks Army overlord Dimitri Filipovic for this year's NHL Entry Draft! We'll be gathering lots of content, some team specific and some that everyone can enjoy, so I hope you like it! I'm not in Philly just yet but I wanted to get a head start with interviews of some of this year's draft prospects. Thanks for reading!

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