Blessed Are The Playmakers

Stephen Webb
November 30 2010 12:52PM

I'm going to go off on a bit of a rant, channeling my inner Dave Pratt, channeling his inner Dennis Miller. Why, oh why do we perpetually disrespect the playmaker while building shrines to the all mighty goal scorer? I know it's easier to wrap one's mind around the idea of a goal scorer. It's a straighter line, puck goes in the net, goal goes up on the board. 

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Detroit/Vancouver Scoring Chances (Game 20197)

Yankee Canuck
November 29 2010 06:46PM

Catching up on some Canucks Army house cleaning are a handful of scoring chance reports from a few past games, starting with the 6-4 over Detroit on November 6th. After the jump the scoring chances and a few observations.

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Angry Oceans: Canucks & Sharks

Yankee Canuck
November 26 2010 07:47PM


San Jose Sharks @ Vancouver Canucks

7:00 PM PST

Sharks   Canucks
12 Wins 11
6 Losses 7
4 OTL 3
2.95 (T-10th) Goals/Game 2.95 (T-10th)
2.70 (12th) Goals Against/Game 2.67 (11th)
21.6% (10th) PP 25.6% (1st)
83.7% (12th) PK 86.8% (5th)

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GDR #22 - Sharks @ Canucks

Cam Davie
November 26 2010 12:01PM

Aw, look! It's the battle of the fishies!

Game Day Recon #22 - Sharks @ Canucks

The Vancouver Canucks are looking to break a recent trend when travelling to San Jose. And the Sharks, off to a rough start to the year, might finally be ready for the taking.

So who wins the battle of the sea tonight? SHARK or KILLER WHALE? TUNE IN TONIGHT!

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Bump the skid: Canucks & Avs

Yankee Canuck
November 24 2010 07:43PM


Colorado Avalanche @ Vancouver Canucks

7:00 PM PST

Avalanche   Canucks
12 Wins 10
7 Losses 7
1 OTL 3
3.50 (T-2nd) Goals/Game 2.90 (T-11th)
3.00 (21st) Goals Against/Game 2.70 (13th)
22.2% (7th) PP 27% (1st)
76.8% (28th) PK 87.2% (5th)

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