10 Thoughts on the Chicago Wolves @ Abbotsford Heat

Jeff Angus
October 20 2012 10:11AM

This isn’t a full game recap, which Pat Johnston is putting together for Friday night’s game out in Abbotsford. I was impressed with several Canucks prospects on Friday night, while others didn’t do much to stand out.

Read on for more.

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Steve Dangle
October 19 2012 10:35PM



Remember when hockey was on the ice and actually played? I found some!

KHL action featuring a goal from Pavel Datsyuk that makes me rethink my entire existence, Ilya Kovalchuk is also nuts, Grabovski continues to put up numbers, and Yakupov's team falls. 

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Who is Nathan Longpre?

Jeff Angus
October 19 2012 03:08PM

Winger Nathan Longpre is off to a terrific start with the Chicago Wolves, having scored two goals through the first three games (including a beautiful short-handed tally against Rockford this past weekend).

Is Longpre a player that the Canucks may have some interest in signing at some point in the near future?

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Moments with John & John

October 19 2012 12:59PM

We may be missing our Canucks right now, but what about the voices that define them?

The hole that the NHL lockout has left in our lives is evident anywhere you go on the Internet. Blogs have taken to creating fake seasons, recapping games they didn't watch, and covering their team's AHL affiliate in excruciating detail. We miss our hockey, and more specifically, we miss our teams.

But more than that, as this lockout drags on I'm finding myself missing the culture that surrounds my team, and a big part of that culture is the play-by-play during broadcasts. A key step in falling in love with your local sports team is familiarizing yourself with the voices that represent it. They give a texture to the viewing experience, a narrative for the club's history.

Or, sometimes they just like to regale you with suggestions on how to best enjoy your Kraft Dinner (lots of ketchup).

You know where I'm going with this. Let's take a minute to appreciate the notable calls and quirks of the two main voices of the Vancouver Canucks: John Shorthouse and John Garrett.

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Strombabble: Do the Recent Luongo Rumours Tell us Anything about Vancouver's Asking Price?

Thomas Drance
October 19 2012 11:38AM

Photo Credit: (Dave Sandford/Getty Images)

There should be bigger fish to fry at this point in the NHL lockout, but for whatever shameless reason "Luongo to Toronto" rumours are the hot topic of today. Before we get started, let's remember that Mike Gillis can't chat with Roberto Luongo - who has the right to approve any trade he's involved in - during the lockout. As such this is a purely hypothetical exercise, as are the rumours being bandied about.

For a variety of reasons, Toronto has always made the most sense as a "Luongo destination," and I'm very dubious of the notion that these latest "reports" tell us anything new. But let's track down some scuttlebutt and engage in some skeptical analysis anyway. Read on past the jump.

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