Tortorella Has a Five Year Deal, Wants the Twins to Kill Penalties and Doesn't Use

Thomas Drance
June 25 2013 03:37PM

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As the book opens on the John Tortorella era in Vancouver, the Canucks unveiled a clever media blitz and deployed a lobotomized Willy Loman version of Tortorella in an interview with the fans. As such, Tortorella had made a mostly favourable impression on the fan-base before he even met with reporters on Tuesday afternoon in Vancouver.

During Tuesday afternoon's newser, Tortorella and Mike Gillis address a wide variety of concerns about the coaching hire and answered questions on topics like style of play, what this Canucks club needs to get back to the summit, and how involved ownership was in the hiring of the man who prefers to go by "Torts." It was a disappointing performance, in that it was a mostly respectful affair with Tortorella even showing contrition for his handling of the media in the past, but there was still a lot of grist for us to chew over.

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"Call me Torts" - John Tortorella's interview with the fans

Patrick Johnston
June 25 2013 01:23PM

"Just call me Torts," John Tortorella said casually, "I've been called a lot of things but I prefer Torts."

And so went the John Tortorella vs the fans Youtube-powered chat.

You only need to look back to the comments to see what was the point of the Canucks' approach to introducing their new coach.

This was about John Tortorella the salesman; the kinder, gentler Tortorella. 

"There won't be much Torts vs Brooksie here," was the suggestion.

La plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose.

And so it went, as the Canucks showed off their shiny new thing on Tuesday morning, hoping no one would notice that while the window dressing was new, the inside of the shop remained much the same.

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Canucks Officially Hire John Tortorella, Launch Alternative Media Blitz

Thomas Drance
June 25 2013 10:37AM

It's official.

Not that today's news comes as a surprise at this point, but the Canucks have officially announced that John Tortorella will take over as Vancouver's head coach. The Canucks have rolled out the Tortorella hire with an instagram photo, an exclusive interview of Tortorella, and an e-mail from Mike Gillis to season ticket holders. John Tortorella will take part in an on-line question and answer session over at (the Q and A will be governed by the "#asktorts" hashtag) at 11am PST, and Tortorella will then field questions from the media at 1pm. What's the over/under on how many times Tortorella emphatically demands: "next question" today?

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The Opening of the Tortorella Era

Jeff Angus
June 25 2013 09:11AM


The John Tortorella hiring has already been covered extensively here at the CanucksArmy (including this reaction coverage), but I wanted to weigh in with a few more thoughts on what is already a fascinating story to follow.

Will Tortorella succeed in Vancouver? Was he even the first choice of Mike Gillis? Can Tortorella change his ways with regards to his media interactions?

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Did the Canucks Unintentionally Reveal Their 2010 Draft Board?

Thomas Drance
June 24 2013 10:15PM

Screenshot via Canucks TV

On Monday we quoted a Laurence Gilman interview about draft preparation that was posted by Canucks TV. We then embedded the video in full in our daily headshots post. Obviously we weren't paying close enough attention, as the above image and its potential significance completely escaped us.

Luckily the good folks at HFBoards, and user "thefeebster" in particular, are comparatively sharper instruments. At 1:31 of the aforementioned draft video, "thefeebster" noticed what appears to be a Canucks master draft list from the "2010 Final Meeting." This document, which certainly looks like how we'd imagine the Canucks draft list for the 2010 NHL Draft would, becomes legible if you adjust the quality of the video to 1080 pixels and zoom in a few times...

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