The Canucks against teams outside the Northwest

Cam Charron
February 26 2013 03:43PM

The Canucks are an elite team even without beating up on inferior Northwest Division clubs

With all the talk about re-alignment, some of it has focused on the "man, the Canucks are going to be moved to a division with real hockey teams?" It's been unfair for the last several years that no opponent in hockey's Northwest Division has really given the Canucks any competition whatsoever for the division crown.

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Game #19 Preview: Coyotes @ Canucks

Dimitri Filipovic
February 26 2013 11:26AM

The Canucks go up against Shane Doan for the first time since he rebuffed their advances in the offseason.

I think it's safe to say that the Vancouver Canucks have had better roadtrips than the 4-gamer they just completed on Sunday night. Sure, they went 2-2 - which is respectable, especially given the level of competition they faced - but it was a trip that featured one of the worst games I've watched in a long time (Nashville), a game in which their goaltender had to put forth a herculean effort just to steal one point (Chicago), and a game in which they got rocked for 8 goals against (Detroit).

It's a thing of the past, though, and they now hope to restore normalcy with some home cookin'. They play host to the Phoenix Coyotes, who also happen to be coming off of an embarrasing effort in their most recent game; they gave up 2 goals in the final 83 seconds en route to blowing a lead against the hilariously mediocre Calgary Flames.

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The Budweiser Red Light

Kent Wilson
February 25 2013 06:31PM


By now most of have heard of this new Budweiser red light thing. For those of you living under a rock (or who PVR every game and zip through commercials), Bud has come up with a replica goal light which you can sync with your favorite team, install in your house, and have it go off every time your club scores. IT'S LIKE ACTUALLY BEING AT THE GAME. Especially if you like to have belligerent drunk friends over to watch the match with (err, drunk ON BUDWEISER of course. Enjoy responsibly and all that).

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Forget the recent kerfuffle, Nicklas Jensen's year with AIK is all upside for the Canucks

Thomas Drance
February 25 2013 01:38PM

Photo Credit: Marcus Ericsson / Bildbyrån

Appearing on the Team 1040 late last week with Matt Sekeres and Blake Price, Canucks General Manager Mike Gillis was asked a pointed question about Nicklas Jensen's status with his Swedish Elite League club, Stockholm based AIK. You'll recall that Jensen took a non-traditional route for his 19 year old season, choosing to leave the Ontario Hockey League in favour of a tougher professional men's league in Sweden. This season he's adjusted seamlessly and performed extraordinarily well for a nineteen year old skater in the third most difficult professional hockey league in the world. In 46 games this season, he leads AIK in both goals and power-play goals and is the most productive teenager in the Swedish elite League by a wide-margin.

So it seemed odd that - following a coaching change at AIK - Jensen found himself a regular healthy scratch...

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Canucks to get a new conference: All hail the Smythe!

Patrick Johnston
February 25 2013 09:37AM

There it is, in all its screen-capped glory, thanks to Harrison "H-dog" Mooney.

On Hockey Night in Canada this past Saturday, the specifics from the NHL's latest realignment proposal was reported to the public. It would mark a return to a grouping that the Canucks had been in for most of the first half of their NHL life, and the re-born Smythe Division will be rather straightforward when it comes to travel.

Before the Canucks were shunted into the Pacific Division in 1993, the franchise had played for more than a decade in a division that featured Calgary, Edmonton, LA and Winnipeg. (The Sharks were members for their first two seasons in the league.)

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