52 games: How Jeff Cowan and Aaron Rome are different

Cam Charron
November 14 2011 12:18PM

Well, in regards to the title, obviously one player is a forward while the other is a defenseman.

Beyond that, the two have drawn comparisons recently. Aaron Rome is on a scoring tear right now, with three goals in his last four games, with another disallowed. He also scored in Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals last season, so, playoffs and all, Aaron Rome has four goals in his last 11 games, which is a remarkable pace for a defenseman.

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Jason Strudwick
November 14 2011 11:29AM

"Protect yourself at all times." These are the instructions that boxers receive prior to a match. All hockey players need to start doing the same thing.

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Questions From a Stanchion

The Stanchion
November 14 2011 10:59AM


Is Jeff Cowan angry at Aaron Rome for stealing his gimmick?

Look Aaron. I get it. You want to make a name for yourself. And the easiest way to do that is to use a play right out of Jeff Cowan’s famous Self Help Book: “From Cowan to Bra-Barian, How to Gain Fans:  Score Goals”.  I understand you want to show off a different side to your game. I really do. But I have spent the better part of two years making fun of you, so it’s just a bit selfish of you to do this to me right now. You’re kind of making me look like a jerk. People are loving this way too much and are throwing it in my face on a daily basis. I’m going to have to go ahead and ask you to stop scoring so many goals. People are even trying to vote you into the All-Star game. You have become some sort of horrifying combination of Jeff Cowan and Rory Fitzpatrick.

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Through The Looking Glass - Week Five

Yankee Canuck
November 14 2011 10:02AM


Few things get Canucks fans (or hockey fans) happier than beating Chicago, so this week started on a high note with an enjoyable 6-2 beatdown in their barn. Vancouver then swung through California with a brief stop to say 'allo to Willie Mitchell while outlasting the Kings 3-2 before Cory Perry and crew downed the Canucks 4-3 Friday night.

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Don Cherry confused me, Episode III

Cam Charron
November 13 2011 02:09PM

Welcome to 'Don Cherry confused me', a Sunday-morning feature that will chronicle the silly things that Don Cherry says the night before on Coach's Corner. The feature will focus on Cherry's out-dated focus on the game and attempt to get him to understand that things happen in hockey a little bit differently than he remembers them.

Episode Three: Who are you going to war with?

 "The worst you can do is get your star player killing penalties" 

This is in reference to Tim Connolly, one of Don Cherry's favourites, getting injured blocking a shot on a penalty kill, presumably. Other situations wherein Connolly has gotten hurt: Even strength, powerplay, penalty shots, time outs, and team dinners.

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