NHL Draft: Five First Round Targets

Jeff Angus
June 21 2012 08:30AM

Assuming Vancouver doesn’t move up from or trade away the 26th overall selection in this Friday’s first round, who should they target? Here are five realistic (no Nail Yakupov unfortunately) targets who would all fill a long term need.

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Mikhail Grigorenko: Why Is He Falling?

Andrey Osadchenko
June 20 2012 09:27PM

Once Nail Yakupov’s arch-rival for being considered the 2012 top prospect, Mikhail Grigorenko now finds himself dropping out of top-10 in almost every mock draft he’s unfortunate enough to take a look at. While some complain about his work ethic, others bring up the rumor about his alleged age-forging issue.

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Report: Nicklas Jensen likely to play in the SEL next season

Thomas Drance
June 20 2012 12:37PM

It has been reported today by News 1130 sports that Nicklas Jensen will look to play in the Swedish Elite League (Eliteserien) next season should he fail to make the Vancouver Canucks roster out of training camp.

The 19 year old Danish winger, who led all Canucks prospects in NHLE goals with the Oshawa Generals last season, has apparently already informed his OHL club of his intentions, and is talking to three or four Swedish clubs about joining them next season.

Jensen's agent Anton Thun, who is being quoted by News1130 and the Province's Jim Jamieson has indirectly cited "level of competition" and his client's need to play professional hockey next season as major reasons for his client potentially shirking the Ontario Hockey League next season.

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Who is Dylan Reese? And why the Canucks should snag him

Cam Charron
June 20 2012 11:56AM

Dylan Reese.

I'd never heard of the guy, I've never seen him play, but his name popped up in two places of note: a spreadsheet, and this particular tweet:

There's a reason Thom forwarded me that tweet.

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Burrows' value through the Prism of Darren Helm's Extension

Patrick Johnston
June 19 2012 03:30PM

I got paid!

Today, Darren Helm signed an extension with the Detroit Red Wings that will pay him $8.5 million over four years (2.125 million dollar cap-hit). Superficially, that looks quite similar to the contract that Alex Burrows signed in 2009, doesn't it? How the heck does a player which just 32 career goals find himself signing a contract similar to Burrows'? Is Helm going to break out like Burrows did and score 89 goals over the next three years? Unlikely, but that isn't what Detroit is paying him for...

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