GDR: WCS Gm 4 - Canucks @ Predators

Cam Davie
May 05 2011 11:13AM

Ryan Kesler, you are a magnificent beast. Can you wrap it up in three periods though?
(Photo by John Russell/NHLI via Getty Images)

Game Day Recon: Western Conference Semifinal Game 4 - Canucks @ Predators

The Vancouver Canucks finally got their bounces. They got none in the opening round against Chicago, and none through the first two games against Nashville. Those lucky bounces and goals seemed to be going AGAINST the Canucks, but Game 3 saw that change. As the adage goes, "You have to be good to be lucky and lucky to be good."

So has the Canucks puck luck finally swung in their favour?

If so, can we expect the Sedins, specifically Henrik, to finally break out on the scoresheet tonight?

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Thomas Drance
May 04 2011 10:47AM

Kesler celebrates his game winning tip.
(AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)

Yesterday - the Canucks team effort was solid, but for a second straight game the Canucks allowed the Predators to score late, forcing overtime. Thankfully, however, the team from Vancouver pulled out the win.

That the Canucks won last night was in large part thanks to Kesler's gamesmanship, and soft hands. In OT, Kesler drew a rather weak penalty on Shea Weber with a scrappy “chicken-wing” maneuver. Kesler's chicken-winging was unclean and theatrical, but it was also as timely as Milhousian flood-pants. On the ensuing power-play, the Canucks resident Selke nominee tipped a Samuelsson shot 5-hole for the game winner.

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You Can't Hide What's In Your Heart: Canucks & Predators - Game Three

Yankee Canuck
May 03 2011 06:37PM


Vancouver Canucks @ Nashville Predators

  6:00 PM PST

Predators   Canucks
5 Wins 5
3 Losses 4
0 OTL 2
3.00 (T-7th) Goals/Game 2.00 (T-14th)
2.75 (9th) Goals Against/Game 2.67 (8th)
16.7% (T-9th) PP 16.7% (T-9th)
71.4% (15th) PK 84.2% (6th)

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GDR: WCS Gm 3 - Canucks @ Predators

Cam Davie
May 03 2011 10:31AM

Score. Score score score score score. And then again. Score. Just like that.
(Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images)

Game Day Recon: Western Conference Semifinal Game 3 - Canucks @ Predators

The Vancouver Canucks find themselves in a familiar position - Tied 1-1 in a second round series and headed into enemy territory for Game 3. At least this time around, the enemy territory isn't the United Center. But the Canucks face a daunting task in getting one of their best weapons into gear - their offense.

Can the Canucks' guns start firing against the Predators stifling defense and their rock-wall of a goalie?

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Jason Gregor
May 02 2011 01:58PM

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