#Canucks Week in Tweets - March 28th

John Cullen
March 28 2012 03:23PM

Hey everyone, welcome to "The #Canucks Week in Tweets!" Every week, I plan on bringing you the best of the Canucks on Twitter, from the reasonable to the totally ridiculous (okay, mostly ridiculous)! If you see a tweet you think should be featured here, get in touch with me at @cullenthecomic!



But elbowing someone in the head isn't classless, nooooooooo not at all. And what about concussions over the last few years in the NHL makes you think that any NHLer would ever want to fake one? Even Dr. Recchi is shaking his head at your ignorance. I don't know how taking another guy's elbow to your head when the puck is nowhere near the play makes someone "classless". If someone punched you, would that make you classless too?

No, that was probably when you called Daniel Sedin "Danielle". Yep, that sewed it up.

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Game #77 Preview - Flawless Victory

Cam Davie
March 28 2012 12:07PM

There has been a WHOLE lot of this in Canucks/Avs games over the last 3 years.
But don't expect much tonight. The Canucks have changed their game plan.
(Photo by Jeff Vinnick/NHLI via Getty Images)

Game Day Recon: Game #77 - Avalanche @ Canucks

The big question (well, really the ONLY question) is: "Are the Canucks 'going for it'?" Are they gunning for first in the conference and the league? It is certainly in reach and the possibility is there. But with second place firmly in their grasp and their best winger out with a concussion, is there really much point in going pedal to the medal over the balance of the regular season?

Or, at this point, should they simply be worried about making sure their game is in order for the playoffs with a full complement of healthy players?

I vote for the latter, but tonight the Colorado Avalanche will have much to say about that, since they ACTUALLY have something for which to play.

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The Magical Time Before The Instigator Rule

Jonathan Willis
March 28 2012 10:25AM

Show any hard hit on a star player, or any cheap shot, and someone is bound to talk about the need to dump the instigator rule. They may reference the magical time before the instigator rule was implemented, generally in a ‘back when men were men and rats were hunted down and killed’ sort of way.

It’s self-delusion, of course.

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Prospective First Round Opponents

Thomas Drance
March 27 2012 02:07PM

It's an odd quirk in the Western Conference Standings at the moment, that nine teams are more than 60% likely to make the playoffs at the moment (according to sportsclubstats.com). In the battle for the final three spots (and those final three spots are 3rd, 7th and 8th because divisional winners earn an automatic top-3 seed regardless of their record), there are four Pacific Division teams that are currently neck and neck (and neck and neck). Those teams are Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Jose and Dallas - and it's 88% likely that the Canucks will face on of those four clubs in the first round.

So which of those clubs should you be rooting to see end up in the seventh? Click past the jump for more!

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The Legend of Luu Bledsoe (or, who should be the Canucks starter this postseason)?

Thomas Drance
March 27 2012 01:33PM

The relationship between Roberto "Luuu Bledsoe" Luongo and Cory "Schneider-Brady" Schneider has always seemed to be exceedingly supportive and professional. One might even go so far as to call it "chummy." But don't be fooled their eerily similar butterfly styles or their mutual difficulty handling the puck, because when it comes to their respective personalities, they are impossibly dissimilar. Where Cory Schneider is relaxed and as cautious with his choice of words as a politician, none of those adjectives really apply to Luongo. It's what makes him so good at Twitter.

Recently, for the first time, Cory Schneider revealed what's been obvious to anyone with empathy who understands the nature of competitive sports: that he'd like nothing more than to be the Canucks starting goaltender this postseason. Of course, he managed to convey that sentiment diplomatically, but Schneider is a competitor and a stellar performance on a long playoff run could earn him an extra million dollars this offseason (or more). Schneider believes he's good enough now, and so do most Canucks fans and seemingly all of the Vancouver sports media, for that matter.

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