McKenzie: "Canucks have Basically Said They're Not Interested in buying (Luongo) out..."

Thomas Drance
June 28 2013 05:26PM

Is this the weekend we finally see Luongo and the Canucks part ways?
Image via wikimedia commons.

As this weekend's NHL draft approaches Roberto Luongo scuttlebutt is, like a year old frozen burrito in the microwave, beginning to heat up. The DiPietro for Luongo straight up rumours that punctuated Friday afternoon were good for a laugh and some empty calorie pageviews but not much else, and Mike Gillis said as close to nothing as could be imagined in a Friday Team 1040 interview.

Thankfully we've got the godfather of hockey Insiders, TSN's Bob McKenzie on the case. McKenzie can usually be counted on to provide us with the choices cuts of behind the scenes insight into precisely how a Luongo market is developing in New York this weekend, and on an Insider Trading segment which aired Friday on TSN he did just that.

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On the Latest Luongo/DiPietro report: Has it Really Come to This?

Thomas Drance
June 28 2013 01:10PM

This latest Roberto Luongo to the Islanders rumour is a nonsense leg slapper. But if the report is true, I'd have loved to be in the Canucks war room to see the look on Mike Gillis's face when Islanders General Manager Garth Snow made the offer.

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Could and Should the Canucks Get Involved in the Letang Sweepstakes?

Thomas Drance
June 28 2013 11:37AM

Image via wikimedia commons.

Reading over Rob Rossi's excellent reporting over the past few days, it's really not too difficult to make out the writing on the wall. Kris Letang and the Pittsburgh Penguins have fundamental differences regarding Letang's value and with Letang rejecting an eight year, fifty-four million dollar contract extension offer from the Penguins on Thursday night, a separation seems nigh.

According to Rossi the Penguins would prefer to send Kris Letang to the Western Conference and are particularly enamored by "prospects with Anaheim and Vancouver" according to Rossi's sources. Wha? 

The Canucks are dealing with a critical scarcity of salary cap-space at the moment, and would need to essentially move heaven and earth to fit Kris Letang under the cap (and then do so again to fit his theoretically lucrative extension, which would kick in a season from now). Is acquiring Letang worth the cost in treasure and cap-space? Would he represent enough of an upgrade over the likes of Edler, Garrison, Bieksa and Hamhuis to warrant the Canucks blowing up their hard won "internal cap" for defenceman?

Let's look into it.

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Arniel Won't Coach the Utica Comets and other Canucks Coaching News

Thomas Drance
June 28 2013 09:51AM

Mike Sullivan, Scott Arniel and Glen Gulutzan: three guys who might fill out Vancouver's coaching ranks.
Screencaps via

Did you think the official rollout of the John Tortorella hire earlier this week would mark the end of our relentless updates about Vancouver's coaching situation? Well think again, because there's a variety of news as it pertains to the team bringing in some veteran assistance for John Tortorella behind the Canucks bench. So whom might these veteran Assistants be? 

We'll round up all of the latest on the other side of the jump.

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Afternoon Headshots: June 27th

Thomas Drance
June 27 2013 04:20PM

Henrik really needs to stop hacking post-game darts with Sekeres, I think.
Our pal Shane image via Sealcat.

Today at Canucks Army we argued that there's no reason to be skeptical about Canucks ownership allowing hockey operations to brandish the "Compliance Buyout" hammer, looked at some WHL prospects whom the Canucks might consider with their first round pick, examined the impact of player size on Mike Gillis's draft strategy and considered the possibility of the team chasing Vincent Lecavalier in free-agency.

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