Kevin Connauton's Big Leap Forward

Jeff Angus
January 26 2012 02:40PM

Connauton and his partner Chris Tanev celebrate a Chicago Wolves goal via Chris Jerina.

Sorry I didn't have any fresh content last week, I was half way through a take on Chris Tanev's long-term upside when some persona issues came up and I never got the time to finish it.

Tanev’s recall from Chicago came after I had started my piece, and there were quickly numerous other bloggers and writers who offered their thoughts, and insights on him. Thomas Drance wrote a really good piece on Tanev (and at the same time referenced my favourite Schwarzenegger movie - Total Recalled), and I wouldn’t disagree with any of his opinions on Tanev’s short term upside with the club. This week, I’ve decided to shift my focus across the rink to Tanev’s defensive partner with Chicago, the dynamic Kevin Connauton. Connauton has gone from borderline NHL prospect (even after his dominant season with the WHL’s Vancouver Giants) to a legitimate top-four defenseman prospect. Let's take a look at Connauton's big step forward this season...

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This Week in Canucks Tweets

John Cullen
January 26 2012 11:53AM

Hey everyone, welcome to the newest feature at Canucks Army, This week in Canucks tweets! Every week, I plan on bringing you the best of the Canucks on Twitter, from the reasonable to the totally ridiculous! (okay, mostly ridiculous) If you see a tweet you think should be featured here, get in touch with me @cullenthecomic!

Congratulations on your womanhood, Meg! If going to a Canucks game is what makes you a woman, then that explains what happened to Thomas Drance that one time...

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Wolves cruise into Abby, mostly cruise to a win

Patrick Johnston
January 25 2012 04:59PM

With the Wolves boxing out like this, it's no surprise the Heat had a such a struggle getting to the net
(Photo: Jesse Winter)

Switching up the lines in an old coaching tactic, and sometimes it actually works. Tuesday night in Abbotsford was one of those nights, as Wolves coach Craig MacTavish split up groupings of players he'd been leaning on all season. The new combinations he found worked to great effect in a 3-2 win for the Chicago Wolves over the hometown Abbotsford Heat.

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Headshots January 25th

Cam Davie
January 25 2012 02:50PM

Oh, God. It's like a car accident. I can't not look at it.
Photo "courtesy" @mattthemascot

Headshots are a Canucks Army feature where we link to the day's freshest news, and other assorted Canucks web-goodies. If you've written a blogpost, produced a tribute video or birthed a clever .gif into existence - please e-mail Thom at

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Sarah Connors Praises the Canucks

Thomas Drance
January 25 2012 01:58PM

Cory Schneider: the only Canuck player who Bruins Bloggers are willing to praise.

Several week ago the Canucks defeated the undisciplined Boston Bruins 4-3, largely thanks to the punk antics of Brad Marchand. One of our favorite Bruins bloggers is Sarah Connors, who made a bet with Cam Charron prior to that game. The loser of the bet had to write a post extolling the virtues of the opposite team. Sure it was harder to get Connors to pay up than it is to get Tim Thomas to fill out a census form, but no matter, here she is talking about her respect for perennial rival: Cory Schneider.

Hello, Canucks Nation! I’m coming to you today as penance for losing a bet to one of your finest writers, and although it’s taken me several weeks to get over the loss compose myself enough to write punch enough Swedes in the face to sate my anger at losing get free from being too busy at work to write a piece telling you all how great your team is (like you don’t already know, honestly Cam why do I need to do this again? /hate), here I am, fulfilling my side of the bet. Look how awesome I, a Bruins fan, actually am.

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