Day-after, afternoon headshots - May 8th

Patrick Johnston
May 08 2013 05:06PM

It wasn't supposed to end quite like this.
(photo Christian Petersen/Getty)

Post-mortem day. Yes, that one. 

Yes last night was not a dream. The Canucks are done. Everyone's looking to explain why.

Here at home, we've got Drance writing about the irony of how the Canucks lost, Filipovic with last night's gamer and a quick hit on the Sedins and Alex Edler (hint: world championships).

Lots more after the jump. Believe me, you'll get your fill.

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The Canucks Didn't Just Get Swept, They Got Swept Ironically

Thomas Drance
May 08 2013 02:12PM

Photograph by: Marcio Jose Sanchez

To call the refereeing in Vancouver's first round series sweep at the hands of the San Jose Sharks "controversial" might be putting it too mildly. When Kelly Sutherland is involved, and when you watch the calls that went against the Canucks in the 2013 playoffs, it's tough not to get your conspiracy theory wheels spinning.

The Sharks enjoyed fourteen more power-play opportunities in the first round sweep than the Canucks did. Compounding the unbalanced number of power-play opportunities is the fact that game four was ultimately decided on a couple of power-play goal resulting directly from very iffy calls. I'm not one for blaming the referees especially not in a sweep, as tempting as it is after the way game four played out. Penalties are like bounces and it's too easy to read something sinister into the randomness. But there is an irony here that is worth getting into after the jump.

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Report: Sedins to Join the Tre Kronor at the Worlds (Update: Edler too)

Thomas Drance
May 08 2013 01:26PM

Photo Uncredited via sverigesradio.

On the immediate heels of Vancouver's first round playoff ouster, it appears that the Sedin twins will be joining the Tre Kronor at the World Championships. At least that's what Daniel told Swedish media outlet Expressen today

Read past the jump for more.

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The Canucks Competed Like Bastards, But Were Ultimately Still Swept By the Sharks

Dimitri Filipovic
May 08 2013 01:12AM

The handshake line can only mean one thing - a long summer ahead for the losing team.
Image Credit to Don Smith/Getty Images.

The 2013 season ended abruptly for the Vancouver Canucks on Tuesday night, after they were swept by the San Jose Sharks. While watching the Canucks play throughout the season would have quickly clued you in on the fact that this was a flawed club which resembled a shell of the team that made the Stanley Cup Finals just two years ago, I don't think anyone expected their postseason run to be this short. They're officially the first team to get bounced from the playoffs, and the only one out of the 16 entrants to fail to win a single game.

There will surely be plenty of time in the coming months to talk about future moves, and potential solutions to fix this team. But for now, let's settle for taking a closer look at what happened in Game 4, and nailing down what exactly caused the Canucks to be sent packing.

Click Past the Jump for More In-Depth Analysis, and the Scoring Chance Totals.

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Afternoon Headshots: May 7th

Thomas Drance
May 07 2013 06:03PM

Really cool, defiant Johnny Canucks versus the Sharks imagery from Derek Toye.
Sticktap to Derek Jory of Fort Nucks for posting this.

Today is gallows humour day at Canucks Army and Dimitri was doing most of the heavy lifting. He previewed tonight's do or die game four and talked about Zack Kassian and Jason Garrison's solid performances in this disappointing first round Canucks series thus far. Also Patrick talked about Chris Higgins, a secondary player who needs to step up if the Canucks are going to extend this first round series. 

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