Mason Raymond, pre-injury, post-injury, what does his future hold

Cam Charron
September 09 2013 11:17AM

My general theory on assessing player performance is that if a player frequently produces below expectations, perhaps the problem isn't with the player. After multiple seasons of suggesting that "a player would score so much more if he only did X" perhaps it's worth considering that X doesn't lie within the player's talent threshold, and he ought to be judged for what he does on the ice as opposed to what he doesn't do.

Somehow that relates to Mason Raymond's time in Vancouver, that ended when Raymond accepted a try out offer with the Toronto Maple Leafs Sunday. Raymond may have been cursed by his one 25-goal season in 2010 as a second liner, a season that he probably never would have replicated. It takes a lot to score 25 goals in a single season, and only the very best players can consistently repeat those totals. Just 17 players have 25 or more goals in each of the previous four 82-game seasons, and only 14 more have three such seasons.

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Young Stars Tournament Day Two: Canucks vs the Mighty Groins of Ortio

Kevin McCartney
September 07 2013 10:51AM

The Nations Network sent some Jets Nation writers to the Young Stars Tournament in Penticton, BC. They're judging your team and bringing you the view from the Press Box. In case you missed the recap of Game 1, it's here.

Vancouver's second game of the Young Stars tournament was a frustrating 4-1 loss to the talk-of-the-tournament Flames. In spite of controlling the pace for most of the game and firing 40 shots on Joni Ortio, the Canucks just couldn't take control of the scoreboard. Below I'll cover some of the tactics that are easier to see from the press box than your computer monitor, and review each player's game.

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Young Stars Tournament Day One: Canucks vs Sharks

Kevin McCartney
September 06 2013 03:03PM

Image via Darren Kirby

The Nations Network sent some Jets Nation writers to the Young Stars Tournament in Penticton, BC. They're judging your team and bringing you the view from the Press Box.

After a mostly one-sided, choppy affair between Edmonton and Calgary, the first shift of the Vancouver game felt like watching a different league. The game was very near NHL pace and physicality from the puck drop, and the star power of the Canucks forwards was on display through all three periods. Below I'll go through my take on each player's game and some broader notes about the contest itself.

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Hang Ten! Canucks to retire Pavel Bure's No. 10 on November 2

Cam Charron
September 06 2013 02:59PM

The date makes sense, really.

Pavel Bure's iconic Number 10 will be raised to the rafters at the Rog on Saturday, November 2nd when the Canucks host the Toronto Maple Leafs. Bure doesn't have a familiar legacy with any current Leafs, nor did any of his best moments come against them, but this is during Hockey Night in Canada's feature game starting at 7:00 p.m. Eastern, meaning all of Canada gets to sit in front of the tube and gawk at what a wonderful hockey player Pavel Bure was.

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Nations Network at the Young Stars Tournament

Kevin McCartney
September 05 2013 10:41AM

Horvat and Shinkaruk will be two of the key prospects to watch this weekend in Penticton.
Image via Sportsnet.

The annual Young Stars Tournament starts today in sunny Penticton, BC, and it features the prospects and young pros of the Oilers, Flames, Jets, Canucks, and Sharks. It's a chance for teams to hold a competitive rookie camp, and a chance for us to see the quality of players and developmental systems we often wait years to evaluate.

So, of course, the Nations Network will be there! We'll be bringing you player and game reports, news and analysis, and all the pictures of me in sport coats you can handle.

Have a favourite prospect you'd like us to keep an eye on? You can let us know in the comments or through twitter. Jets Nation pulled the lucky straw to attend this year, so you can follow along and chat with us on twitter here:

  • Jets Nation: @nhljetsnation
  • Kevin McCartney: @kevinmccart
  • Brett Martin: @brettmartinlive

You can also stream the games free through the team sites. Below is the tournament schedule as well as a teaser and links for each team's roster.

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