On the Sweepstakes, Justin Schultz's Bust Potential, and Earning Ice Time

Thomas Drance
June 28 2012 07:56AM

There are conflicting reports, but it appears as if Justin Schultz, with his representatives from Newport Sports in tow, will begins to hear pitches from individual teams hoping desperately to land the highly touted 21 year old defenseman on Thursday. That's per Bob Mckenzie:

The Canucks, who continue to be seen as "front-runners" in the Schultz-derby, will likely be among the first to get a meeting with the West Kelowna product. McKenzie reports that the entire Canucks brain trust, including: General Manager Mike Gillis, Assistant General Manager and master negotiator Laurence Gilman, and head-coach Alain Vigneault are in Toronto at the moment, basically waiting around for their opportunity. I guess the team is interested.

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Why we're so fascinated by the Bure Enigma

Thomas Drance
June 27 2012 12:39PM

Yesterday, it was announced that Pavel Bure is to be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame this November. Since noon pacific time when the news broke, the "Russian Rocket's" murky history, complicated legacy and rocky relationship with the Vancouver Canucks organization has been an endless topic of discussion.

Whether you think the Canucks reaction time, which was delayed and sterile, was outrageous or much ado about nothing - it inarguably served to underline the often acrimonious relationship between the team, and their first true superstar. We touched on it last night, but Tony Gallagher, who is in encyclopedic index of history, conspiracy theories and historical conspiracy theories, wrote a banger on the topic this morning. 

Here's the meat of what Tony wrote (though the article, somewhat absurdly, implies that Pavel believes Trevor Linden spread the infamous "holding out during the playoff" rumour during the 94 Stanley Cup Run...): 

He was rookie of the year that first season in ’92 and played his guts out every night, yet the off-ice relationship between Bure and management seemed to get worse on a daily basis, even though he stayed quiet about everything until it was finally all over.

It was like Pat Quinn and George McPhee thought he was a flash in the pan and that at any moment he would suddenly lose all his ability and be useless.

He was never treated as a star here, even though he was worth the price of admission every night and worth far in excess of players who were treated much better by the team. Early on he asked for the first time to be traded and he asked virtually every year Quinn was here, finally firing Salcer and hiring Mike Gillis as his agent to get him out of Vancouver.

Hiring an agent, and giving him direct instructions to remove you from a bad situation in Vancouver? Where have I heard that one before...

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Pavel Bure's Dominance During the 1994 Run

Patrick Johnston
June 27 2012 08:45AM

(Photo: David E. Klutho/SI)

The player comes off the ice in a huff. He's pissed. The look on his face says it all: in the biggest game of his life, nothing is working.

In an expression of the depth of his frustration, he kicked the bench....

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Countdown to Launch: The Russian Rocket's Top 10 Canucks Moments.

Jeff Angus
June 27 2012 05:47AM

This article originally appeared on CanucksArmy.com in November of 2011. With yesterday's news that Pavel will be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame this November, we figured it would be a worthwhile to re-post it. So enjoy reliving some of the Russian Rocket's greatest moments in a Vancouver Canucks sweater:

The 20th anniversary of Pavel Bure’s first game as a Canuck was this past Saturday. Trevor Linden may be the greatest Canuck of all time, but Pavel was the best. At his peak, he made you want to catch every second of Canucks games (sure would be nice to have him on the team nowadays for those Minnesota divisional games…). Throughout his career, he was the fastest and most powerful skater in the league. He had Sidney Crosby’s strength and Marian Gaborik’s acceleration (and then some), combined with Alex Ovechkin’s hunger for scoring goals.

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A Bure Brouhaha

Trevor Presiloski
June 26 2012 07:27PM

Silence speaks volumes.

That's how the old saying goes, and with the news coming out today that Pavel Bure is going to be a Hockey Hall of Fame inductee, the Vancouver Canucks decision not to say anything for three and a half hours regarding Bure's induction is suspicious to say the least.

Especially since the Florida Panthers have been seemingly tweeting non-stop about the induction since it was announced.

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