GDR: SCF Gm 1 - Bruins @ Canucks

Cam Davie
June 01 2011 11:25AM

"Hey, Juice! I just scored the tying goal with less than 14 seconds to go!"
"Pssht. Whatevs. I'm gonna send us to the Stanley Cup Final in about 30 minutes."
(Photo by Rich Lam/Getty Images)

Game Day Recon: Stanley Cup Final Game 1 - Bruins @ Canucks

It is June 1st. And it's a Vancouver Canucks game day. 

That is effin' spectacular.

The Canucks and the Bruins square off tonight for the opening game of the 2011 Stanley Cup Final. The city of Vancouver, the province of BC and fans around the world are already on the edge of their collective seat.

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Eye ball to Eye ball

Patrick Johnston
June 01 2011 01:40AM


"Manny's eye is looking at you...over there...and over there..."
(Photo by Andy Clark, Reuters)


Manny Malhotra's return has been labelled many things, mostly miraculous; whatever you want to call it, there are still things about his condition which should be pointed out. As someone who has dealt with (and still deals with) a serious vision issue, your esteemed author is in a position to shed some light on Malhotra's future. Whether he is able to play in the coming weeks or just next fall is less important, the long term changes in his reaction speed to events to his left will be. Malhotra has sustained an injury to his eye which will take a long time to heal, no matter how well he has progressed these past few months.

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Series Preview: Canucks/Bruins

Cam Davie
May 30 2011 12:34PM

Wow. Raffi Torres is REALLY, REALLY excited that Manny is coming back.
Ok... let's face it. We all are. The Canucks look to win it all with Manny back.
(Photo by Jessica Haydahl/NHLI via Getty Images)

The Vancouver Canucks and the Boston Bruins both ended some serious droughts by making it to the Stanley Cup Final. Now, one of these two teams will end an even longer drought. Canucks fans are well aware of the fact that the Canucks have not yet won hockey's biggest prize in their 40-year history. However, the Bruins haven't won the Stanley Cup since the year AFTER the Canucks joined the league.

Two long suffering fans bases. Two teams that have some serious itches to scratch. Which team will raise Lord Stanley's Cup after decades of waiting?

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Playoff Prediction Project: Stanley Cup Finals!

Jonathan Willis
May 30 2011 01:03AM

The Stanley Cup Finals start on Wednesday, and that gives everyone three days to get their picks in for the winner. After the jump, results from the first three rounds.

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May 29th - Forever In My Heart

Cam Davie
May 29 2011 10:43AM

Luc Bourdon... Forever in our hearts.
(Photo Kim Stallknecht/Getty Images)

Today is a day of mixed emotions for me.

I wrote this article two years ago, and re-posted it today, anticipating that I would have to change some things around. But as I read it again, I have nothing to change. My emotions remain the same. The only difference is that my youngest daughter is now three years old, and has started pre-school. In reality, I am probably more emotional about Luc's passing now, knowing that Canucks are battling for hockey's ultimate prize and knowing that Luc would want nothing more than to be in that room, battling with them.

But something tells me that Luc Bourdon never left that dressing room. He's right there with them all.

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