Comparing our Prospect Rankings to those of the "Experts"

Dimitri Filipovic
September 19 2013 09:49AM

Where do the four guys above come in on Pronman's Top 10 list? (Image via Jas Kang )

With no hockey for what seemed like ages we were relegated to using this platform to discuss the team's pool of prospects for a hefty chunk of the summer. And thank god for the series that spanned the entirety of August, because it did an admirable job of taking our minds off of the fact that the noteworthy Vancouver Canucks news was few and far between.

We've already been back and forth, and back and forth, and back and forth (and back and forth one more time, just for good measure) about our Top 20. As with any subjective list, people took issue with certain rankings (most notably Brendan Gaunce, of course). It created healthy discussion, though, serving its purpose.

Well the summer is pretty much over, and with the preseason underway, meaningful hockey is well within reach. But that doesn't necessarily mean we can just forget the topic of prospects, since it's looking like a few of them could play meaningful roles on the team in the coming months.

Corey Pronman (of ESPN Insider and Hockey Prospectus) released his Top 10 list for the team, which surely paints a much clearer picture of the prospect landscape considering he's as dialed in as it gets on the matter. Read on past the jump to see how his list (and the one Hockey's Future put together) compares to ours.

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Recap: The Vancouver Canucks 2013-2014 season

Cam Charron
September 19 2013 09:44AM

The most optimistic part of my evening was when I thought the blackout was going to get me out of writing recap duty, but I suppose we can get most of that out of the way after the first period.

The Vancouver Canucks are losing 3-0 to the *sees alert from The Score's App* down 4-0 to the Edmonton Oilers with Roberto Luongo in goal. Luongo has apparently looked bleak, letting in three softies, but the Canucks themselves have not been taking shots on net.

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Henrik Sedin, checking line centre?

Cam Charron
September 18 2013 03:52PM

Who would you rather have in the dot late? Henrik Sedin or Michal Handzus?

I'd always thought that Henrik and Daniel Sedin would make fairly decent penalty killers. There's not a lot of evidence to suggest that they would, because the two haven't exactly spent a lot of time killing penalties, well, ever.

Only one campaign in existence the twins were counted on to do more than kill the occasional spot. That was in 2005-2006, the ill-fated season where the Canucks' came into the year with high expectations with new general manager able to keep together the core from the team's previous three playoff runs. That team absolutely fell flat, but the Sedins broke out into franchise players, the players that Nonis was comfortable using as primary offensive threats in lieu of Todd Bertuzzi, who was shuttled out of town for some guy named Bob.

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Preseason Game #2 Preview: Oilers @ Canucks

Dimitri Filipovic
September 18 2013 11:11AM

In the preseason opener, Hunter Shinkaruk impressed. Can he keep it going? (Image via Darryl Dyck )

The second of six preseason games for the Canucks goes tonight, as the Edmonton Oilers come to town. There were some positives to take away from the Monday night opener, including the other 1st rounder, Hunter Shinkaruk, who lit the lamp in impressive fashion. 

I was in the building on that night, and as you may have expected, the crowd was scattered and relatively disinterested. It was probably a combination of being the first preseason game, manly notable Canucks not being in the lineup, and the game quickly becoming lopsided in San Jose's favour. 

I'd expect both the crowd, and the level of play to be improved tonight. Read on past the jump for the expected lineup, and some more notes in advance of the game.

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ESPN's Defensemen/Goaltender Rankings Did What?

Dimitri Filipovic
September 17 2013 10:59AM

Dan Hamhuis' perpertual sadness is finally starting to make sense.

Putting together a rankings list is a pretty thankless job. It's far from an exact science - it's subjective, for the most part - meaning that everyone will have differing opinions and beliefs as to how the list should look. But that doesn't mean that they aren't fun to do, because they definitely are. They can lead to good discussion and provoke thought that may not have been had otherwise. We know a thing or two about publishing rankings around these parts.

Anyways, in an attempt to get people ready for the looming NHL season, a team of hockey analysts working under the banner of the worldwide leader in sports has been charged with ranking the best players in the league by position. So far their Top 50 defensemen and Top 25 goaltenders have been revealed. There are some things I take issue with on each list, and conveniently enough, they're Canucks-related.

Read on past the jump for the lists.

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