The Compliance Buyout Window for the Canucks

Dimitri Filipovic
June 16 2014 10:57AM

Now that the unspoken gentleman's agreement between the other 28 teams waiting for the two still competing for the Stanley Cup is over with, things should start picking up in the hockey world. The first order of business will be a medley of compliance buyouts across the league, as the final window to do so opened itself back up last night and will remain open all the way through to June 30th. 

Our buddy Thomas Drance has gone ahead and compiled a list of "things you need to know" regarding the compliance buyouts, in case you need to brush up on them. They're handy because of the nice touch-up they can do on one's salary cap, wiping the slate clean and essentially handing a team a do-over of sorts. 

After buying out underachieving defenseman Keith Ballard last summer, the Vancouver Canucks have just one of these "weapons in the arsenal of the collective bargaining agreement" remaining. On Vancouver's books at the moment is one likely and two possible buyout targets. Let's evaluate the possibilities, downsides, and potential benefits of buying out each contract.

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Canucks Army draft prospect profile #10 - Kevin Fiala

Cam Charron
June 16 2014 10:13AM

Our Top 10 draft prospects begins with a little guy out of Switzerland named Kevin Fiala, whose name has risen in draft circles since the midterm. He leapt from 11th to 3rd among European skaters in the Central Scouting rankings, and ESPN prospects guru Corey Pronman had Fiala ranked 6th overall, which is usually enough for the average Canucks Army pundit to do a little bit of digging on the guy.

And it appears at least four of us really liked what we saw.

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My Scotiabank NHL Debit Card Experience

Dimitri Filipovic
June 16 2014 10:12AM


It has now been well over two months since we introduced the concept of the Scotiabank NHL Debit Card on this platform. In that time, if you took my advice and registered you’ve not only given yourself a chance to win all sorts of snazzy little goodies, but you’ve also probably had some noteworthy encounters in the times you’ve taken it out of your wallet to see the light of day.

I know I have. 

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Canucks Army Draft Profiles: Prospects 11-15 and Honourable Mentions

Cam Charron
June 13 2014 05:13PM

So the playoffs are winding down and a Stanley Cup champion could be determined tonight, which is excellent news for teams that did not perform particularly well last season. While not being in the postseason for the first time in six years was kind of a drag, fans of the Vancouver Canucks are going to be the envy of at least 23 other teams at the NHL draft: they hold the No. 6 overall pick, the highest pick they've had since selecting Henrik Sedin 3rd overall in 1999.

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Jim Benning talks about the coaching search, trading Ryan Kesler, and the upcoming draft

Dimitri Filipovic
June 13 2014 04:46PM

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 3.00.23 PM
Photo via CDC

On this Friday afternoon noted socialite and extrovert Jim Benning joined Matt Sekeres and Friend of the Blog Blake Price on their Team1040 program to discuss a whole host of topics; the coaching search, the potential Ryan Kesler trade, and the upcoming entry draft all inevitably came up, and this is of note because they have been (and will continue to be) the three most talked about angles around these parts.

If you want to take the time to listen to the interview for yourself, you can do so right here. Otherwise, you can read on past the jump for a transcript of the entire segment courtesy of our very own Thomas Drance.

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