Who are the Canucks early penalty killing leaders?

Cam Charron
November 17 2011 02:27PM

-Why is Andrew Alberts at the forefront in this article about Canucks penalty killing?
(via Richard Lam/Getty)

The Canucks penalty kill allowed two goals last night to Chicago, but otherwise they have been pretty solid since a rough beginning. Much of it is thanks to Roberto Luongo regressing out of his sub-.800 penalty kill save percentage funk, and the team is now a respectable 12th place in traditional penalty kill statistics, killing off 84.4% of man advantages.

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Wolf Prowl - November 17th, 2011

Patrick Johnston
November 17 2011 01:00PM

The Wolves won their third straight road game last Friday night, 6-3 over their arch-rival Milwaukee Admirals and play the final game of their current five-game road stretch tomorrow night, again in Milwaukee.

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Lies, Damned Lies, And Statistics

Jonathan Willis
November 17 2011 12:04PM

It’s a famous saying, one popularized by the great American writer Mark Twain, who (perhaps incorrectly) attributes it to former British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli: “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

What does it mean?

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After 19 games, Then and Now

Cam Charron
November 17 2011 11:30AM

So, Vancouver lost 5-1 last night to Chicago in a blowout on home ice in their 19th game. For an interesting yet useless bit of trivia, last season in their 19th game they dropped a 7-1 game on home-ice to the Blackhawks. The season prior, in their 19th game, they lost 6-1 on the road to St. Louis.

It's really unlucky 19 for the Vancouver Canucks, but what's good is that they tend to pick it up afterwards (for the record, the season before, in 2009, the Canucks had a 6-3 win over the New York Rangers in Game 19, so it isn't some cursed habit) and finish the year on a stronger note than how they started, with 2009 being the exception.

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Statistics Are Dumb

Jonathan Willis
November 16 2011 08:18PM

Yes, I wrote that title. Not only did I write it, but I mean it.

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