To The Cliffs!: Canucks & Blackhawks - Game Five

Yankee Canuck
April 21 2011 07:15PM


Chicago Blackhawks  @ Vancouver Canucks

  7:00 PM PST

Hawks   Canucks
1 Wins 3
3 Losses 1
0 OTL 0
3.00 (6th) Goals/Game 2.75 (7th)
2.75 (10th) Goals Against/Game 3.00 (11th)
21% (8th) PP 40% (1st)
60% (16th) PK 79% (9th)

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Robin Brownlee
April 21 2011 02:36PM

One big positive about the possibility of the Phoenix Coyotes returning to Winnipeg is that Edmonton would no longer be perceived by players as the second-least desirable destination in the NHL, which it now is.

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GDR: WCQ Gm 5 - Blackhawks @ Canucks

Cam Davie
April 21 2011 10:26AM

Hansen, go smack some Blackhawks ass. They've been very naughty boys.
(Photo by Jessica Haydahl/NHLI via Getty Images)

Game Day Recon: Western Conference Quarterfinal Game 5 - Blackhawks @ Canucks

The Vancouver Canucks will try once again to close out their opening round series with the Chicago Blackhawks tonight as the two teams go head-to-head at Rogers Arena tonight. The Canucks were embarrassed in Game 4 and will want to return to the form that they showed in their two home games to start the series. And to be a whole lot less sucktastic.

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Thomas Drance
April 20 2011 12:09PM

(Photo by Bill Smith/NHLI via Getty Images) 

                                         (Photo by Bill Smith/NHLI via Getty Images) 

There's no point sugar-coating it. The Canucks performance yesterday was brutal, and the game was simply hard to watch.

Is there anything that makes Canucks fans as uniquely furious as watching their team lose to Chicago, in the Mad House, in a blow-out? I found that the anger physiologically lodged itself in the pit of my stomach, a sensation similar to the one you get when you leave your belly some 40 feet behind you on a roller coaster - except it's a dull, resentful feeling - totally devoid of "amusement park ride" exhilaration.

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On These Shields Boys: Canucks & Blackhawks - Game Four

Yankee Canuck
April 19 2011 05:25PM


Vancouver Canucks @ Chicago Blackhawks

  5:00 PM PST

Hawks   Canucks
0 Wins 3
3 Losses 0
0 OTL 0
1.67 (T-13th) Goals/Game 3.00 (T-3rd)
3.00 (T-11th) Goals Against/Game 1.67 (T-3rd)
16.7% (10th) PP 33.3% (T-2nd)
66.7% (T-13th) PK 83.3% (7th)

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