Cam Janssen, YCP's Balancing Act and Grace

Thomas Drance
July 13 2012 09:30AM

On a radio show earlier this week, Cam Janssen got himself into a spot of hot water by saying a whole whack of stupid crap. He made comments that implied that he intends to injure opposing players, and worse, he said that he'd beat the crap out of a fellow player who he knew to be sucking dick. Twitter took umbrage with his bigoted comments, obviously, and bloggers like Ryan Lambert and Bryan Reynolds took Janssen to task with guns blazing this morning.

Today, Patrick Burke - the fearless leader of the You Can Play team - went to bat for the "enforcer," who mentioned his support for YCP in a statement issued through the New Jersey Devils website.

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Kevin Connauton - Next in Line

Jeff Angus
July 12 2012 09:46AM

Kevin Connauton (left) protects the puck during a practice session.

Kevin Connauton is arguably the top defensive prospect in Vancouver’s system. He was profiled back in January, and at the time he was halfway into a very solid season with the Chicago Wolves. His defensive partner, Chris Tanev, had just been recalled to the Canucks. Connauton continued his solid play without Tanev, as the Wolves qualified for the AHL postseason.

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Samuelsson on Canucks: "I didn't think highly of management"

Cam Charron
July 12 2012 07:25AM

Thought this might be of interest. Mikael Samuelsson recently had an interview with Ronnie Johansson of HockeySvierge.Se. The full interview can be found here, but it is unfortunately in Swedish. We reached out to a Swedish friend of Canucks Army who was happily willing to translate the interview for us.

Samuelsson discusses some of his past issues with the Canucks, including his role, his feelings when he was traded away from the club last season, and finds a way to blame Alex Burrows for the Canucks losing the Stanley Cup Finals to Boston.

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Hunting Mythical Beasts: Does Shane Doan Fit in Vancouver?

Thomas Drance
July 11 2012 10:34AM

On Monday, the News1130Sports Twitter feed chatted with Shane Doan's agent Terry Bross, who told the Vancouver radio station that his client has some nagging interest in coming to Vancouver to play hockey, should things continue to combust in Phoenix. 

The News 1130 folks weren't the only folks who chatted with Bross at some point on Monday. Bross started the day speaking with USA Today, dropped in on no less than eleven beat writers, and even ended up on CKNW with Dave Pratt. Bross's performance was a tour de force. Surely he ignited a bidding war, and at the very least he got hockey fans from Montreal to San Jose excited about the prospect of their team adding Shane Doan. Indirectly, that level of  fan excitement applies pressure on the league's General Managers to go after his client...

Canucks fans, lustful for a Stanley Cup, are convinced that Doan's camp has eyes only for their team (local connections!), but Doan and Bross are basically holding an auction. Acquiring Doan promises to be costly in fortune and term, risk and opportunity cost - but make no mistake: the Canucks are on the hunt for this particular mythical beast. 

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Everybody hates Raymond

Graphic Comments
July 10 2012 06:35PM

Everybody hates Raymond

Mason Raymond can't catch a break. The shifty Canucks' winger took a significant pay cut to avoid arbitration and re-sign with the team for one year and got nothing but grief from the fanbase in return.

It didn't help that the same fanbase was all agog at the possibility of signing one of the two remaining free agents of any significance, Shane Doan. Canucks' fans, of course, have been wanting a tough, knock 'em down power forward ever since the organization traded away Cam Neely for the ghost of Barry Pedersen.

And what a long list of failures, disappointments and embarrassments that quest has been for the Canucks' fan base. Jim Sandlak. Alek Stojanov. Todd Bertuzzi. Taylor Pyatt. Steve Bernier.

But never ones to let constant failure get in the way, we want the Canucks to try again. And in that light, Mason Raymond just doesn't stand up to scrutiny. Er, I didn't really mean to say it like that. Ok, maybe a little.

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