Canucks Army's Guide to the Olympics

Dimitri Filipovic
February 11 2014 08:35PM


Most of you are functioning members of society, and are thus more than capable of navigating the internet to find these sorts of things out for yourselves. But there's some of you out there that are lazy, and it's those of you that may therefore potentially make use of this post.

Just past the jump I'll attempt to succinctly summarize the schedule of play for the Men's Olympic hockey tournament set to be played over the next two and a half weeks, with a Canucks-centric look at who will be playing, when they'll be playing, and all of that jazz. 

The action will be finally - and I really do mean finally (!), because roughly 72 hours without hockey has made me feel light-headed, and a little bit woozy - starting on Wednesday morning with 2 games, before proceeding to ramp things up to 4 games/day all the way through the weekend.

So let's get to it..

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February 11 2014 07:22PM


Can it really be 4 years since the Olympics in Vancouver already? Simple math would suggest that is the case but we have a sneaking suspicion we may have fallen through some sort of worm hole or rip in the space time continuum. It seriously can't be 4 years can it? Hmm.

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Evening Headshots: February 11th

J.D. Burke
February 11 2014 06:07PM

Photo courtesy of Jay Bowman.
Photo courtesy of Legion of Blog.

I'm sure I speak for everyone in the vast world of Canucks fandom when I say that the Olympic Break couldn't have come soon enough. Seven losses in a row, that's one thing. But to lose in such an utterly boring and draining fashion for seven straight, that's practically enough to turn even me into one of those alarmist fans. 

You know the kind... They've usually got the least to say, yet say the most; big fan, personally. But hey, for at least the next two weeks, our favourite team and country is a serious threat to own the podium again.

Not only that, but I've tons of great links for your reading and enjoyment, on the other side of the jump.

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The Hangover

The Stanchion
February 11 2014 11:11AM

Hangover Luongo

One of the most common narratives that get bandied about in hockey is that of the "Stanley Cup Hangover". Whether it's the effect on the winning team or the losing team of the the Finals, whatever negatives happen to a team during the next five to six seasons will sometimes be tentatively presented as an effect of the ominous "Stanley Cup Finals Hangover".

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Team USA eases Ryan Kesler into inevitable heel turn and other Olympic notes

Thomas Drance
February 10 2014 03:31PM

NHL players spent Sunday travelling to Sochi on a series of charter flights, and got right down to it on Monday by practicing with their respective national teams. 

Where in the lineup are Canucks players slotting in for Teams Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, Latvia and the United States? Who has replaced Henrik Sedin for the Tre Kronor? Are you ready to deal with hating Ryan Kesler for a couple of weeks? Read past the jump.

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