Canucks 2013 NHL Draft Preview: Mike Gillis's Draft Record

Blake Murphy
June 29 2013 12:17PM

Frank Corrado is one of Mike Gillis' best late-round picks.
Frank Corrado is one of the best late-round picks of the Mike Gillis era.
Image via wikimedia commons.

The draft is tomorrow! Put down your long-weekend Molson, step inside from the beach and turn on your television for a few hours. Hockey’s version of Prospect Porn has it’s annual hurrah, and the Vancouver Canucks should be in the thick of things with a new coach, a handful of trade, buy-out and free agent rumors, and six picks, including the 24th overall selection.

But before we look forward, it helps to look backward. So let’s hop in the DeLorean and look at General Manager Mike Gillis’ five drafts and where the players he selected are now.

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Dreger: "Schneider in Play"

Thomas Drance
June 29 2013 10:22AM

So... Yeah....

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Afternoon Headshots: June 28th

Thomas Drance
June 28 2013 06:08PM

So much kudos to Clay Imoo and son and Marie Hui

Today at Canucks Army we looked at how the Canucks might fill out their coaching ranks, wondered whether or not the club could and should get involved in bidding for the services of Kris Letang, looked into Garth Snow's reported "Rick DiPietro for Roberto Luongo straight up" bluff, and recapped the latest developments on the flimsy Luongo trade market, including Bob McKenzie's report that the Canucks will not use a compliance buyout on their star netminder. 

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McKenzie: "Canucks have Basically Said They're Not Interested in buying (Luongo) out..."

Thomas Drance
June 28 2013 05:26PM

Is this the weekend we finally see Luongo and the Canucks part ways?
Image via wikimedia commons.

As this weekend's NHL draft approaches Roberto Luongo scuttlebutt is, like a year old frozen burrito in the microwave, beginning to heat up. The DiPietro for Luongo straight up rumours that punctuated Friday afternoon were good for a laugh and some empty calorie pageviews but not much else, and Mike Gillis said as close to nothing as could be imagined in a Friday Team 1040 interview.

Thankfully we've got the godfather of hockey Insiders, TSN's Bob McKenzie on the case. McKenzie can usually be counted on to provide us with the choices cuts of behind the scenes insight into precisely how a Luongo market is developing in New York this weekend, and on an Insider Trading segment which aired Friday on TSN he did just that.

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On the Latest Luongo/DiPietro report: Has it Really Come to This?

Thomas Drance
June 28 2013 01:10PM

This latest Roberto Luongo to the Islanders rumour is a nonsense leg slapper. But if the report is true, I'd have loved to be in the Canucks war room to see the look on Mike Gillis's face when Islanders General Manager Garth Snow made the offer.

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