The Vancouver Canucks Through 60 Games

Dimitri Filipovic
February 26 2014 09:24AM

Graphic via Matthew Henderson

It has been 17 days since we've covered a Vancouver Canucks hockey game, which as you'll recall was a largely listless performance against the Leafs on Hockey Night in Canada. Since then we've spent very little time actually discussing the team this blog is named after themselves, instead using the Winter Olympics to decompress, and focus on other, less depressing things.

Like, for example, Team Canada's "Golden" pursuit, and boat loads of prospect coverage, including the Utica Comets who have been slowly but surely turning their campaign around). The break has provided a nice little reprieve from all of the cynicism and negativity accompanying the team these days, but we knew it couldn't last. With the Olympics now having concluded, we have to shift gears and bring our attention back towards the Canucks, with the NHL set to embark upon its stretch run.

We ran something very similar to this at the 30-game mark, and it proved to be both a fun and informative project. That was all the way back on December 4th, and suffice it to say that a lot has changed since then in Vancouver. The narrative, as its one to do, has shifted. Let's break it down from all angles.

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CA Top 20 Prospect Midterm Report: #10-1

Dimitri Filipovic
February 25 2014 10:47AM

Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 11.40.05 AM

Something that you'll notice when it comes to professional sports is that there's an inverse relationship between how good the parent club is, and how much interest the fanbase has in how the up-and-coming prospects are doing.

As long as the NHL team is winning and staying relevant, most people generally speaking are indifferent to the state of the system. Just keeping winning. As soon as the cyclical nature of the sport begins to take a hold, fans start looking down to the minors in the hopes that there are some sort of reinforcements on the way. Is something on the way that'll right this ship?

It's tough to say with the Canucks. They're still not considered as having an overly deep or strong pool of young talent in the system, but things are definitely trending upwards (having two picks in the top 24 of a good draft certainly doesn't hurt in that regard). It takes time cultivating a proper system.

Just past the jump we'll take a look back at our Top-20 prospects from this past summer, and try to assess how they've done, and what they're tracking towards moving forward. Last week we ran Part 1 (focusing on the prospects we had ranked #20 to #11), and now we're going to spend some time running through the Top 10.

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Comets Militia Postgame: The End of An Exhaustive Weekend

Josh W
February 24 2014 12:03PM

Courtesy of

Having played two games in the less than 48 hours (beating the Syracuse Crunch on Friday, and then the Binghamton Senators on Saturday), the Comets were in tough right from the jump when they took on the Albany Devils in their Sunday afternoon matinee. But three-game weekends are part of the deal in the AHL, and the Comets are no strangers to it by now.

Unfortunately the travel and exhaustion caught up to the Comets, and they lost to the Devils are by a close 2-1 margin.

Continue past the jump to learn how it all went down.

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Comets Militia Postgame: Frank the Tank

Josh W
February 24 2014 11:47AM

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 10.31.23 AM
Courtesy of Utica Comets Facebook

24 hours after beating the Syracuse Crunch 2-1 the Comets were back on the road for a game against the Binghamton Senators. After a much more eventful game where goals, chances and the lead were traded back and forth it was Frank (The Tank) Corrado who pulled the Comets to give the Comets a 3-2 regulation win.

Continue past the jump to learn how it all went down.

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Team Canada Wins the Gold!

Dimitri Filipovic
February 23 2014 08:39AM

GIF: Jonathan Toews falls into the net while celebrating the ... on Twitpic
GIF via Pete Blackburn

There was a lot of self-inflicted angst, and consternation in Canada after the men's hockey team *only* beat the likes of Austria and Norway by a combined 8 goals. After it took an overtime to beat Finland, and a late 3rd period goal to beat Latvia, some people were misguidedly viewing the perceived lack of offense as some sort of fatal flaw that would eventually catch up to the Canadians.

All of that seems more than silly in retrospect after they went out and thoroughly dominated both the Americans and Swedes en route to repeating as Gold Medalists at the Winter Olympics. Despite the overwhelming built-in expectations that they brought with them into this tournament, they somehow managed to surprise.

It was nothing short of pure, unmitigated excellence. "It was too easy", "It wasn't nearly as exciting as it was in 2010", It was.. Gold.

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