Linden's Web: the Canucks might not be a cap team, and other nuggets from Linden's 1040 appearance Friday

Thomas Drance
June 20 2014 11:40AM

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Canucks president Trevor Linden was interviewed at length on the Team 1040 on Friday morning. As you might expect, we have a bunch of scattered thoughts about some of the topics discussed, so read past the jump for that.

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The Coaching Carousel continues to spin; will it stop on Willie Desjardins?

Dimitri Filipovic
June 20 2014 10:43AM

Put together by the invaluable Wyatt Arndt

The news trickling out regarding the available remaining coaching vacancies, and what we consider to be the top candidates to potentially fill them, has been akin to hockey's version of a soap opera. There have been twists, there have been turns, and there has been a whole lot of noise that requires a certain level of prerequisite cynicism to tune out. 

Even well before John Tortorella was officially fired by the Vancouver Canucks, it was considered common knowledge that they'd zero in on one of two particular targets to take his place and steer the ship back in the right direction, with those being John Stevens and Willie Desjardins. Because of the success both were having with their current employers, though, there was a waiting game to be played.

In the meantime some potentially interesting alternatives in Trotz, Laviolette, and Muller were all scooped up, but that was just fine, because the Canucks had "their guys". Then the Los Angeles Kings won the Stanley Cup, and quickly made sure that no one would come near their heir apparent. Shortly thereafter, the Pittsburgh Penguins - who had a top candidate of their own snatched up from under their noses -  jumped in on the pursuit of Desjardins, turning what was initially a feeling of slight consternation into full-blown dread at the thought of Scott Arniel or Glen Gulutzan potentially running the show. 

The reality of the matter: things are changing by the hour. The coaching carousel continues to spin, and where it'll land, nobody knows. But it sure is fun to speculate!

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Canucks Army draft prospect profile #6 - Michael Dal Colle

Cam Charron
June 20 2014 08:30AM

Please direct your attention to the following Jim Benning quote:

"I like this draft class, y'know, the top six players I really like."

Well isn't that just remarkably convenient? The Canucks have the sixth pick, and the general manager is out there saying that there are six quality players in the draft! Almost a little too convenient for my tastes.

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It makes sense to shop Jordan Schroeder, but he should be qualified

Thomas Drance
June 19 2014 01:21PM

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The Vancouver Canucks are reportedly shopping undersized, underachieving 2009 first round draft pick Jordan Schroeder, according to the News 1130 Sports twitter account. It's not a huge surprise to hear that the organization aren't counting on a player like Schroeder going forward - he's a diminutive natural centre, who has battled a myriad of injuries already in his career, and hasn't produced like a future top-six mainstay since he left college.

That the organization is "very unlikely" to extend the soon to be 24-year-old forward a qualifying offer, which News 1130 Sports is also reporting on Wednesday, is a bit of an eyebrow raiser though. We'll wade into it after the jump.

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Canucks Army draft prospect profile #7 - Nikolaj Ehlers

Cam Charron
June 19 2014 10:16AM

Nik Ehlers via CBJ

Coincidentally, today's prospect preview revolves around the guy who was hyped up by Rhys yesterday. I learned so much from that profile that I'm kicking myself for actually having Nikolaj Ehlers ranked so friggin' low on my own ballot. It's not that I didn't think Ehlers was a guy worthy of drafting (especially compared to a lot of bigger alternatives) but it's hard to separate Ehlers' play from that of Jonathan GD'd Drouin's. Drouin had one of the best seasons of any Québec junior hockey player since Jacques Cartier sailed down the fleuve Saint-Laurent*.

*Okay, Crosby, Lemieux and Bossy were good, I guess.

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