Jason Gregor
April 02 2013 10:17AM

Detroit Red Wings head coach Mike Babcock has had a very successful career. He was a decent hockey player; suiting up for the  Saskatoon Blades in the WHL, the University of McGill and he spent one season playing pro hockey in England where he racked up 45 goals and 127 assists in 49 games.

But he wanted to be in the NHL, and he knew it wouldn't be as a player so he became a coach. If you want to learn about what makes a successful coach, keep reading.

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Too Little, Too Late, As Canucks Rally Falls Short: Recap and Chance Data

Dimitri Filipovic
April 02 2013 12:51AM

Cory Schneider, likely wondering what he has gotten himself into.
Photo Credit: Thearon W. Henderson, via Getty Images.

On Monday night the Vancouver Canucks submitted their best impression of the Calgary Flames franchise, as they did just enough towards the end to give their fans a false sense of hope, before ultimately proving that the hole they dug themselves was too deep to overcome.

While it's easy to look at the 3 minute stretch in the 2nd period as the reason for the loss, the time leading up to it was really just as big a reason for their undoing. They came out of the gate flat, yet again, and there was only so much Cory Schneider could do before the flood gates opened. It's back to the drawing board for a team that may look drastically different the next time we see them take the ice.

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Afternoon Headshots: April 1st

Thomas Drance
April 01 2013 05:27PM

Still the best thing via SealCat.

Busy day at your third favorite Canucks blog today as we wrote a couple of different things about Vancouver's purchase of the Peoria Rivermen, rated five trade deadline target defenseman on the Weinrich-to-Brown meter, five top-six forwards on the Rucinsky-to-Gelinas meter and five depth forwards on the Pettinger-to-Higgins meter and also previewed tonight's Canucks game in San Jose.

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Game #36 Preview: Canucks @ Sharks

Dimitri Filipovic
April 01 2013 03:21PM

Amidst all of the trade deadline chatter, the Canucks and Sharks will jockey for position in the Western Conference playoff picture.

There's a lot of things you have been able to complain about as a fan of the Vancouver Canucks fan this season; the boring games, the injuries piling up, the lack of "bold moves" (even if the reasoning behind not pulling the trigger on anything drastic is justified). Things as a whole have been bumpy, which has caught people off guard after two seasons of smooth sailing.

With the arrival of April, though, we're heading into a stretch that is bound to provide us with some twists, turns, and hopefully, some excitement. With the trade deadline only two days away - not to mention there being less than a month left in this abbreviated regular season - things are about to pick up. But before anything else takes place, the Canucks need to put forth a better effort than the lackluster one we witnessed in Saturday night's debacle against the Oilers

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Trade Deadline 2013: Five Depth Forwards for the Canucks to Target

Thomas Drance
April 01 2013 02:16PM

Matt Pettinger gets stoned by Dan Cloutier which pretty much sums up his Canucks tenure.

It might be a quiet trade deadline this Wednesday, but that hasn't stopped us from rolling out an exhaustive trade deadline preview. So far we've done a full inventory of the Canucks' areas of need, cap-space and trade chips, discussed whether or not Roberto Luongo would be moved at the deadline, examined Mike Gillis' trade deadline resume and dusted off the old Weinrich-to-Brown meter to rate possible blueline additions at the deadline, and the old Rucinsky-to-Gelinas meter to do the same with top-six forwards.

Now we'll look at five depth forwards who the Canucks could target at the trade deadline, and we'll rate them along according to a new super-scientific rating systems that we recently developed to evaluate the potential impact of depth forwards. We call it "the Pettinger-to-Higgns meter."

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