Prospect Profile: #13 Alexandre Mallet

Dimitri Filipovic
August 14 2013 10:21AM

Image via Matthew Henderson

When the Vancouver Canucks selected Alexandre Mallet 57th overall in the 2012 NHL entry draft, nearly everyone simultaneously raised their eyebrows in a show of surprise. After all, this was a player that had been passed over entirely by all 30 teams (including the Canucks) in the previous two drafts. 

It wasn't necessarily an indictment against Mallet - who had just finished off a rather impressive season for the Rimouski Oceanic - but moreso a shared feeling that Mike Gillis and company had needlessly reached for a player that would've surely been available later on in the draft.

At the time, I somewhat half-heartedly defended the decision; if they truly valued him as a prospect, and believed that he was legit, then I had no real issue with them ensuring that he became a member of the organization. Even if it meant reaching. Unfortunately, his play this past season did little to support the idea that he's actually "legit".

Read on past the jump for more on Mallet, his disappointing campaign, and what's next.

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Canucks Reportedly Interested in Douglas Murray, For Some Reason

Dimitri Filipovic
August 13 2013 02:16PM

I made a similar sour puss face when I heard the news; (Image via Tumblr)

Yesterday, news broke that Chris Tanev was at a standstill in his contract negotiations with the Canucks, and that he was receiving interest from teams in both the KHL and Swiss Elite League. Today, Jim Jamieson of The Province reported that the team has been "kicking the tires on huge free agent defenseman Douglas Murray".

Read on for more about why Douglas Murray is not the solution.

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The Constraints of a $64.3 Million Salary Cap in 2013-14

Jeff Angus
August 13 2013 11:15AM


The Canucks were one of the teams most affected by the reduced salary cap for this coming season (one of the provisions of the Collective Bargaining Agreement that was signed back in January).

How has the salary cap affected Mike Gillis (and what he has been able to do) this summer? How will it affect some of the potential training camp battles which are looming? Let’s take a look.

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Prospect Profile: #14 Darren Archibald

Patrick Johnston
August 13 2013 10:00AM

Image via Matthew Henderson

A year ago, we ranked Darren Archibald number 19 on this list. This year, he's number 14. 

That's a sign of improvement, right? I'd say so. And I should know, considering I was tasked with writing up Archibald's profile last year, as well. When I got into this industry I'm not sure I was prepared for becoming the authority on all things Archibald, but I guess you never really know where life will take you.

The undrafted winger remains something of a project, but he's one that's made clear progress. He's moved himself from 'might play in the NHL status' to 'probably will play in the NHL status.' Which has proved to be enough to bump up this list.

For bits on his trajectory over the past two seasons and what might happen this year, click past the jump.

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Chris Tanev to KHL? Swiss League? Narnia?

Patrick Johnston
August 12 2013 03:56PM

Chris Tanev

It could happen.

Both The Province's Jim Jamieson and the Vancouver Sun's Brad Ziemer tweeted around lunch time that Tanev's agent got out his pots and pans by suggesting that his client doesn't want to go to Russia, but that he'll go there if he doesn't get a fair deal from the Canucks.

A mea culpa and a few other details after the jump.

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