Should the Canucks Try to Acquire Nick Leddy?

Josh W
October 03 2014 06:00PM

The NHL threw a slight curveball at teams this summer when they announced the new salary cap.  What had initially been figured to be a spike up to $71M ceiling actually levelled off at $69M, leaving a couple of teams in a cap crunch.

That, in turn, left the teams that had proportioned their financial resources more wisely with an opportunity to pounce, with the potential of making a smart acquisition of a useful player that the cash-strapped team wouldn't otherwise want to part with. 

One of those cash-strapped teams is the Chicago Blackhawks, finding themselves over $2M over the $69M threshold at the moment. As a result, a name that has been routinely popping up in the rumour mill has been their young third-pairing defenseman Nick Leddy.

Is this a player that the Canucks should be inquiring about? Well..

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Cheers and Jeers! - Oct 3rd, 2014

Thomas Drance
October 03 2014 01:27PM


It's Friday, and with the dawn of a new season rapidly approaching, we've decided to revamp an old favorite: "Cheers and Jeers!"

This regular feature was originally started by Canucks Army forefather Cam Davie during the 2011-12 hockey season. Now that I'm the old hand at this here Canucks hockey blog (that happened... quickly), I figure it's my turn to carry on, carry on tradition.

This week, I give a high-five to the Canucks' suddenly promising stable of young talent and the Smylosphere in general, while I point and laugh at Luca Sbisa and the Edmonton Oilers.

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Canucks Army Player Previews: Chris Higgins

J.D. Burke
October 03 2014 11:45AM

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If you're an avid reader of Canucks Army, you're all too aware that we're generally fans of hockey players named "Chris". From Tanev all the way to the subject of today's player preview, Chris Higgins.

It's not hard to understand why today's Chris - he of the Higgins variety - is the subject of much praise and adulation this side of town. Since joining the Canucks at the 2010-11 trade deadline, Higgins has provided a level of versatility and cost-effective play from the middle-six that most teams dream of.

When discussing Higgins, this gets brought up considerably more often than not. Put him on the second-line and watch him roll; like he did in the 2011 Playoff run. On the third, he's even more dangerous. It's safe to say there aren't many players as malleable as Higgins; who seemingly works well with just about anyone.

A trend that I'll look at in-depth, on the other side of the jump.

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Canucks Army Player Preview: Jannik Hansen

Thomas Drance
October 03 2014 09:00AM

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For a quality middle-six forward on a very good contract, Danish-born Vancouver Canucks right wing Jannik Hansen takes a good deal of flack in the Vancouver market.

Perhaps it's because he's coming off of the worst offensive season of his NHL career, or because he's not seen as gritty enough, or North American enough, or skilled enough. Irrelevant concerns aside, Hansen remains a credible and productive top-nine forward at the NHL level and the type of player who can anchor a very good third forward group.

Read on past the jump.

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Nation World HQ
October 03 2014 05:30AM

Regular season is just around the corner, player previews, player cuts, fake signing's, cool gifts for fans and more in this week's Roundup.

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