Trade Deadline 2013: Five Depth Forwards for the Canucks to Target

Thomas Drance
April 01 2013 02:16PM

Matt Pettinger gets stoned by Dan Cloutier which pretty much sums up his Canucks tenure.

It might be a quiet trade deadline this Wednesday, but that hasn't stopped us from rolling out an exhaustive trade deadline preview. So far we've done a full inventory of the Canucks' areas of need, cap-space and trade chips, discussed whether or not Roberto Luongo would be moved at the deadline, examined Mike Gillis' trade deadline resume and dusted off the old Weinrich-to-Brown meter to rate possible blueline additions at the deadline, and the old Rucinsky-to-Gelinas meter to do the same with top-six forwards.

Now we'll look at five depth forwards who the Canucks could target at the trade deadline, and we'll rate them along according to a new super-scientific rating systems that we recently developed to evaluate the potential impact of depth forwards. We call it "the Pettinger-to-Higgns meter."

Read past the jump.

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Trade Deadline 2013: Five Top-Six Forwards for the Canucks to Target

Patrick Johnston
April 01 2013 01:20PM

Martin Gelinas was a free pickup for Pat Quinn. Mike Gillis probably won't find a similar gem, but one can dream.

Getting a forward. That's all anyone in Vancouver has talked about in the last month. Get another forward. 

Sometimes the mob gets overly agitated for no good reason. In this case, however, they are dead on. The Canucks need a forward, preferably a centre. With Ryan Kesler likely never to be quite the same - how could he be, having undergone two serious surgeries on joints in the last two years - and David Booth apparently done for the season, the Canucks' forward lines are out of whack. 

After the jump, let's have a look at five names out there that might be useful pickups for the Canucks.

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Canucks Officially Purchase Rivermen

Thomas Drance
April 01 2013 12:41PM

So it turns out that Andy Strickland's report was accurate, and Ed Willes' implying a more complicated three-party transaction was not.

All eyes now turn to the Calgary Flames, currently ensconced in Abbotsford. Needless to say we'll be keeping a close eye on this situation as it develops.

Previous coverage of the Canucks' AHL Musical Chairs

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Trade Deadline 2013: Five Defensemen for the Canucks to Target

Patrick Johnston
April 01 2013 10:36AM

Eric Weinrich's legacy as a feckless trade deadline acquisition lives on!

Another day, another entry in our series of deadline previews.

We've already taken a thorough inventory of the team's needs, cap-space and trade chips, looked closely at Mike Gillis' history at the trade deadline, the Hodgson-for-Kassian move, and talked (strombabbled) endlessly about whether or not Roberto Luongo might be moved ahead of the deadline.

A year ago, Drance established the Weinrich-to-Brown meter as a super-scientific assessment tool for defensive trade deadline targets. Let's bring it back. 

Click past the jump for an assesment of five defencemen who might be on the Canucks' radar.

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Canucks Have Acquired the Rivermen (Updated)

Thomas Drance
April 01 2013 09:06AM

The Chicago Wolves and the Peoria Rivermen could be involved in an AHL affiliate mega trade in short order.

Over the weekend we pivoted off of a report from former USA Today writer Andy Strickland, which stated that the Canucks had all but finalized their rumoured purchase of the Peoria Rivermen from Tom Stillman and the St. Blues. According to a more recent Ed Willes report in the Vancouver Province, however, it appears that Strickland and his "multiple sources" may have got it wrong.

Reading between the lines of Willes' report, actually, there seems to something altogether more complicated afoot. And we'll get to it after the jump.

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