Prospect Profile: #2 Frank Corrado

Dimitri Filipovic
August 30 2013 08:45AM

Image via Matthew Henderson

Corrado's ascent up not only prospects lists, but the organizational depth chart as well, has been a rather remarkable one. It was only a measly two years ago that he was available all the way up until the 150th overall pick in the 2011 NHL entry draft, before the Canucks finally took him with their 5th rounder.

With hindsight being 20/20 and all, that was a gross miscalculation by all 30 teams (the Canucks included, as they could very easily be kicking themselves for taking Honzik, Grenier, LaBate, and Blomstrand before finally pulling the trigger on the Sudbury Wolves defenseman). Were we to re-draft that class today, I figure that Corrado would go somewhere in the mid-to-high teens. 

Just a few months after his draft, Corey Pronman, of ESPN Insider and Hockey Prospectus fame, assessed Vancouver's system and put out a Top 10, in which Corrado's name wasn't even mentioned. Last summer, Corrado made the jump all the way up to the 3rd spot on Pronman's list, drawing some kind words from the scout along the way. As for us, we had him ranked 7th last year, before bumping him up to number 2 this time around. Even Vin Diesel thinks that his climb has been fast, and furious.

Now, he's the only player in our Top 5 that wasn't brought into the system with a 1st round pick. Read on past the jump for more on the best defenseman in the team's system.

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Filler: Looking back at some of the Canucks' best scorers

Blake Murphy
August 29 2013 11:52AM


There's been a lot of talk about the future around these parts lately. With today being an off day for the prospect series and the top TWO prospects coming at you tomorrow, I figured the hole in the schedule today would be an appropriate time to look backwards.

I recently queried all of Hockey Reference's player season data going back to 1942, creating the most cumbersome Excel file in existence. While I have longer term plans for what to do with that data, for today I kept it simple - I tried to identify the top Canuck seasons in history when adjusted for league scoring context.

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The Canucks in 2013-14: A Fantasy Hockey Preview

Jeff Angus
August 29 2013 11:45AM

What was a common sight last season, is no more (Image via Jeff Vinnick)

The month of September is almost upon us. That means training camp, strained groins, players in the “best shape of their lives,” and of course, hockey pool drafts! Who doesn't love a good fantasy?

It will be interesting to see how the Vigneault-for-Tortorella swap impacts the offensive production of the players on this team. Do the Sedins continue to see a close-to 70% offensive zone start rate? Do any of the depth forwards step up into the top-six? Which defensemen will play on the two power play units?

The answers to these burning questions (as well as a few more) are available after the jump.

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What's So Bad About Being Called A "Diva" Anyway?

Graphic Comments
August 28 2013 06:29PM

What's so bad about being called a  

Ok, I'm not sure why calling Roberto Luongo a "diva" is such a big deal.

I mean, really, doesn't every team want their starting goalie to be a highly distinguished performer that plays a leading role for them? Yes, but the Canucks are the only ones that can ice a goalie of Italian heritage, thereby making the "diva" label highly appropriate.

Well, I guess, technically, Tony Gallagher should have called him a "divo", but whatever. I'll take it.

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Prospect Profile: #3 Bo Horvat

Thomas Drance
August 28 2013 09:35AM

Image via Matthew Henderson

Bo Horvat was a surprise selection for the Canucks with the ninth overall pick at the 2013 NHL draft. He wasn't much of a reach at that point in the first round, but the circumstances surrounding his selection - what with Horvat being the return in the rather shocking Cory Schneider trade - will be remembered in by Canucks fans for a long time.

So needless to say Horvat enters the Canucks system with high expectations. He makes his debut on our Canucks prospect rankings at third overall, which many of you may think is one or two spots too low.

Read past the jump for more on the team's highest draft pick since Daniel Sedin back in '99.

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