Roberto Luongo breaks silence, speaks with TSN's James Duthie

Cam Charron
August 23 2013 04:47PM

As we covered earlier today, James Duthie of TSN got the first interview with Roberto Luongo as he gets himself out into the press before the start of the Canadian Olympic Camp in Calgary this week. The interview took place at Luongo's home in Florida and covered a variety of topics in two parts.

A third part airs tomorrow. The first two parts are on TSN's video player, but we've taken the liberty of transcribing the interview below. *UPDATE* this post now includes the third part.

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Prospect Profile: #6 Eddie Lack

Dimitri Filipovic
August 23 2013 11:55AM

Image via Matthew Henderson

For my debut post on this platform - which came just under a year ago, on August 30th, 2012 to be exact - I was charged with writing a profile on the 2nd ranked prospect in the team's system, even though I hadn't even participated in the rankings process. I had disagreed with how the ranking team had evaluated the system, and in particular the player in question, making the assignment a rather unenviable one for yours truly.

Here's the result of said profile. The handful of Canucks Army writers that had been responsible for setting the rankings had Swedish goaltender Eddie Lack as the team's best prospect behind Zack Kassian heading into this past season, which I thought was a little bit overzealous. I had him somewhere in the 5-to-7 range; but that had more to do with the position he plays - and my philosophy when it comes to valuing goaltenders - and less to do with Lack himself, who is a fine talent. 

Suffice it to say that I feel far more comfortable with where we have him in this year's edition of the series. Read on past the jump for more on "The Stork".

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Luongo to break media silence, considered walking away from Canucks

Cam Charron
August 23 2013 10:21AM

Even with Roberto Luongo's media silence, it's not like the situation between the pipes this summer has been totally drama-free. Luongo fired his agent, but committed to joining Canucks camp in September. As it turns out, Luongo had gone to the NHLPA back in May to see if there was a way out of the remaining $40-million on his contract so he could get a fresh start in another market.

TSN has the exclusive with Luongo later today at 3 p.m., but NHL on TSN host James Duthie has already tweeted out a few choice details:

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Canucks Re-Sign Andrew Alberts

Dimitri Filipovic
August 22 2013 03:25PM

As the sun rose on this beautiful late-August Thursday in Vancouver, and we enjoyed our morning coffee, we figured that there were still some serious questions surrounding the current state of the the hometown team's back-end. While there were technically 6 defenseman under contract, the prospect of having two of those guys play regular minutes throughout the entire season surely left even the biggest optimist feeling uneasy.

Just a few hours after news broke that Chris Tanev had accepted a 1-year deal (worth $1.5 million), there are reports that the team has decided to bring back hulking veteran defenseman Andrew Alberts (paying him $600k for 1 season). You can now breathe easy and enjoy this glorious weather with your loved ones, guys and gals. 

We'll have some analysis on the deal after the jump.

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Chris Tanev Finally Signs 1-Year Deal, Gets Douglas Murray Money

Dimitri Filipovic
August 22 2013 11:44AM

Decent money for a 3-year old (Image via ESPN)

As reported by the internet (I don't actually know who had it first, since everyone and their grandmother tweeted it in between times I refreshed my timeline) RFA defenseman Chris Tanev and the Vancouver Canucks have come to terms on a 1-year deal worth $1.5 million, finally ending the stalemate between the two sides.

Read on past the jump for more on Tanev, and his new deal.

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