Game #13 Preview: Into The Wild

Cam Davie
November 03 2011 11:32AM

Alex Burrows led the charge in the Canucks last visit to Minny.
Will it do it again tonight? And will we finally see a breakout performance from Kesler?
(Photo by Bruce Kluckhohn/NHLI via Getty Images)

Game Day Recon: Game #13 - Canucks @ Wild

The Canucks continue their six-game road-trip with their first visit to the Land of 10,000 Lakes this year. Historically, the Canucks first trip to Minnesota every year usually ends in a loss... when they play in October. However, when their first game against the Wild at Xcel happens in November, the Canucks are 3-0 in the past 5 years. So do the Canucks show some of their October hangover tonight, or do they continue their November dominance?

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Delivering the Sauce: 3 up, 3 Down.

Jeff Angus
November 03 2011 09:21AM

Every few weeks, I will share three positive bits of news regarding the Canucks. And to prove I am not a total homer, I’ll do the same for the negative stuff. This week is an extra special edition, as it features Kyle Wellwood!

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Wolf Prowl - November 2nd, 2011

Patrick Johnston
November 02 2011 05:19PM

Craig McTavish's men are still struggling to find their groove at both ends of the ice.
(Photo - Columbia Chronicle)

Defensive woes continue to dog the boys down on the farm, their goaltending is top notch as expected but the rest of the team is shooting blanks.

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The Rome-Sulzer conundrum

Cam Charron
November 02 2011 02:26PM

-"The finger biting thing is getting kinda old already, guys"

It's only usually when he's in the lineup that Aaron Rome becomes the de-facto "topique du jour" and not when he's sitting out injured as a potentially replacement for whomever the eighth defenseman is right now.

For readers that are fans of visiting teams, while the Vancouver Canucks may not have a lot of high-end defensemen, they have some depth: Alexander Sulzer, Andrew Alberts, Keith Ballard, and even Chris Tanev, who finds himself in Chicago for some reason, are going to be joined by Aaron Rome in the very near future.

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Cody Hodgson: Two-way force?

Cam Charron
November 02 2011 10:41AM

"That's Hod-son. The 'G' is silent."

Given the collective amount of odd Selke Trophy nominees that have popped up over the last 33 years or so, one would think that there's no good way to gauge defensive play in the NHL. I believe my old theory on this was whether or not a guy was liked, and if he was, he was also a guy who succeeded on defense (so long as he had a positive +/- on a good defensive team).

Defense, particularly for forwards, is more than back-checking and shot-blocking, but those are the visible talents that media and fans get to see night-in and night-out. With the advent of advanced micro-statistics, however, we can, for the most part, tell who was on the ice for each on-ice event. Not just goals, as is traditional, but shots, missed shots, blocked shots, faceoffs, hits, giveaways, takeaways, penalties, and, in some cases, scoring chances.

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