The Opening of the Tortorella Era

Jeff Angus
June 25 2013 09:11AM


The John Tortorella hiring has already been covered extensively here at the CanucksArmy (including this reaction coverage), but I wanted to weigh in with a few more thoughts on what is already a fascinating story to follow.

Will Tortorella succeed in Vancouver? Was he even the first choice of Mike Gillis? Can Tortorella change his ways with regards to his media interactions?

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Did the Canucks Unintentionally Reveal Their 2010 Draft Board?

Thomas Drance
June 24 2013 10:15PM

Screenshot via Canucks TV

On Monday we quoted a Laurence Gilman interview about draft preparation that was posted by Canucks TV. We then embedded the video in full in our daily headshots post. Obviously we weren't paying close enough attention, as the above image and its potential significance completely escaped us.

Luckily the good folks at HFBoards, and user "thefeebster" in particular, are comparatively sharper instruments. At 1:31 of the aforementioned draft video, "thefeebster" noticed what appears to be a Canucks master draft list from the "2010 Final Meeting." This document, which certainly looks like how we'd imagine the Canucks draft list for the 2010 NHL Draft would, becomes legible if you adjust the quality of the video to 1080 pixels and zoom in a few times...

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Evening Headshots: June 24th

Thomas Drance
June 24 2013 06:24PM

Choking, eh? Told you John Tortorella was a perfect fit for the Canucks!

Today at Canucks Army we looked at Mike Gillis's draft record in terms of his favorite prospect fishing holes at the NHL draft, rounded up reaction to the John Tortorella hire, and wondered whether a Chris Tanev contract extension could be close at hand now that he's hired a player agent to represent him.

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Canucks 2013 NHL Draft Preview: Fishing Holes

Thomas Drance
June 24 2013 03:57PM

Conventional wisdom dictates that Mike Gillis has a better record fishing than drafting.
Image via @GMMikeGillis.

Six days from now the NHL Draft will unfold in Newark, and for a variety of reasons it promises to be a memorable, fascinating and extraordinarily hectic day. The draft will take place, all seven rounds of it, on June 30th and most prospect writers, scouts and others in the industry agree that the talent level of the 2013 draft class is through the roof. Between the wash of talent available through the draft and the relative lack of quality free-agents coming to market on July 5th, the 2013 NHL entry draft has the potential to be an especially busy day for player transactions. Sounds fun, right?

Over the coming week we'll be rolling out our draft preview coverage series. Some of our preview posts will evaluate the upcoming draft class while others will take a more detailed, analytical look at Mike Gillis's drafting record and tendencies. Last year we did a post on Mike Gillis's "fishing holes", and we'll update that work there today. The concept of "fishing holes" was first introduced to me by Scott Reynolds, but the phrase was originally minted by our pal (and boss) Kent Wilson, who explained "fishing holes" as such:

Clubs [may] develop what I call "fishing holes", by which I mean they concentrate their scouting in certain amateur/developmental leagues (for the Flames, it's the WHL/CHL) - they can become familiar with the relative degree and value of the competition and therefore can more capably gauge a prospects level of performance.

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Chris Tanev signs up an agent; contract next?

Patrick Johnston
June 24 2013 03:23PM

Chris Tanev
Chris Tanev is on the verge of re-upping with the Canucks (photo: Loxy!!/Flickr cc)

Jim Jamieson of The Province reported Monday morning that wunderkind Canucks defenceman had passed on Cam Charron as a potential agent, choosing instead to go with a true professional, Ross Gurney.

Gurney is Duncan Keith's agent, among others.

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