July 10 2011 11:33AM

Tracy Morgan? Jeremy Roenick? A seven year old commercial for an ice hockey video game?

Oh yes. It's NationRadio.

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Lee Sweatt: International Man of Mystery

Thomas Drance
July 09 2011 10:28PM

Diminutive offensive defenseman Lee Sweatt poses with the game-puck after his first NHL goal - a game winner against Nashville on January 26th.

What is going on with Lee Sweatt?

The 5 foot 9 Ellburn, Illinois native and older brother of Canucks prospect Bill Sweatt, signed a 2-way deal with the Canucks last summer. He had previously bounced around Europe, playing parts of two seasons in the SM-Liga (he won the Finnish championship with TPS Turku), a season in the KHL, and a season in the Austrian pro-league. Though his term with the Canucks wasn't particularly long, it certainly was eventful, and his departure remains shrouded in mystery. Lets review:

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So Long, Sergei Shirokov

Jonathan Willis
July 09 2011 01:48PM

Vancouver pulled the trigger on a deal that I think most fans knew was going to happen in some form or another eventually, sending away one-time training camp sensation Sergei Shirokov. Shirokov’s new home is with the Florida Panthers, and in exchange for his rights the Canucks got Mike Duco back from the Cats.

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Parallel Paths

Jonathan Willis
July 08 2011 10:55AM


Objects on a parallel course give us an interesting example of unification and divergence. On the one hand, they are travelling along the same path, moving towards a common destination, and they never diverge from that path. On the other hand, they never converge; that is to say that despite all the similarities of their path they remain as far apart from each other at the end of their course as they did at the beginning.

What on Earth am I talking about here?

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Mid-Day Headshots

Thomas Drance
July 08 2011 10:24AM

Canucks prospects take instruction at the Canucks development camp this week (photo by Nick Procalyo PNG).

Mid-Day Head-shots is a CanucksArmy feature where we round up the freshest Canucks news, including: funny gifs, awesome videos, cool photos and interesting links. If you've written a Canucks blog-post and want it to be featured here, e-mail me at

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