Canucks @ Sharks: Game 3 Preview

Dimitri Filipovic
May 05 2013 11:05AM

Either the Canucks get in the win column on Sunday, or this face will haunt them (& their fans) over the course of a long summer.

"Over a long stretch of games, counting shots tends to be more predictive of success that counting goals alone, but in the playoffs, it's the results that count; the teams that can't turn a good process into short-term results get bounced early."

That is an excerpt from Cam Charron's post on the San Jose Sharks, and their string of bad shooting luck over the last several postseasons (prior to this one, of course). I figured it was a great place to start the preview for Sunday night's Game 3, given how very applicable it is to the Canucks at the moment.

All season long we have preached patience regarding the process on this blog, citing possession numbers as a reason for optimism; with the logic being that eventually, if you continue to have the puck more often than your opponent, chances are that pucks will inevitably start finding their way towards the back of the net. Through two games at even-strength, the Canucks are +42 in Corsi and +19 in Fenwick (shot attempts not taking into account those that are blocked).

But while the team has played two games that they certainly could have very easily won thus far, that'll be of hardly any solace given the hole they now find themselves in. It's admittedly difficult to remain patient when you're staring a swift elimination right in the face. Ultimately, they'll need some bounces and breaks to go their way in Game 3 if they hope to get into the win column, and make this into a series.

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May 04 2013 02:30PM


The leader in streakcred - Rmo2000 - has now crashed and burned and his streak is over at 8 wins in a row. In fact the entire top 20 players in the game have all lost their streaks and everyone is starting again from zero. This is the time for the second wave of people looking to play to get involved.

We need you Nation, team entries are lagging way behind what we thought they would be by now. Keep reading after the jump if you want to see your ol' pal Wanye beg you to support deserving charities.

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Quick Fixes for Game 3 in San Jose

Jeff Angus
May 04 2013 01:16PM

Although they are down two games to none in the series at this moment, the Canucks have played pretty solid hockey for the most part (outside of Wednesday’s first and third periods). However, I am not really sure if that is a positive, or not. The fact that they have generated three goals in 120 minutes while playing good hockey is reason for concern.

Antti Niemi has been good when needed, but San Jose’s defense group (on paper, at least) is nothing to write home about. The Larry Robinson factor is definitely playing a part in their success, but the Canucks simply haven’t been able to turn their physicality and hard work into meaningful scoring opportunities.

Read on for some subtle lineup changes that the team should make for Game 3 at the Shark Tank on Sunday evening.

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Canucks Blow Late Lead, Lose in OT

Thomas Drance
May 04 2013 01:03AM

I am become Raffi, destroyer of windows.
Photocredit: Rich Lam, NHLI/Getty

At the end of the day, the Canucks are a tragic franchise with a sordid history of unspeakably painful losses. 

Another chapter in that story was written on Friday night. Down one-to-nothing late in the second, Ryan Kesler began to hit everything in sight. In the third period, he came out and personally brought the Canucks even in the game with a power-play goal. Then he put them up one capitalizing off of a Joe Pavelski turnover. The Canucks shut the Sharks down pretty successfully in the third period, actually, as the Sharks managed only two scoring chances in the frame. One of those came when Desjardins sent a puck off the post. The second was a tap-in goal for Patrick Marleau with fifty-five seconds remaining...

To rub more salt in the wound, the team was ultimately defeated in overtime by former Canucks forward Raffi Torres. Torres and Brent Burns capitalized off of an Alex Edler turnover at the Canucks offensive blueline and went in two-on-one the other way. Kevin Bieksa modestly misplayed the situation, failing to take away both the shot and the pass. Torres finished easily over a sprawling Roberto Luongo, and that was that. The Canucks are now in a massive hole, one they very probably won't be able to dig themselves out of over the next five games...

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Afternoon Headshots: May 3rd

Thomas Drance
May 03 2013 04:49PM

Just a tremendous image. Via Redditer Etzio192.

Today at CanucksArmy we micro-analyzed Vancouver's faceoff issues, looked at whether or not Friday night's game qualified as a must win (it kind of does), talked at length about the Canucks 2011 draft class which is looking pretty interesting in the wake of Alexandre Grenier and Henrik Tommernes signing entry-level contracts, rounded up the Canucks week in quips, and of course previewed tonight's Canucks game, which is kind of a big one for the Canucks to win lest they end up like the frustrated T-Rex in the image above...

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