The 2013-14 Schedule Certainly Ain't Doing The Canucks Any Favours

Dimitri Filipovic
July 26 2013 12:22PM

If they weren't comfortable with travel by now, they will be after this season.
Image via [Jeff Vinnick].

The Vancouver Canucks have been enjoying the perks of being in possession of the NHL's golden ticket over the past four seasons. No, I'm not talking about the one that gets them into to Willy Wonka's chocolate factory (although now that I give it some thought, I'm sure they all wouldn't have minded if that were the case). I'm actually referring to the one that had them situated in the deplorable Northwest Division, which had them facing cake competition on many a night.

That all changed once the league decided to implement its divisional realignment, which will be in place until at least 2016 (hey, maybe there is some credence to the theory that the league really does hate the Canucks?). The NHL released its schedule roughly two weeks ago, and we took a look at some of the more notable dates on the docket. We also went through a rudimentary breakdown of the new format, which has the Canucks in the revamped Pacific Division (which now features the Ducks, Kings, Sharks, Coyotes, Flames, Oilers). 

I've decided that now would be as good a time as any to take a closer look at some of the quirks of the schedule, and what it has in store for the Canucks. What's in store for them?

Read on past the jump for some thoughts on the schedule.

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Luongo will be in camp; agent blasts Mike Gillis

Cam Charron
July 26 2013 10:17AM

There aren't very many ways that this Roberto Luongo saga can end. For the second consecutive year, questions surrounding Roberto's future will be the centre of discussion at Canucks training camp, but for now, it appears he'll be there.

Turns out, Luongo won't go the "walk away from the team and have my contract voided and lose the remaining $40-million on my deal" route. New agent Pat Brisson yesterday confirmed that Luongo would at least be at camp, and for the foreseeable future, Luongo is the Vancouver Canucks' starting goalie.

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Canucks Bring in Secret Agent, Ink Zach Hamill To Two-Way Deal

Dimitri Filipovic
July 25 2013 11:59AM

Image via Days of Y'Orr.

Don't let the blank look on Zach Hamill's face (pictured above) fool you: he has seen things, and he knows things. After all, he did spend five years in the Boston Bruins organization, including 20 games spanning three seasons with the big club. Unless he has been brought in by Mike Gillis and co. to spill the beans on what they've got going on over there, I don't see very much reason to care about the fact that the Canucks have signed the Port Coquitlam native to a 1-year, two-way contract.

Read on past the jump for more on the newest member of the organization.

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What Caused Roberto Luongo To Switch Agents?

Jeff Angus
July 25 2013 10:08AM

Roberto Luongo switched representation on Wednesday. What can we make of this?
Image via Wikimedia Commons.

There aren’t many (or any, really) members of the Vancouver media who have a better read on the state of the Canucks than Sportsnet’s Dan Murphy. Murphy offered his take yesterday on Luongo changing agents just days after meeting with Mike Gillis. As he wrote at the beginning of his post, “Why would a guy with nine years left on his contract fire his agent?”

Let’s try to figure it out, shall we? Read on for more.

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Impromptu Return of Headshots: July 24th

Dimitri Filipovic
July 24 2013 04:17PM

For those of you that are unfamiliar with it, our "Headshots" series is a staple here at Canucks Army. We essentially use it as a platform to shine a light on good, insightful work done by the various blogs and writers that make up the Smylosphere on a daily basis. It's also a tool - for fans that may have been away from their computer throughout the day - that can be used to catch up on all of the day's most important happenings. It's essentially a links dump, with bits of commentary provided in-between.

Now, if you're a regular reader of this blog, you've probably noticed that our "Headshots" series has been on a summer hiatus in recent weeks; in fact, the last one came nearly a month ago, on June 28th. The reason for that is that relevant news has simply been few and far between in the past month. It'll likely continue to be that way through the end of August, so don't expect it's permanent return until then. But for today, we've made an exception with there being some recent developments worth discussing.

Read past the jump for more on today's Canucks news, and some links.

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