Post-Deadline: How Do the Canucks Look?

Jeff Angus
April 03 2013 04:04PM

Derek Roy, courtesy of the @VanCanucks Twitter account

The dust has settled on a rather eventul trade deadline (more for what didn't happen than what did). The Canucks made a great move bringing Derek Roy over from Dallas yesterday, but they didn't follow that up with anything today. It wasn't for a lack of trying, as Mike Gillis and Laurence Gilman were working the phones all morning.

Drance offered a great post-deadline take on the Luongo situation (which continues on, much to the chagrin of every single person involved), so I'll take stock of the rest of the team, as well as the rest of the Western Conference.

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Luongo tells the emperor he's naked "My Contract Sucks"

Thomas Drance
April 03 2013 03:10PM

Three-hundred fifty-two days ago it was announced that Cory Schneider would get the start in game three of Vancouver's Western Conference Quarterfinal series against the Los Angeles Kings. Schneider would dazzle, though the Canucks would lose anyway by a score of one to nothing. It appeared then that the end of the Roberto Luongo era in Vancouver was nigh, I mean, it just had to be.

Three-hundred and fifty-two days later and the Roberto Luongo era has fitfully, inexorably stretched on. It will continue until the summer at the earliest.

This has little to do with Roberto Luongo's performance and everything to do with the deal he signed a few years back. "My contract sucks" an emotional and forthright Luongo told the media on Wednesday afternoon, "I'd scrap it now if I could."

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False Alarm Luongo: Luongo Remains a Canucks Goaltender Past the Deadline

Thomas Drance
April 03 2013 01:24PM

To Quote the Strokes: is this it? (Spoiler alert: it wasn't it. But if you want to relive the conniption that everyone had in the 10 minutes before the trade deadline, click past the jump).

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Zack Kassian was Reportedly Demoted for Disciplinary Reasons

Jeff Angus
April 03 2013 10:32AM


The Canucks re-assigned rugged winger Zack Kassian to the AHL a few days ago. Officially, it was a standard re-assignment but it was widely seen as an unofficial "conditioning stint" since Kassian has missed some time over the past few weeks with a nagging lower back injury.

However, it now appears that there may have been disiplinary reasons that factored into Kassian's demotion. Read on past the jump.

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Pavel Bure Coming to Vancouver to work with Canucks Charities. First step towards retiring #10?

Jeff Angus
April 03 2013 09:48AM


According to Global TV's Squire Barnes, Pavel Bure will be coming to Vancouver this week to help out with some charity work for the team. Is this the first step in the jersey retirement process?

Among Canuck fans, Bure's jersey retirement has been building momentum over the last few years. However, there are still some in the media (and within the organizaton, and at this blog) that don't feel his #10 should hang from the rafters.

More on the latest news after the jump.

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