The ten-year itch: Bertuzzi and Moore finally settle

Patrick Johnston
August 19 2014 07:04PM


Damn kids. 

It's time for me to date myself. Today I came to the realization that the current drivers of this site are the same age now as I was back then, 10 long years ago.

Let's set the stage.

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My Gino Odjick story

Jason Strudwick
August 19 2014 12:40PM

Gino Odjick

When I heard of the health situation of Gino Odjick I felt very sad for him and his family. Although we never played together on the same team, I always felt we had a unique bond.

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Prospect Profile: #15 Henrik Tommernes

Dimitri Filipovic
August 19 2014 10:17AM


Admittedly, one of the reasons we bumped the age cutoff for this series this time around was to include someone of the ilk of Henrik Tommernes, who is set to turn 24 years old any day now. That distinction makes him the elder statesman of this list of players, and puts him a cool 6 years older than the youngest of the bunch (Jake Virtanen). 

Yet despite his relatively advanced age for these purposes, Tommernes remains an intriguing prospect. The fact that he has dropped from 9th to 15th in our rankings since last summer is hardly an indictment against his play - which was for all intents and purposes a successful first go around the North American game - but moreso a testament to the collection of talent the Canucks have managed to bring into the pipeline since then.

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Prospect Profile: #16 Gustav Forsling

Thomas Drance
August 18 2014 11:05AM


18-year-old Swedish defenseman Gustav Forsling was drafted in the fifth-round by the Vancouver Canucks at the dawn of the Jim Benning era this past June. An undersized, well-rounded defenseman out of the Linkoping system, Forsling has yet to debut at the senior level over in Sweden though he's been on the Tre Kronor's radar for years, and has competed internationally at the U16, U17, and U18 level. 

Read on past the jump.

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Fighting Is Pointless. Literally.

Graphic Comments
August 16 2014 08:00AM

Photo 2014-08-15, 9 48 25 AM

Now that the Stats Wars are over, I expect the next bastion of hockey traditionalists to fall to be the role of fourth line energy guy designated fighter. Because, really, having a guy like Colton Orr taking up a roster spot is literally pointless.

If you missed it, Trevor Linden was on Team1040 a couple of weeks back and he openly questioned the role of fighting in hockey. Interestingly, Linden also singled out Coach's Corner as one of the leading influences in promoting the need for that role. Can't wait to see Cherry stomp on his "Trevor Linden for Rookie of the Year" button.

Anyway, Linden's bigger point is that this mentality that you need an enforcer to protect your stars or provide an energy boost, or shift momentum by doing some face punching, has been coached in. But if you look around the league, the successful teams have started taking that option away from their coaches.

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