The SYAE Podcast - With Jeff Angus

Dimitri Filipovic
August 31 2012 12:24PM

The So You're An Expert podcast makes its debut on the Nation Network. Although, this likely won't be your first time tuning in, given the numerous appearances Canucks Army's own, Thomas Drance, has made on the program.

This time around, I'm joined by Jeff Angus. It sounds crazy saying this, but this episode served as Angus' first time on the show. If I were a betting man, I'd put some serious money down on it not being the last.

We discussed the Sedins and their performance in 2011-12, Max Lapierre as a third-line center, Alex Edler's worth to the Canucks, and how we expect the Roberto Luongo saga to play out. We also dove into the prospect profiles that have been running on Canucks Army this summer.

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CA Prospect Profiles: #1 Zack Kassian

Jeff Angus
August 31 2012 09:05AM

Although Zack Kassian has appeared in only 21 games as a Canuck, he is one of the most important players on the roster as we look to the future. He is the top prospect on the club (according to the Canucks Army writers). He is one of the best prospects in hockey according to a number of scouts, and he brings many attributes to the ice that the Canucks have lacked in recent years - physicality, size, and intimidation.

Kassian has put in serious work this summer to get in terrific shape. He put in work with top trainers at the Nike Headquarters in Oregon back in July along with a few other prospects, including Kevin Connauton and Jordan Schroeder. Kassian trained and spent some time with the Sedin twins and Manny Malhotra in April and May of 2012, as well. 

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The Canucks and the Lockout: Good or Bad?

Jeff Angus
August 30 2012 02:32PM

On the surface, it may seem like the Canucks (a contending team with a window to win that appears to be closing) wouldn't be a team that benefits from missing any hockey in 2012-13. However, that isn't the case. Read on to find out why.

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CA Prospect Profiles: #2 Eddie Lack

Dimitri Filipovic
August 30 2012 10:18AM

That sound you’re hearing is every hockey scout in North America gritting their teeth as they come to the realization that we here at Canucks Army have ranked a goaltender as the second best prospect in the Vancouver Canucks' system. I should point out that I didn't actually participate in the rankings, as I wasn't part of the team back then.

Personally, I would have had Lack somewhere in the 5-to-7 range. But that has nothing to do with the player in question, nor his skills. It's more of a testament to my philosophy, which I will get around to explaining in just a second. With that being said, I can clearly see the reasoning behind his ranking. In short, it has to do with the simple fact that he's extremely good at stopping pucks from entering his team's net. I'd say that's a relatively useful quality.

What makes him so impressive, though? And beyond that, what can kind of role and contributions to the team can we expect from him in the near future?

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CA Prospect Profiles: #3 Nicklas Jensen

Patrick Johnston
August 29 2012 12:22PM

Being from a country with only 25 rinks, it’s pretty amazing that Jannik Hansen has had the success that he has had. For Nick Jensen to be a potential first-line superstar? That’s off-the-charts crazy. And yet, here we are.

Jensen, the son of a Canadian who played 16 seasons in the Danish league, burst onto the OHL scene two years ago. His high-octane scoring talent really shouldn’t have been a surprise, though. The season before arriving in Oshawa, Jensen played in the Danish senior league, scoring a two goals in his debut. At age 16. Against men. 

Yup, the kid’s always been able to score.

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