Trevor Linden on fighting in hockey, the use of analytics, and all sorts of other nuggets

Dimitri Filipovic
July 29 2014 06:55PM

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As part of the Team 1040's 'President's Week', Trevor Linden joined Matt Sekeres as a co-host this afternoon with Friend of the Blog Blake Price out of commission. This wasn't your typical radio spot that only serves the purpose of being a filler, either. 

In the two hours or so that the show ran, quite a few different topics - really hitting all the points on the spectrum - came up and were discussed in some detail. Linden gave his thoughts on the team's expectations for their young players heading into training camp, how the franchise plans to potentially honour Gino Odjick sooner rather than later, the usage of analytics in hockey, and some surprisingly choice words on fighting. On a more light-hearted note, he also addressed the strange marketing ploy that took his Twitter account by storm last week.

More on all of it just past the jump.

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Presidents' Trophy banners fly forever

Thomas Drance
July 28 2014 12:40PM

The Vancouver Canucks' new management team seems content with what they've accomplished so far this offseason, based on how they've operated over the past three weeks. Since locking up arbitration eligible defenseman Chris Tanev in early July, the club has been content to lock up 2014 first-round draft selections Jake Virtanen and Jared McCann to entry-level contracts and take care of the housekeeping in Utica (with deals for guys like Brandon DeFazio). The Canucks roster as it stands, is the one we'll see on the ice to start next season.

On the surface its been an offseason of upheaval, punctuated by a new president, a new general manager, a new coach, a new friendly but decisive style of operating, a new franchise villain, a new oft-criticized star goaltender, and a handful of new players - none of them, really, top-of-the-lineup pieces (Radim Vrbata, aside). Looking a bit deeper though, at least in terms of the organization's posture heading into next season and the into future, the changes seem cosmetic.

In the big picture, what's the difference between the 'reset' of the summer of 2013 and the 'retool and reenergize' of the past six weeks? Cap space and decisive action. Aside from that, the goals of the franchise and the identity of the core is unchanged. 

Let's unpack this a bit further after the jump.

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On Prospect Evaluation and Uncertainty

Rhys Jessop
July 28 2014 11:22AM

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I had a conversation with Harrison Mooney last week. Well, it was more of a one-way discussion. I smiled and nodded as Harrison talked at me about how he thought I evaluated prospects, and the weaknesses he thought my approach had.

Despite being drunk at the time (it was his birthday), Harrison raised some really valid points and criticisms - points and criticisms that I thought were relevant and understandable enough that I needed to address. To paraphrase him: "Rhys, I like your stuff. But when I read it, you just seem so sure on these kids. Like you're certain you know how they're going to turn out. But you don't know, you can't know. They're so young!"

The thing is, he's pretty much completely right. We can't know how these kids are going to turn out, so making statements like "Bo Horvat is destined to be a 3rd line centre" are asinine and disingenuous. This is also why I try to avoid making statements like "Bo Horvat is destined to be a 3rd line centre."

"But wait, Rhys. Didn't you--" Yes and no. We'll get to that past the jump.

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Comets Militia: Previewing the 2015 RFA Class

Josh W
July 25 2014 11:05AM

With the team's management group having already accomplished the majority of their work in terms of securing contracts for the 2014-15 season, we can now start to take a(n admittedly premature) look ahead at the contracts that will be coming up for renewal next summer. 

Normal standard operating procedures in the NHL dictate that teams re-sign their prospects that have just completed their entry-level contract (ELC); after all, you'd hate to be that team gave up too early on late bloomer that goes on to blow up for another team after having invested years of development in him yourself.

With that being said, the Vancouver Canucks under Jim Benning have shown that they're not afraid to cut the cord after walking away from someone like Jordan Schroeder this summer, which must've put the pressure on the following 12 guys - who are all still technically considered "prospects" and are coming off of their ELCs - if they were paying attention. 

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The Roundup

Nation World HQ
July 25 2014 08:05AM


Trading a young star, stats for days, behind the Kesler trade talks, Draisaitl versus Bennett and more, all in this weeks roundup

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